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ICYMI: Who will be the Browns No. 1 WR, sizing up 2016 foes

We're less than two weeks away until the Browns open up training camp.

In the meantime, is sizing up the 2016 season and getting you ready for the upcoming season.

And in case you missed anything this past week, we've got you covered.

Twitter roundup: Joe Haden, Browns fired up as training camp approaches


Sizing up the New York Jets, the Browns' Week 8 foe]('-Week-8-foe-/c1f378fc-4b3c-41a1-a655-d8e11a18a88c)


Sizing up the Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns' Week 7 and 14 foe](

Browns DE Desmond Bryant undergoes surgery

Browns OL Alvin Bailey embracing new beginnings with Browns


Sizing up the Tennessee Titans, the Browns' Week 6 foe]('-Week-6-foe/56d64fd4-6846-4f86-a711-838ac1ec4cc7)

Chasing a Dream: Tracy Howard eager to make most of opportunity with Browns

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