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Johnny Manziel press conference: Browns vs. 49ers

On the Browns offense's successful performance today:
"Yeah, minus the pick before the half. You look at what we did running the ball, finally got a good breakout game – 200 or whatever yards we rushed for. That's a big credit to all the guys up front. There were holes for our backs to run through, and when they were there, they hit them. When our defense plays the way that they did, run the ball the way that we did and then that opens up some of the play-action pass game. It's a good combination for us to come out and score some points."

On the Browns offensive line's protections:
"Can't speak enough about all of those guys up front. Whether it was the run game, whether it was the pass game, whether it was five- or six-man protection, they were holding those guys down. There were only a few times where we let some guys slip, and when we did, we were able to make some plays. Can't give enough credit to the O-line up front. That offensive performance today was solely on them and then our backs hitting the hole when they were there.

On his chemistry with WR Travis Benjamin:
"Trav just has a – you see the same thing with (TE) Gary (Barnidge) at times, too – certain players who have a good feel for the game just find the holes in zone defenses. Whenever you evade the rush and get outside the pocket, your eyes are down the field the whole time. It's nice to have two or three guys on our offense who are going to find the holes when you scramble on a zone and really make something happen. Those guys do a really good job of whenever I've been in there and even when (QB) Josh (McCown) is in there keeping the plays a live until the very end."

On how satisfying it was to get a win:
"It's obviously nice to get a win to break the streak of losing that we had. It's been six or seven games in a row since we've had the feeling of getting a W. It's been nice, but like I said, I can't speak enough about the way that our defense played. I think us being backed up and having to punt and giving it to them on their own 30 really gave up the three points in the first half and then a late kind of garbage time touchdown in the second. Just give up zero points, hold them down on third down and give us the ball back whenever we needed to, and when we get it on offense, you're able to rush for 250 yards. Like I said, that's a recipe for some success."

On if he is seeing the field better now:
"Yeah, it's much better. Whether it's run checks, whether it's going through our progressions, it's able to eliminate your one or two progressions just based off the coverage as soon as you get the ball in your hands. Knowing that you only have three guys instead of having to go through all five, you can eliminate a side of the field is nice. Run checks, being able to see any lean of the safety and being able to get us in the right play, I told Josh today it's continuing to slow down for me and it's a great feeling to be able to sit there and know when you're protected and know when you're not and know when you need to get the ball out. It's getting better."

On what this win means for the Browns:
"For our team? We said we wanted to play for pride at the end of the year. We know we can't get into the playoffs or do anything like that, but for us, to see what each and every guy in this locker rooms made of. Who is going to come out and play hard for us with these three remaining games? One down, three to go. I'm not sitting here saying we're going to win them all, but I can tell you for sure that we're going to come out and we're going to fight. Each and every guy we have in this locker room is going to come out and compete until the very end. That was the biggest thing that I saw. Everybody, offense, defense, special teams all the way around, they kept fighting they kept making plays so whatever the outcome is these next couple of weeks, we're going to have fun and try and play for pride like I said."

On what his performance did for him:
"Like I said, every time I have been behind center and gotten a chance to make another start, I feel more confident. I feel that I am able to go through my reads. I am able to slow down all the protection stuff and make sure we have a guy on a guy and able to sit back there and know you are protected. For me personally, it is continue to try and progress. Like I said, every time I felt like I have got back there, I have learned something and continuing to move on and make sure that I don't make mistakes, the same way I did today."

On his interception and his reaction to it on the sideline:
"They ended doubling the out route that we had as No. 1. I was more upset getting to the sideline, obviously about the pick, throwing it back across my body, I know better than that. I think looking at the [Microsoft] Surface [tablet], once I saw the Surface, seeing that they dropped, Gary – wide open. With 1:40 left, 1:30 left, whatever it was, maybe even a minute, to get a touchdown there before the half on a busted coverage, you have to make them pay on things like that. That doesn't happen all the time in the NFL. I was more upset knowing that we are going to be watching that on film tomorrow and watching Gary run right down the middle of the field, right down the middle third wide open. I probably overreacted a little bit. Josh and everybody did a good job of making sure, 'Take some deep breaths. Let it go.' Learn from that and know that this isn't freaking (Texas) A&M. Just throw it away. Second down, third down. Live to fight another day. There is a learning point going into the next week going into the future. I probably should have overreacted the way that I did, but it is the NFL. When those chances are there, you have to make the most of them."

On if the Surface he hit himself with survived:
"The Surface did survive, I believe."

On what this win meant for his personal confidence, given the Browns have two tough road matchups upcoming:
"It is going to be a challenge. We obviously know what we are up against these next couple of weeks. We are going to have come in and prepare hard this week and make sure we are on our stuff on a long trip to Seattle. Personally, like I said, it was nice to know when you are protected and know when you are blocked up and go through your progressions and be able to work through and knowing guys are going to be in the right spots. Great feeling personally but even better feeling being in the locker knowing that we get a Victory Monday, get a chance to get another win. That is what it is all about – winning games in the NFL, regardless of how many it is."

On how important it was to not let his interception linger into the second half:
"I shook it off once we got in here. It probably took me until the time we got into the locker room to shake it off. Coming out in the second half, we thought if our defense got a stop, we would get the ball and drive it down the field. We knew it was a long game. We were only up seven points so anything can happen in the second half. There is a second half for a reason. We wanted to come out and respond. Like I said, make sure it doesn't happen again. Don't leave the ball out there. Don't float it up. Learn from it, and throw it away."

On if he felt calmer than usual:
"I think we can just tell whenever they were going to bring some pressure and when the pocket was going to get a little bit more clouded. Then when they rushed three or four that can get spread out over the course of the field, and I really felt a nice, big pocket in there. The line did a great job of seeing their double teams, pushing guys all the way up the field and making it that way for me. It is different when you are getting hit, not knowing when you are hot or getting blindsided or things like that, but when you know you are protected and you have some double teams working just try to sit back there and let our guys work. When you need to take off, take off and try to get a first down. That was big play in the second half"

On how important it was to show coaches and fans how significant this game was to him:
"I have only gotten to play six or seven games. I know the number is starting to climb, but for me, these mean a lot to me. I still have a lot to prove. I feel like I am just getting started. I am going to continue to play, continue to fight. I know these guys are going to be with me too."​

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