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Hue Jackson press conference - 9/22


Head Coach Hue Jackson:**

On if DL Myles Garrett did anything in practice today:

"Yeah, I think he did some things today. Yeah, he did."

On what the Browns defense loses with LB Jamie Collins Sr. listed as out:

"We lose one of our better players, one of our good players on our team. We just have to step up. We have to put some guys out there. (LB) James Burgess (Jr.), obviously, will have a chance to go in there and play more and has to step up and make more plays."

On if he can elaborate on what Garrett was able to do in practice:

"No, I cannot."

On if Garrett was joking with the media when he ran in front of the group yesterday:

"He was not (laughter). No, he wasn't. He is getting closer as I said. We will see where he is."

On if he is concerned playing Garrett may be rushing the process:

"No, I think we will be cautious with him.  We will make the best decision here very shortly after we know more, see more and go from there."

On if QB Kevin Hogan will be the backup QB this week:


On clarifying his statement that QB Cody Kessler will have his day as the backup QB:

"What I mean by that is eventually, at some point in time as these game plans start to change over time and through practice and those things, that is what I mean by Cody will have his time to have an opportunity to be the backup. I like both our guys that are back there. They both have done a good job. Kevin came in the game obviously last week and led us to 10 points. That was huge. At the same time, I think both of those guys have earned the right to be the backup quarterback for this football team."

On the challenges the Colts provide on offense and defense:

"As a team, they are hungry like we are. They are at home. They are 0-2 and trying to get a victory. We are 0-2 and are trying to get a victory, too. They have a quarterback who can run around and can make plays with his arm and his legs. They have very talented players on both sides of the ball. Any team that is like that, any team can be dangerous. Who can put the best game together for those particular three hours is the team that is going to win the game."

On what a win would mean for the team:

"It would be outstanding. We need to win. Our guys have worked extremely hard, and that is something I have talked to them about. Obviously, like I said, we played two of the better teams in our division, one and two in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. We get it. We are not there yet, but that is where we want to be. We competed. We didn't compete well enough to win. We have an opportunity to go out and play better this week and try to get a victory. It would boost everybody's morale – the organization, our players, everybody – because that is where we want to get to as fast as we can, which is winning."

On what the Browns like about Burgess:

"He has made plays. He has a sack. He has made tackles. He has gotten his hands on balls. He knows how to play within our system, and we trust him. He is accountable and does the things we ask him to do. I think he will go make plays when given the opportunity."

On NFL Network's Mike Silver reporting this past offseason that the Browns would have selected Colts DB Malik Hooker 12th overall if the team did not trade down:

"You just said it. Mike Silver said that."

On praise of Hooker in Silver's report, comparing him to former Ravens DB Ed Reed:

"I do think he has a chance to be a good player. I'm not going to back off on that. I do believe that, but I like the safeties we have right now. We drafted a guy in the first round that I am really impressed with and is playing really well for our football team. I'm sure Malik is going to have a great career there in Indy. He is a fine football player, but that draft is so long ago. I am very comfortable with who we have on our team."

On comparing Hooker's potential to Reed:

"He is a good player. He made a pick last week and took off down the sideline. I have seen that before. He is very talented. He is a very talented football player. No doubt about it."

On Hooker's ball-hawking abilities:

"We have one and he returns kicks for us. He intercepts balls and has the potential to run them back, no different. The guy we have there is a ball hawk back there, too. He goes and gets the football and he tackles. I am very comfortable with the guy that is on our team playing safety for the Cleveland Browns. I don't need to talk about Malik anymore. I'm not going to talk about a guy that is not on our football team. I'm not going to make a comparison about something that Mike Silver said. I don't think that does anybody and good. It is what it is"

On if he offers QB DeShone Kizer a specific message about being aware of where Hooker is during the game:

"I think you have to be aware of where he is. Those guys just kind of come out of nowhere sometimes and they are able to get their hands on the ball, and as you just mentioned, they know how to make special plays when the ball gets in their hands. Yeah, we will be aware of where he is at all times, no doubt."

On if WR Jordan Leslie will be called up from the practice squad given WR Sammie Coates' status:

"We will see. We haven't determined that yet, but we will see where that goes. We are going to put somebody out there that is going to help us win."

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