Hue Jackson press conference - 9/28

Opening statement:

"We get another opportunity, another crack at this thing this weekend against a good football team that went down to New York and won a game against an opponent. The head coach (Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden) I'm very familiar with. He is a tremendous football coach and very good at what he does. They have a good football team. I don't think the way they played early is any indication of what they are. They have a bunch of talent on their team. We are catching them at a time when they are feeling good. They went and played a good game last week. We are just going to continue to get better and work like we are doing. I have never been more proud and happy with a group because they just they come back in, they get out of their car, go in the building and they go to work. We make corrections, we get better from the things we have done and I'm looking for our team to make the next jump this week and continue to get better as we chase this win. We have a lot of work to do still to get ready for this football team, and we are looking forward to the challenge this weekend."

On OL Alvin Bailey's status with the Browns:

"We will see. Obviously, this is a league matter. Those kind of things that happen, I'm not very excited about it at all. There will be consequences for it, but we have to follow league protocol as far as that is concerned. We will do what we feel is right."

On if Bailey will start Sunday at Washington:

"You will find that out on Sunday."

On if the Browns have injury updates on OL Cam Erving, DL Carl Nassib and QB Josh McCown, who are week to week:

"Nothing yet. If there is something later on in the week, I will most definitely let you know, but I know those guys will be out this game. Hopefully, there is some encouraging news about all those guys, hopefully, later on in the week and definitely early next week."

On being hopeful that DB Joe Haden will play at Washington:

"Very much so. He was able to practice today on a limited basis. It was good to have him out there and back running around. We will see where we are as he goes through the week."

On if the Browns have to balance WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.'s role on offense to not overwork him:

"Absolutely because I don't want to wear him out before. It is so early in the season. Terrelle is a unique player. He has a lot of different things he can do. We will let him be who he can be. He is a starting receiver on our football team, and as I see opportunities to use him, we will, but I don't want to overburden him. The young man will do anything for his teammates and his team and the organization so I'm excited about that. At the same time, you said it. We have to be very careful about overloading him and asking him to do too much too fast because he is learning and becoming one of the better receivers in this league. That is what I want him to be, and I think he deserves that opportunity."

On how many players can do what Pryor does:

"A lot of people can't. I'll be the first to tell you that. This relationship with me and him goes way back to 2011. There are a lot of things I know about Terrelle that maybe a lot of people don't. I'm talking about as far as what he is really capable of doing. I would say to all of you that he hasn't even scratched the surface of what he is. I think he's growing each and every day as a football player, as a person. I just think he is getting better, and I think his best football's still ahead of him by far. He just has to keep working like he does every day and continue to get better and stay humble and be as good as he's been and good things will happen."

On OL Joe Thomas's comments about Pryor's 'mental gymnastics' and the mental ability to juggle so many responsibilities on offense:

"It is* *very impressive. I don't think you can do that with just anybody. I think my relationship with him from the past and more so than that, it is not about me; it is about him. I think his teammates, all the guys he played with really assisted in helping him be what he could be this weekend. It is not just Terrelle. The other guys did their part. Guys lined up in the right spot. They did things. There was a command given and guys had to respond. It is not just him. He is a big part of it, but all of them should take a little responsibility in what he was able to accomplish. Obviously, he is the guy that is doing it. He did it extremely well. I'll say it again: I'm not surprised by anything Terrelle does."

On how OL John Greco played at C in Week 3 at Miami:

"He did well. He knocked some rust off a little bit. It was his first time in a full game, regular season game in a long time. He did some good things. Some things that he wants to clean up and get better at. We will just kind of see where we are as we go through the week about how we want to go about this. I haven't really made that choice yet, but we are going to put the best five out there, what I think is the best for our football team and our organization to go play football."

On if QB Robert Griffin III's history with the Redskins is helpful to the Browns this week:

"I think Robert is trying to get as healthy as he can. It is really not about his time there and what he did. We are not trying to hold him up and have him tell us what is going on. I think what is most important is that we just practice and try to get as good as we can this week and go out and play as well as we can. I'm sure guys, some of our players will ask Robert questions as they go through it, but I don't think we as coaches have sat him down and interrogated him and said, 'Hey, we are going to waterboard you if you don't tell us this (laughter).' I'm sure he will help some guys, but at the same time, I think he is trying to get healthy and we are trying to truly get ready for this game."

On LB Corey Lemonier playing well in Week 3 and if he will get more time this week with LB Nate Orchard out due to injury:

"Yeah, it just means he will get a few more. He will get more time, and we will mix and match as we have been doing all year when guys go out. One thing that I keep saying about this team is they don't get caught up in all that. We have guys here that are here to play. Our performance is our signature. Every guy that puts on a helmet – I've heard (defensive coordinator) Ray (Horton) say that before – is going to play, and we try to live up to that. Some more than others, but we do try to have guys go out there and play as well as they can."

On DB Briean Boddy-Calhoun and if he knew much about him prior to signing with the Browns:

"Not until I started watching tape of him before he came here."

On Boddy-Calhoun:

"He is talented. He is talented. He has quickness, suddenness. He has a nose for the ball. He is not afraid to tackle and mix it up. He has good coverage skills. (Vice President of Player Personnel) A.B., Andrew Berry, and (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown) and our group, we did a great job. I remember sitting there watching tape of him and a few other guys for quite a while. That is a credit to A.B. and Sashi. You have to go find guys to make your team better, and I think he is a good find for us. We are glad he is here."

On WR Ricardo Louis' performance last week:

"I thought he battled, but he played like you expect a guy that has not played a lot. He is a rookie. I think the first catch he probably was surprised the ball got on him, and here is the ball in my hands, start running, guys are knocking it out. He is learning that this is a fast game. I think as he plays more, he will settle down more, too, but it was good experience for him. It was good to get him out there, and I think he will get better as the weeks go on because he is going to be out there. He has to grow and grow fast."

On how difficult it is for a young DB like Boddy-Calhoun to give up a TD, forget about it and return to make a play:

"I don't know that it is tough. You hope that the guys you put on your team are made of that. You have to have some of that to you. You can't worry about the play you missed, that you didn't make. You have to play the next play and that is the resiliency of the young man. He shook that off and came back and got after it and made a play for us. That is hopefully how our football team will be built and made just like that. It is not going to go our way all the time. We know that. It was not going our way when we were behind. Nobody blinks. That is what we are truly all about. We are just going to keep playing, and we will look back and see where it is and try to get on the other side of the ledger here pretty soon. Our guys, I can't say enough about our football team. We are not perfect, and we all know that, but I have never been around a group that works like they do and fights like they do and don't worry about all the other things that are surrounding our team – injuries, this, that and the other. We go to practice, and it is a spirited practice, and guys are practicing hard and fast and competing. That is all you want for your team to continue to get better."

On if the Browns are still learning how players like Boddy-Calhoun and LB Corey Lemonier can be used best:

"Yeah, obviously, we don't know as much about them as we did [other players]. We know more about them today than we did when we started, but you put guys out there because you believe they can help you win. That is why they are out there competing and playing. I think the game is a lot different than practice. I think the regular season is a lot different than preseason. To watch those guys show up in games and make plays, that is truly what pro football is about. You have to make the play when the opportunity presents itself. Both of those guys were able to do that last week. Now, they need to do it on a consistent basis. You don't want to be a one-time wonder. You want to do it more than once so that is what the challenge is for them."

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