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Hue Jackson press conference - 9/29

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On DL Myles Garrett's practice yesterday and if he was able to do more in practice today:

"He moved around well and did some things today, but like I told you guys, we are going to huddle with the medical team and the football staff and see what is best."

On the pain tolerance conversation he had with Garrett yesterday:

"Just wanted to see how he felt. What did that feel like? [See] exactly where he is. Is there pain and is it tolerable? If there is not, what does that pain really feel and what does it mean? I think that is a discussion between the medical staff, him and myself, and we will see where he is."

On if Garrett will be a game time decision:

"It could and it could not. What I mean by that, after today – after practice going back in, I catch you guys as soon as I come off the field – so I will know more as I go in and see our medical team and see how he feels."

On if DL Danny Shelton received good news from the MRI since he is listed as questionable:

"Right, I think that is good news. I think that is a good thing so we will see where he is, too. Danny is a tough guy and loves to be out there so if there is any way possible he can be, he will be."

On the importance of getting the first win of the season for both teams Sunday:

"That validates the work. It would mean a ton to our football team, our organization, the city and our fans. Our fans coming to the game, they are coming to watch us win. I think it would be tremendous for our football team to go win this football game."

On the Browns WRs' practice this week:

"I have seen quality work. I think everybody is working at their craft, working to get better. I think that we have worked with the intensity that it takes to continue to improve those things, too. We have created environments for them to work through the things that we had this past week. Hopefully, that will show on Sunday. Guys have to go out and make those plays when they get the opportunities."

On if drops in practice translate to games:

"It is the old saying, 'You play the way you practice,' so those things show themselves in practice. If you haven't corrected them, they will show themselves in the game, and sometimes they don't show themselves in practice. We have not characteristically had a lot of drops in practice. We have had some, but nothing that would have led me to believe we would drop as many balls as we did last week. We just have to get better at it, and I think we have worked at it."

On QB DeShone Kizer playing three division opponents in his first four NFL games and if that can a long-term benefit for him:

"No question. Absolutely because it shows him where he is and it really gives us an evaluation of where he is. Hopefully, he is going to be a quarterback here for a long time so he is learning the different schemes that he is going to face in his career and you start to understand the players who you have to play against and the players you have to defeat. I think that is a bonus if you can do it so here it is. He is going to get an opportunity to play the third team in our division. He will have an idea of who they all are after this game is done."

On OL Joe Thomas saying Sunday's game was Kizer's best so far:

"As I said, there were some good things. It is never going to be good enough until we win. I'm just being very honest with you. That is the quarterback's job. You have to win games, but did he do some good things? Yes. Did he do some things that we have to continue improving on? Yes, he did. I told you guys, I'm not going to get too high or too low. I'm just going to keep coaching him and coaching him through things and help him get better, but he did improve last week."

On if he received clarification from the league regarding the offensive pass interference calls last week:

"I cannot speak to those. That's a fine. You're trying to get me fined, aren't you? (laughter) I can't talk about those things."

On if he feels good about the routes the WRs ran when called for offensive pass interference:

"I do (laughter). I felt good about some of the routes we ran, but again, it is what it is. We will continue to get better and clean up the things that we need to. Hopefully, some things will be seen a little differently."

On if seeing Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis go 0-3 show how difficult it is to win in the NFL:

"He is a tremendous football coach. It is hard to win in this league, and it is hard to keep chemistry and things going. You just never know what can sidetrack you a little bit, but that is there problem. I have my own set of problems (laughter). We are going to keep working through it here. I just don't want them to fix their problems this weekend."

On who will step into Shelton's spot if he is unavailable on Sunday:

"Those guys have been in a rotation so they have played. It is not like if Danny can't go, we are going to trot somebody out there who hasn't played. (DL Caleb) Brantley played some football last week. (DL Larry) Ogunjobi played last week. We have guys who have to step up if he is not able to go, but hopefully, Danny is able to go and go play the way Danny knows how to play."

On how impressive RB Duke Johnson Jr. has performed with added responsibilities:

"Yes, he has. He has done a good job, and that is what we expected out of Duke. I think it has shown by the way he has played this year. He has made some plays when we have needed them the most, and that is what good players do. I think he is one of the better players on our football team, and I think he is one of the better players in the National Football League. We have some other guys that are playing in the spots that he plays, but he is a playmaker for us."

On if he believes Browns players have a good handle on a unified plan regarding the National Anthem:

"I do. I do. Obviously, that is an internal thing that we are dealing with. I think our players have done a great job with it."

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