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Hue Jackson press conference - 9/28

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On how he is doing today:

"I'm good. It is a little chilly out there today – warm, then chilly. It is a good day, a good day of work. We have another day tomorrow to kind of put in the final finishing touches of getting ready for this game. This is a big game for us at home."

On how DL Myles Garrett did in his first practice back from injury:

"Good. Ran around. Looked good. Looked like Myles. We will continue to evaluate, see where he is and kind of go from there, but it was good to have him back out there, running around, making plays and doing all of that. We will see where he is."

On if Garrett participated in team drills:

"Yes, he did."

On factors into whether or not Garrett will play Sunday:

"I want to make sure that we cross all the t's and dot all the i's and talk to the medical staff about what the expectation would be of him and what we are going to do because he is a huge piece of our organization and our future. We want to be cautious but smart as we go through it. I think we are getting closer, like I said before, than we are further away. It was good to have him back out there and running around. We will see where that is over the next couple of days."

On what will convince the team Garrett would not be rushing back:

"I want to see what the pain tolerance is, if there is still pain and exactly how he feels. Watch the tape and make sure that the practice was what I thought it was for him and then get with our medical staff, as I just said, and go from there."

On the boost to the team if Garrett is available Sunday:

"Huge. He is a really good player. I think we know that. He would give us a lift obviously rushing the passer and doing those things. That would be a jolt to our football team."

On if the simplicity of Garrett's role as a pass rusher makes it easier for him to play with limited practice time:

"Yes and no. I guess that is my part about wanting to see the tape and making sure of everything. I know everybody thinks it is easier but still within the scheme, lining up and being able to redirect and all of those things at a high level, we have to make sure that we are correct on this. We don't want to have a setback or anything like that."

On if he talked to the team about the Battle of Ohio rivalry:

"Oh, yeah, it is. It is a Battle of Ohio. Obviously, the Bengals have done a good job on their part. We need to do better, and we get it. To make it a rivalry, we have to start winning some of these games. It is just that simple. I think our guys understand that."

On if he felt better about the way the offense ran the ball against Indianapolis:

"A little bit. Yeah, a little bit. I think we are starting to move in that direction and grow in that direction. Like I said, the guys are playing together. It has made a huge difference. Our guys did some good things. We did some things that we have to continue to improve on, but I think we are heading in the right direction."

On if RB Duke Johnson Jr.'s touchdown run was a called play or an audible at the line:

"It was a two-play call. If it is this, do that. If it is that, do this. That is what it is. DeShone got us in the right situation, which that is his job, and Duke went and made a sensational play."

On considering holding Garrett out until he is 100 percent, even if he is medically cleared to play:

"I think everything is on the table to be discussed. This is the first time we have had this happen when he is out there running and going. He looks to be in good shape, but let's make sure that we are in football shape and ready to play big-time football. Those are the discussions we have to have."

On if DL Danny Shelton's injury happened yesterday during practice:

"Yes, it did."

On if Shelton's injury will have a long-term impact:

"We will see."

On LB Jamie Collins Sr.'s status:

"Still in concussion protocol."

On WR Sammie Coates' status:

"He ran around a little bit so we will see a little bit more about where he is with the hamstring here soon."

On Shelton having his best game of the season Sunday:

"Danny has been playing well. Danny has been contributing to our defense and doing extremely well. It is unfortunate, but those things happen. Hopefully, it is nothing major. I don't know that for sure. I'm not sure it is, and I'm not sure that it is not. We will see where we are as we go through the end of the week."

On if Browns struggles in the run game are partially due to being behind in games:

"Yeah, oh absolutely. You guys know how the running games work. You keep running it, and then when you really run it a ton is in the fourth quarter when you have a lead and you are salting the game away. We haven't been in that situation yet. We hope to get in that situation. We plan on being in it at some point in time, and when we are, we will run the ball a ton and all of a sudden, the sample size will get big. We will just keep working through it. I am not disappointed in where we are. I was disappointed how we started with the run, but we are getting better at it. The more we do it, the more consistent we become at it and the better we will be."

On the key offensively to starting fast:

"If you go and look at our games, we have had some unfortunate things happen early, whether it is penalties, whether it is turnovers. We have had all of the self-inflicted wounds that you can have, and that is very uncharacteristic of kind of who we are. We have to clean those things up. We have to not beat ourselves first and foremost so that we can make those plays. You don't want to be in third-and-long situations, and we have been in quite a bit of those early in games. I take full responsibility for that. We just have to continue to get better at it and do better, and I think our guys will."

On if the WR rotation may change this week:

"No sir. When you say change the rotation, no. The same group of guys will be out there playing. Now, whoever walks out there all depends, as you guys know, on personnel groups and who or what the first play is or second play or whatever that is. That is how that works."

On challenges of the Bengals backfield with RBs Joe Mixon, Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill:

"They are talented. They have talented skill players everywhere. They have talented runners. They have talented pass catchers. They have a talented thrower. That is a well put together outfit that way. Yeah, they are three really good runners and pass receivers. Those guys are dangerous so we have to slow them down, and that is what we plan on doing."

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