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Joe Thomas' coaches of past, present weigh in on his retirement

Former Browns Head Coach (2005-08) and current Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel:

"First and foremast, congratulations on an outstanding career, including your 10 Pro Bowls, being named All-Pro multiple times and holding the record for longest consecutive snaps played. Not only are you a tremendous player, you are a tremendous person. Being able to live your dream and stay true to your heart is not always easy to do. You did it from start to finish. The importance of your family on draft day to the truth of the standard you have set for yourself as you step aside are shining examples of the person that you are. Wishing you all the best as you enter the next phase of your life. Congrats."

Former Browns Head Coach (2009-10) Eric Mangini:

"Joe's commitment to the Cleveland Browns and the city of Cleveland was only surpassed by his drive to be an elite player and a great teammate. His work ethic, toughness, consistency and selflessness made him a role model for young fans to look up to and a player and person that all Browns fans can be proud of."

Former Browns Head Coach (2011-12) and current Giants head coach Pat Shurmur:

"It's the end of a great career for Joe Thomas. I think back to when he was drafted, and he was out fishing with his father on draft day. We joked about that a few times. But when I think of Joe, certainly I think of the total pro, the true professional where he came to work every single day. You could guarantee his effort, you could guarantee his performance. He just played at such a high level for so very long. Joe is an outstanding player, and is an even better person. He has shown that through the years in the community. Who he is, how he handles himself, what he's meant for the Browns for all those years, I'm certain he'll be missed."

Former Browns Head Coach (2013) Rob Chudzinski:

"From day one, Joe Thomas set the bar for what an NFL left tackle and great teammate should be during his career. Joe made one of the toughest and most important jobs in professional football look easy for 11 years. He was an iron man who you knew you could count on to be there every day and every play. I have great admiration and appreciation for the attitude, leadership and excellence he displayed despite tough times and team struggles. His consecutive games streak is a testament to his toughness, durability and work ethic. One of the best to ever play the position, he was a great example for younger players of the right way to do things on and off the field. Joe was a throwback, old school, blue collar guy who epitomized the work ethic of the city of Cleveland and will be tremendously missed on the field by all true football fans."

Former Browns Head Coach (2014-15) and current Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine:

"Joe Thomas is the ultimate professional and family man. The amazing numbers that summarize Joe's career have been well documented yet only paint a partial picture of the man. I've heard many people say of Joe – 'great player, even better person' – and there is no truer statement. Despite the lack of team success and constant change, Joe remained steadfastly positive – always pushing the Browns forward. It's hard to be in a bad mood around Joe – and believe me, I tried. What he accomplished did not happen by accident. Joe's work ethic and preparation habits are among the very best in the history of this league. They serve as a tremendous example for young players wanting to play this great game for a long time. It's an honor to have coached Joe Thomas. I will be counting down the days until he is enshrined in Canton."

Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson:

"Joe means so much to me both personally and professionally. He has been not just a tremendous Cleveland Brown, but one of the best to ever play in the National Football League. I appreciate everything he has done for this organization and not just on the field, his leadership and what he brought to the locker room, as a coach you couldn't ask for a better captain than Joe Thomas. He earned the respect of teammates and peers around the league for the way he worked. To play 10,363 consecutive snaps, what a tremendous accomplishment. I don't know if something like that will ever be matched again."

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