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Jim Brown an open book in latest edition of Brownscast

Does Jim Brown miss the rush that football gave him for nine seasons as one of the NFL's greatest players of all time?

His answer might surprise you.

"I don't miss anything. I'm almost 80 years old," said the 79-year-old Brown. "I can't run the ball, so I'm not going to get out there zig-zagging around."

Candor like that was common from Brown in his lengthy, sit-down interview with Max Linsky on this week's edition of Brownscast.

The legend every current Brown simply refers to as "GOAT" -- Greatest of All Time -- is an open book with Linsky, who touches on a number of subjects with the former Cleveland running back, whose impact on the game goes well beyond what he did between the lines.

"Being in the Hall of Fame doesn't describe me, an article that's complimentary doesn't describe me," Brown said. "The only thing that describes me is my performance. If there were a lot more good performances than bad, that's good. There was a level of consistency that made me feel good about my career."

Brown has been a fixture in Cleveland's facility in recent years. At 79, it's something he admits he doesn't have to do, but he's committed to helping the Browns restore the glory they experienced while he was carrying the ball from 1957-1965.

"There's a tradition the Browns had and lost," Brown said. "We've got to get that tradition back."

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