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Hue Jackson teleconference - 8/13


Opening statement:**

"I finally had an opportunity to watch the preseason game on video. As always, when it's the first game, there is going to be some good and there is some bad. Obviously, the good thing there is a lot of things to learn from. There were some bright spots. There were some things we can build on. Obviously, there were some mistakes that we have to get corrected, but I thought there were some positives. Obviously, there were some negatives, too, but what we have to do is go back to work tomorrow and correct our issues."

On QB Robert Griffin III's performance:

"I thought there was some things that he did good. Obviously, we can't have a fumbled snap the second play of the game and you never want to see the turnover, but I thought he stood in the pocket and looked real relaxed, kept his poise and tried to make some throws downfield. Obviously, the first play was a great way to start and that's something to build on. For a guy that hasn't played in a while, I thought there were some positives there."

On breaking down Griffin's interception and if TE Gary Barnidge is at fault at all:

"No, I think at the end of the day as I said last night, I need to do a better job of coaching both of those guys. Obviously, Robert is an extension of me, and he'll be the first to tell you he has to take that ball and not throw it down the field in that situation. Until you really know guys can you lead them to the places you want to lead them to. I think that was a little too soon to try that. Obviously, when we're in the scoring zone, one of our goals is to make sure we're always taking care of the ball, being very team protecting. Sometimes, as we always say, guys just have to say, 'uncle', throw it away or throw it somewhere else and give us a chance to call another play."

On Griffin standing in the pocket and the protection:

"I thought protection wasn't as good as I like it to be. Obviously, that's why I said there are some things we need to clean up and sure up a little bit. It can be better, but I also think the rhythm and timing of getting the ball out can be better, too. It's going to be an ongoing working process. We're going to get that fixed and I feel good about that."

On if OL Cam Erving played up to expectations:

"I thought Cam did some good things. There was one opportunity where he had a chance to make a block and a guy kind of slipped around him while he was trying to get his hand placed under the guy's chest, and I think that's what you guys are referring to. Other than that, I thought Cam did some really good things."

On the competition at RT and lessons from last night:

"(OL) Austin (Pasztor) battled. I thought he battled hard. Really for his first time under the gun against an opponent's defense, I thought he competed extremely hard. I think he's only going to get better. It's the same case with all of our line. Our right guard (OL John Greco) hasn't practiced much. Our center (OL Cameron Erving) has been out of practice here recently so I think we need to get those five guys playing together. (OL) Joel Bitonio and (OL) Joe Thomas did an outstanding job, but again, it's a unit. It's a whole unit, and obviously, when pieces of it don't play as good, the other pieces suffer. We'll continue to go back to the drawing board and work at it."

On if the Browns will stick with Pasztor at RT for now:

"Yes, I will. Yes sir."

On if the Browns need to reset expectations based on last night's game and if it was an eye opener:

"Not in the sense that where I think everything has got to change but in the sense that the urgency of making sure there are things we need to correct. I anticipated a little bit, some of it but you never know until you play the game exactly what all the things could be. I think what they are is just things that we need to go back and coach up and get better at as a football team. When you go play games like this for the first time together – like I said there were a lot of bright spots. I thought our coaching staff did a great job. I thought the communication back and forth between me and them and special teams was outstanding. I thought getting the plays out the huddle both offensively, defensively and special teams was really good. There were a lot of good things, but there are some things within playing the game that we do need to do better, but that's what we're going to go back to work on starting tomorrow."


The Browns face the Packers in the first game of the preseason at Green Bay.

On an injury update:**

"(WR) Rannell Hall will be out for the season. It's unfortunate, but he fractured his fibula. (QB) Austin Davis is going to be in the concussion protocol. We had some bumps and bruises in the game, but I don't think it's anything too significant. We'll go back to work with the guys that we have, and hopefully, we'll get some guys back and keep moving forward."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor was OK following an X-ray:

"Yeah, the X-rays were negative."

On Pryor mentioning having dead legs, how to work through it and how big his role can be with the Browns, given his performance during training camp:

"Dead legs is just training camp. That's called training camp legs. That's part of training camp. We're still in training camp mode until we're out of it. Guys have to do a great job of taking care of their bodies. You said it. Terrelle has done a great job. It started in the offseason, it's continued through training camp and he's got to continue to get better. I think he'll only get better if he continues to work, which I truly believe he will, and stay focused."

On if K Patrick Murray is ahead of K Travis Coons in the kicking competition:

"I think what he is he's challenging him, that's for sure. I'm not going to say he's ahead, but as I said, we're going to continue to stick guys out there and give them an opportunity if we think that there's a potential for a guy to be better than the next guy. I think that's all you can do. This is about competition so we'll continue to do so. I don't know that he's ahead, but I know he's definitely competing with him."

On if the Browns take comfort in how the team played, given several players did not participate due to injury:

"It is and it isn't. It is in a sense that there are a lot of good football players that were standing on the sidelines, and it isn't because sometimes that's just the way the National Football league is. Sometimes guys get hurt and you have to find a way to score touchdowns and win games when you don't have those guys. That's just part of it. Our guys last night, there are some things that as a group we can do better and we will do better as we continue to move forward."

On if that mindset is affected by the fact the Packers were also missing player, specifically on defense:

"(Laughter) No, I didn't think of it that way because I still want to believe that the opportunities that we had were still there. I didn't think that our opportunities had anything solely to do with the defense. It was more our own inability to execute at a high level. We're going to face that caliber of player throughout the National Football League. It might not be those same positions, but we will face those caliber players. At the end of the day, I try not to make it about the other team. It's really about us, and it's about how we conduct our business."

On the Browns' running game last night and if it was improved since the Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

"It was OK. I have a high expectation for our running game. We had a couple opportunities to make some things happen that we kind of didn't get done. Those are the learning things that I'm talking about for our guys. They know when we try to do certain things that the opportunity is there so we just have to make sure that we follow through and execute at a high level and good things happen. As you could see on the run where (RB) Raheem (Mostert) broke out, we had an opportunity for that same run a little earlier in the game and we just kind of didn't get on the proper people. We'll just continue to work at it. We'll get this solved, I promise you that."

On TV cameras showing Browns players laughing sometime after QB Cody Kessler ran out of the back of the end zone for a safety and if they were laughing about that play:

"No, no they weren't laughing about that. I guarantee you that. I think you're reading into a little something there."

On young Browns players who performed well:

"The young two defensive players – (DL) Emmanuel (Ogbah) and (DL) Carl (Nassib) – I thought they did a good job. I thought my man Mr. (DB Tracy) Howard on defense did a good job. Again, you're asking about young players, I thought those guys really showed up. I thought (WR) Ricardo Louis did a really good job on special teams. I thought (DB Derrick) Kindred did a really good job on special teams and did some good things on defense. I know there are some areas he can get better, but there was a group of young players that did do some good things. Again, we're just going to keep pushing these young guys and pushing our old guys as well so that we can get this football team better.

On if the way the end zone was painted mitigates the effect of Kessler running out of the end zone for a safety:

"No, no. We have to be very aware of where we are in that situation, and Cody understands that. Again, I can't put him in that situation, too. It's twofold. He has to learn to make sure he takes care of the ball and we have to make sure that he's ready for that call. It goes both ways. At the end of the day, he'll learn from it, we will, too and that's something we don't want to have happen ever again. We have to grow from that."

On the main areas the Browns want to see improvement during for the next preseason game:

"I think normally teams make a huge jump from Week 1 to Week 2. We all understand that the speed of the game is a little bit different, the intensity of the game is much different than practice. What I'm looking for is the execution in all three phases to be better – offensively, defensively and special teams. We're an offense that we want to be very consistent as we play and we want to become dynamic. We had a chance to do that, just didn't finish it in the first drive. We want to be able to get off the field on defense. We need to get some stops and get some three-and-outs and be better on third down. On special teams, we want to make sure that we don't have turnovers or cause the offense or defense to be put in a bad situation. There is some improvement that we can do in all three phases, and we will do that."  

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