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Joe Haden, Dwayne Bowe quotes - Sept. 11

WR Dwayne Bowe:

On how he takes comments made by coaches that they understand his injury but really need for him to come along offensively:

"You take it and run with it. That is what training camp is for, that is what the season is for – for everyone to get in sync. Missing those days, it is time for me to get back and get in the groove of things. Only time will tell with that."

On if he was disappointed to see WR Terrelle Pryor released:

"It is disappointing every year around this time guys get cut, but it is a business and you have to work hard and take it with stride and know that you can't take anything personal. You have to come out and work hard every day as an individual to try to make the team. That is what he did. He worked hard when he was here. Unfortunately, things don't map out. He is a great athlete and he will continue to pan out."

On if he had words of encouragement for Pryor:

"I just told him to keep his head, keep working hard. (I asked) if he learned a little bit while he was here. He said he did. I said just take it to the next level of getting better. He said he was going to do that."

On if Pryor will succeed as a receiver in this league:

"I think so. I have high hopes for him. Big body. Very talented. Just have to take the chance on him and work him in or work him out to get that opportunity. In my eyes, he can play at this level."

On how he is feeling:

"I feel good. A little sore. With a hamstring, you have to work into it. You can't put too much stress on it. You have to be smart because they can nag all season, and that is something that you don't want coming from a playmaker is a nagging injury. Right now, I am just going out there, getting better and not putting too much strain on it so I can get out there and play."

On if he expects to play Sunday:

"I expect to. I expect this hamstring to be knocked out, but only time will tell. I have to rest it and rehab it and just keep working every day to get out there."

On if he is ready for a full-game workload:

"I feel like it. It is all about how the hamstring feels. As long as I show improvement and it is getting better and more explosive, I think I will be alright to play."

On his timing is with QB Josh McCown:

"It is good. Everyone has good timing if you work long enough. All it takes is me going out there and doing it. That is the next step. That is the next step and I am working to it."

On if it means anything to him that he is listed third on the depth chart:

"No. We have five great receivers. Any way you put it each, one could make a play. It all depends on how you look at it. Big to small, small to big, it is all going to be the same. We have playmakers. It doesn't matter what number as long as you contribute to the offense and you are making plays, you will be okay."

DB Joe Haden:

On Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick:

"I have been watching him for a while now. He has been a pro. He can fit into any team. He has had success wherever he has been. He can make the throws. He is comfortable. He is a vet. He knows how to make plays."

On if he is surprised the Jets acquired WR Brandon Marshall for a fifth-round pick:

"He seems very legit. I guess it wasn't working out for him or whatever, but he is still very capable. He can get vertical. He is still very big and strong. He is still one of the best receivers in the game."

On if he prefers to cover bigger receivers such as Marshall compared to shifty, quicker receivers like Jets WR Eric Decker:

"Eric Decker is big, too, but I like covering the bigger guys. I feel like I can get my hands on them and try to disrupt their routes and stuff like that."

On his reaction to the release of WR Terrelle Pryor:

"It is a business. It is what it is. Same way with (DT) Phil (Taylor) and T-West (RB Terrance West). It happens. I have been here for a while now – when (RB) Trent Richardson and (QB Brandon) Weeden. Just being here for a while and being able to see how it is, you understand the business of the game and how it goes down. I hope the best for TP. We were coaching him up. He was a great teammate. He was trying to work his hardest to become a receiver, but it didn't work out for him here."

On what makes Marshall a challenging receiver to cover:

"He is very, very physical. He is big. He is great with the ball in the air. He is just a big dude who has been doing it for such a long time. He is a very, very talented receiver. He is one of the best in the league and he has been doing it for a while."

On his keys for matching up against a receiver with those skills:

"Put my hands on him. I like playing against bigger guys. Going against Marshall is going to be a test. I like going against the best of the best. Just going against him I have to bring my A game and get ready to go."

On it means to hear Marshall doesn't want to go up against him:

"It is mutual respect. He is one of my friends. He is a good dude. At the end of the day, it is just two competitors. You know he is ready for me, for sure, don't get that wrong. He is ready to play. Definitely appreciate the mutual respect we have for each other's games."

On if this opener will be any different than any of the other ones he has been in:

"I am super excited. It is Friday. I am really, really excited about the season. Just excited to get out there and play this season. I know what our defense has. I know what people don't think our offense has, but hopefully, when you are out there on Sundays, you can finally get a chance to show what all that talking, what you are going to have and what it is going to look. It is time to finally play and see what we can do."

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