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Johnny Manziel press conference: Browns vs. Chiefs

How does it feel to come so close and not walk away with a W? "I've got to give it to the defense especially in the second half. I thought we got some good drives going. It comes down to I don't think I was good enough during crunch time today. I thought I was extremely subpar and it cost us some points."

In particular is there anything you want to take back? "I think the second and eight on the eight or ten yard line, that whole series especially that second to last drive, second, third and fourth down was not a very good execution by me. I am pretty sour about it right now from a personal stand point. The guys around me played good enough to win the game, and I didn't do enough for them."

Did you think you would get the opportunity to run as much as you did and as effectively? "I liked the way we showed some of those looks, and having those opportunities throughout the year, I think we were really aggressive. I think it's good we are opening up the run game. Our initial plan was to help the backs and get going and I think that happened as well, I think it was a good combination of the two."

On fourth down on the second to last drive you threw to the end zone but no one was there, what happened? "It's just my fault, I got trapped in and I had to throw the ball. I was looking for the post and give him a chance, and get it matched up one on one. But I threw a sleeper in there. It sucks but that is on me."

What did it feel like making so many plays with your legs though, to help keep this game going? "We moved some chains on third downs, started off the half with a nice 34-yard run and I think took some of the pressure off the running backs and the pass game because we had some play action stuff."

You had that intentional grounding call with the pass to your offensive lineman, what happened on that? "We had man to man coverage, and ran a little route but not wide enough. He ended up hopping open and I tried to make a play. I saw somebody flash and made a mistake. I had plenty of time and was out of the pocket for the play and like I said, that's one that really sticks out where we gave up points. That was our touchdown drive that we needed right there and instead we got 3 and had to go back out and get another one. I'm pretty upset."

Was there anything that could have happened better after that completion with Darius Jennings at the end with the snap? "Well the refs aren't going to hurry because we need them to hurry. The only thing that probably could have happened was Darius throw the ball back into the middle of the field but still we aren't going to be able to spot it ourselves we need the ref. He comes out and spots it and it would have been close anyway, either you come out and spike it with one second or spike it with two seconds and have one play left. Obviously I was frustrated there."

Were there people in the end zone that could have just heaved it to? "No not with that concept we were going into with the mind set of touching it down with 15 seconds left, we felt like that was ample time."

So you said the frustrating part of the game was your throwing, is there anything else? "I 100 percent know that I make that throw 9 times out of 10 on the deep ball to Gary (Barnidge) that was intercepted. I hit his hands all day every day since OTA since last year. To leave that inside with their corner, he is speedy, that was a mistake. I think about the second play of the game, little more touch on the ball and getting points on the second play of the game like scrimmage. I just missed too many throws."

Was it the conditions that caused your passing failure? "There were a couple times that the ball didn't feel good in my hands. It was a little slippery and what not so I know a couple of them came out like that but when you are too far inside you have to step wide and make sure you put that ball in front and sometimes when you fail to put the ball in the right spot you leave it a little too far behind. You really have to over exaggerate getting that ball out there in front. It's huge off that turnover and got down into enemy territory. I am definitely shouldering this one. It sucks not to win especially when coach and 10 other guys worked to get the win. I didn't do the right thing and that is the moral of the story."

How was Kansas City's defense? "It's really impressive with how they started out and make a way back that is truly impressive and I don't think it has been done very often. They are missing a couple guys on the edge that make them extremely dangerous. But I think the guys they had in there really stepped up and they have big strong corners and a good safety pass."

You have been in back to back games with a hostile environment, Seahawks and Chiefs, you aren't happy with your passing game but do you still feel like you are continuing to pass the test in trying to be where you want to go? "Today wasn't a good game, even in a hostile environment we are still 0-2 since I've been back in there we've got a home game next week against the Steelers, it's the last one so we will try to get the win so that is what we are moving onto now."

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