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Hue Jackson press conference - 9/30

On when WR Josh Gordon informed the Browns that rehab was his next step:

"We have talked several times, but I don't want to get into the specifics of it. Obviously, Josh is not here and is doing what he thinks he needs to do for his life, which we support 100 percent. Today is really the last Josh Gordon comment I want to make about that. I think what is best for our football team is that we move forward and move on. He is not going to be with us. We wish him well, but we are moving forward. We are going to move on."

On why it 'seems like the Browns are going to done with Gordon,' given checking into rehab can be viewed as a positive step:

"You said the key thing, 'We seem like.' I just think for me, for our team and for everybody involved, my goal is to make sure that we take care of the players that are here and the players that are practicing and working. I care about everybody. I think that is the seat I sit in, but at the same time, he is not here. That is why we wished him well and want the best for him. I think the most important thing I can do is make sure that our football team that are here, the guys that are practicing, the guys that are going to play, the guys that are in the meeting room and working hard to get ready for a game is that our focus and our attention to detail is right. That is my main concern. I think what we need to do is just close that chapter right now. He is doing what he needs to do. We need to do what we need to do, which is continue to move forward."

On if there is added disappointment that it didn't work out with Gordon, given the Browns were able to be directly involved and have him in the facility:

"Again, none of that matters right now. He is not… Again, I'm not going to answer anymore Josh Gordon comments or questions. I'm done with it. I'm going to coach our team that is here. That is what I want to do. No more questions about Josh Gordon."

On if the Browns have decided on the OL for Sunday:

"Not yet. I will get to that probably tomorrow before we have our mock game. Obviously, you know the guys that have potential to play. A lot of those spots will still be the same, and we will see how everything else unfolds."

On clarifying if a possible change to the Browns OL is performance or discipline related:

"That is a good question. I like the way you posed that (laughter). We will see. It could be one or the other. I like that. That was good."

On what happened to TE Seth DeValve and if will he miss an extended period of time:

"It was in practice and don't know that for sure. Right now, I think it is kind of week to week, but we will see how it goes, see where he is."

On if the Browns will activate TE Connor Hamlett from the practice squad, given DeValve's status:

"We will have those discussions today with (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown), myself and (Vice President of Player Personnel) Andrew (Berry) and (Chief Strategy Officer) Paul (DePodesta) and see what we need to do."

On if the Browns saw the same consistency from QB Cody Kessler this week or if there has been any changes in him:

"Oh yeah. No [changes in his consistency], none whatsoever. Matter of fact, he has probably ramped it up a little bit. He has gotten a taste of it. He went out and did some good things. I think he knows that in order to do it again, you have to be even more into it, more focused and more driven. He has done a great job this week, as well."

On if Kessler's arm strength is a concern at all and if he can throw it deeper than the 30-40 yard passes he has shown:

"I think he can throw it deeper than that. We like to throw the ball down the field. I think you know that. He can make all the throws that we need to make. His arm is good enough to do what we need to do, and that is why he's here."

On if any of off-field situations this week have been a distraction to the Browns' preparation this week:

"Not at all because I wouldn't let anything become a distraction to our team. That is one of my jobs is to make sure that our team is focused on what we need to do, which is play a game every Sunday. It is unfortunate we don't have any Monday night games or any of those things, but that is part of it. That is the most important job, one of them, that I have is just making sure that we don't get caught up in any distractions, and our team leaders, I think we have done a good job of doing that. The guys have had a really good week of practice. They have been focused. They have worked hard. That is a tribute to our coaches and our players. We are looking forward to playing this Sunday."

On if he addresses off-field situations in front of the entire team or how he ensures they don't become distractions:

"I deal with them. We don't sweep anything under the carpet. We deal with everything head on. I think that is the only way to handle things that can happen. We don't run from it. We deal with them. I don't run from confrontation when things happens. I think you have to deal with them as head coach, as a leader. That is what we do and then we move forward."

On knowing where the Browns are from a roster standpoint this week and how that helps respond to injuries:

"I know where we are, but the injuries are going to keep popping up a little bit here and there. Hopefully, we will get to where we have everybody back that is supposed to be back and out there. I think we are getting closer to that. It is just that time of the season where they hit you early, they hit you late and they hit you in between. We have just been unfortunate that we have gotten some injuries early in the year. Hopefully, we get those guys back soon."

On if it has been a challenge to make a culture change with the Browns, given the adversity faced:

"From that standpoint, I think we have that part. To a man, I think the guys have worked hard that way as far as being accountable to each other, doing the right thing. Obviously, we had a slip up this past week. That is unfortunate and that is not something that we want to have happen. We have dealt with that as an organization and as a team. We will move forward. Hopefully, that is a lesson learned for everybody else on how we conduct our business. We will continue to do so. Our guys have done a good job. That is all I can say thus far. We don't want any problems at the end of the day, but I think in this building, in these meeting rooms and on that practice field, these guys have done a good job in giving me everything they have."

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