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Hue Jackson press conference - 9/8

On LB Emmanuel Ogbah's strengths during the preseason and what Ogbah needs to do now:

"I liked all of the characteristics that he showed. He has really good initial quickness. He is a big guy, long. He is tough. He is learning the National Football League game, but he has made some plays obviously in the preseason. He needs to transfer that now from the preseason mentality to the regular season. We are looking forward to watching him play this Sunday."

On WR Corey Coleman's mindset this week as he prepares for his first regular season game, given his production in the preseason:

"He is fine. He is ready to go. He has now had experience in two different games, and I think he needed that. HE will be fine. It is like anything else. Until you go do it consistently all the time, do you know? I'm excited about him and watching him play, as well, this Sunday."

On the Browns DBs developing and growing together in a new system:

"I think (DB) Joe (Haden) looks like Joe.  He looks like the same corner that I used to face all the time that you try to stay away from all the time because he knows how to get his hands on a ball. (DB) Tramon (Williams) is doing a great job at nickel. We have three safeties that we like playing back there, but obviously, (DBs) Jordan (Poyer) and IC (Ibraheim Campbell) have been back there. (DB Derrick) Kindred is a young player on the scene. (DB) Jamar Taylor, we are happy to have him. He has done a great job playing on the other corner. We feel good about our secondary. We feel like we can cover people. We are sure we are going to get tested this Sunday."

On the Browns having a P on the practice squad and it seeming unusual:

"I think just for right now. We think the guy has talent. You want to make sure you get a chance to work with him. We didn't get a long opportunity to work with him when we first got him here. We are taking a really good look at him to see what he is capable of doing. Very happy with (P) Britton (Colquitt). He has done a great job. Like you said, a lot of people don't do that, but it is another opportunity for us to evaluate a player that we feel good about, and we will keep going from there."

On if he was impressed with Ogbah handling the transition from OLB to DE to OLB:

"Absolutely. He hasn't blinked that way. A lot of our rookies are kind of like that. They are really eager to please and want to work at it and do whatever the coaches are asking them to do. Did that impress me? Yes because the guy is used to putting his hand down. He was standing up and then we put his hand back down and we stood him up again. He keeps working at it, and that is all you ask for as a player. Here is your opportunity, go work at it and be the best you can be."

On his impressions of Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and his career:

"He is a good defensive coordinator, one of the best in this league. He is good at what he does. Those guys are playing good on defense. We understand what we are facing, s as a staff and us as an offensive football team. They are well coached. They play hard. Jim is one of the best at what he does."

On what Schwartz likes to do:

"Hit the quarterback. Just like a lot of these defensive coordinators, they want to hit the quarterback."

On if Schwartz's scheme is tricky:

"I don't think you can be too tricky on defense. You are just better. No, I don't think it is tricky. It is fundamentals, well-coached. Guys know what to do, how to do it the way he wants it done and he tries to attack your weaknesses. We get it. It is a great challenge on Sunday."

On if the Browns expect to see the Eagles in the Wide 9 formation at all:

"Yes, there will be some ends way out there somewhere."

On how a dual-threat quarterback can attack a Wide 9 defense and what challenges are presented:

"Dual-threat quarterback? I don't know. We have to play the game on Sunday. That is his style of defense. We have our style of offense. We get to clash on Sunday. I can't tell you what it is going to look like, feel like, be like. We just have to go do what we do and they are going to attack what we do, and the best that day is going to win."

On if the Browns enter the season with a specific mindset on two-point conversions and if the team will judge its level of aggressiveness on a play-by-play or game-by-game basis:

"We want to be as aggressive as we can. I like going for two. We just have to get into the end zone more to have the opportunity to go for two. No, I like being as aggressive as we can. I am not saying that is what we will do the first game, second game or whenever that is. We talk about it as a staff and we do what is best based on who we are playing and like you said, in a game-by-game situation. Our job, my job is to help put our team in the best position to win the game. That is what we are going to try to do as a staff and that is what our players intend to do."

On how much the Browns are relying on LB Demario Davis to 'be the glue' of the front seven:

"Quite a bit. He has been outstanding. He has been very vocal, very bright, studies the game. Definitely one of the captains on our team and one of the leaders in our locker room. It is important to him. He is definitely a guy everybody looks to on defense to make sure that we are in the right defense, right situation, right call and he is communicating with all. He is communicating with Joe Haden. Those guys are wearing the big 'Cs' (captain patches) on their chests. They have to step up and take care of it."

On Eagles RB Ryan Mathews and WR Jordan Matthews:

"They are good players. I have competed against Ryan before when he was in San Diego. He is a good runner. You have to tackle him. You can't just go try to knock him down with a forearm or a shoulder. You have to swarm tackle this guy. The other kid can make plays. He can go up and dominate the thrown ball. We all know they have good players. I said this yesterday, they are everywhere in the National Football League. It is not going to be any different from week to week. There are people we have to slow down in order to have an opportunity to win games."

On if it is a danger to put a strong emphasis on starting the season with a win:

"No, I never think there is a danger because you only get one first game. This is going to be the first game of the year and we want to start off the right way. You only do that by winning. That is what we are interested in. That is what we are trying to do. That is what we expect to do."

On if the Browns will sit down with Coleman this week to calm his nerves going into the game to help bring out the best in him, given the expectations on him as the team's first-round selection:

"Probably so as it gets closer. I think all of our rookies will feel some anxiety. It is the first regular game of the season. You said it, Corey being a first round draft pick, a lot of responsibility comes along with that. What I would say to him is that let's not worry about that. Let's just play the best you can play. Everything else will take care of itself. We all know he is very talented. Just play the game and let's not get tied up about all the other thought processes that could go through your head. All he has to do is just do his job. He does not have to do anything miraculous for us to win. He just has to do his job to the best of his ability."

On if he spent any time with Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona:

"I didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time with him. I saw him at a basketball game where I did get a chance to spend a little time with him, but what a great man. Doing a great job."

On QB Robert Griffin III saying once the rookies take their first snap on Sunday that they are no longer rookies and when rookies stop being rookies:

"Sunday. You are not a rookie anymore. If you are out there, you are one of the guys. Not that you walk around with your chest stuck out or anything like that but you are one of the guys. We expect the guys that are playing for us to go out there and play and contribute to our football team, along with the rest of our veteran players. Once we are Cleveland Browns taking on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, that is what they are."

On how LB Nate Orchard has responded to not being listed as a starter:

"He has been great. He has been great. When we talk to our players, we talk about performance, and again, it is not a niceness competition. It is who can get the job done. When we make decisions, it is not like the other player doesn't know or know what he needs to do to get back. That is what is important. I think everybody knows we try to be fair about the decisions we make, but it doesn't mean that the door is closed. You can go earn it back by how you play. It is all about performance at the end of the day."

On if he is 'mystified' about how QB Robert Griffin III will perform on Sunday, given the time since he has played:

"I'm not mystified by anything. I hope I'm not. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it is going to look like. I have coached him every day so I know what he is going to look like and play like.

"I think the most important thing is let's just wait and see what that is. I think for me to talk about it doesn't do us any good. Let's just see how it starts to turn out as we move forward."

On confidence in being prepared to play Sunday:

"That is how I am and that is how our team is. I don't think we are as – like a lot of other people are when it comes to us – a lot of people have kind of written us off, and that is OK. We get it. Like I said, until we prove something, but I think we are chomping at the bit to get to Philadelphia and play. We are excited about the opportunity. It is the start of the regular season and you only get one start. Our guys understand that. They have done a great job. We have had two good days of practice. We will practice again tomorrow, and then we will get ourselves ready to take off on Saturday and get ready to go play a game. We are excited about this opportunity."

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