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Johnny Manziel press conference: Browns vs. Seahawks

(On the first drive…) "You can't start out any better than seven points on the opening drive. We needed to sustain some of those later drives where we ended up kicking for three. Against a team like that, you can't settle for field goals very much and be successful. We can't say we didn't get down there and give ourselves a chance.  We just have to execute when we get into the red zone. I think we had plenty of opportunities to make the game closer than it was."

(On if a certain play sticks out…) "Probably the last play of the game sticks out. I kind of had my vision clouded to Travis, which was probably an easy check down for 10 yards. They were dropping into deep zone. You look at the play before half, what we were talking about that was a big swing was when it was 3rd & 2, right after we got the offside, with a minute left. If I give him a better ball, we catch that ball and we have a chance, at worst, to get a field goal. We ended up punting there and they get the three points before half, so that's a six-point swing."

(On the drops…) "There were a couple times where I could have put it in a better position for them. It's catching and throwing – it takes two us, so I will try to put the ball in a better position."

(On positive takeaways from the game…) "We rushed for almost 100 yards… It comes down to executing in the red zone, and we didn't do that today. I think that was a big area for us where we needed to step up. We did on the opening drive, and didn't for the rest of the game. You look at it from that point and I think we did some good things, but we also shot ourselves in the foot at times."

(On Seattle's pass rush…) "That pass rush is relentless. Everyone gets stronger as the game goes on. That's a good defense – I think everyone in the league knows that – and we did some good things, but we didn't do enough of them."

(On his performance…) "It's hard to sit here right now and assess that. I think there were some things I missed. I will go back and look it tomorrow and the next day, put it to bed, then get ready for next week."

(On losing John Greco to injury…) "It's tough. I feel for John. I saw him in a brace walking around after the game. It's tough – he is a critical part to our offensive line, he's been around here for a while. I hope he is alright."

(On his current offensive options…) "We don't really have much of a choice. Those are the guys that we have right now, and I have confidence in those guys. They have confidence in me getting them the ball. We'll work on it in practice this week. That was an area we lacked today – me getting it to them – and finishing the plays. For us to come out against a team like this, there isn't much margin of error for us. That's just the way it is."

(On Russell Wilson…) "I thought he played really well. He completed 70 percent of his passes, they ran the ball for over 100 yards, and they were really good on third down. Seems like every time you would hear 'punt team get ready' on the sideline, you would hear a roar from their fans. They did a good job on keeping us on the field. To be successful you have to be really good on third downs, and I think that's about being clutch at the right time. He didn't surprise me at all."

(On positives, despite losing…) "It's another start against a really good team… The pass rush really makes you keep your hands on the ball and use all of your pocket movement. There are some positives to take away, but losing is never fun."

(On Seattle's home crowd…) "I think they have a deep passion for this team. They love what they have going on right now and they are there from start to finish. I think everybody did a good job of being on the same page. Part of our key to the game going into today was being able to communicate – part of that is the snap count, and we had no pre-snap penalties. It's a good takeaway."

(On if he anticipated colliding with the umpire…) "No, I just couldn't tell. I could feel it kind of closing in, trying to get rid of it, and not take the sack. I had a free rusher so I was trying to get out, the umpire was there as I was throwing the ball away, and there wasn't much of a chance to get out of that one."

(On if he spoke with Wilson…) "Not before, I talked to him a little bit after. He's a cool guy. I've talked to him a few times in the past couple of years. I wish him nothing but the best. It was good to see some old Aggies teammates as well – Steven Terrell, Patrick Lewis. Michael Bennett is an Aggie, as well."

(On Gary Barnidge…) "He's Mr. Consistent. It takes a while to go back and see when Gary didn't catch a touchdown in a game. The guy works hard. He's the most consistent guy on our offense – outside of Joe Thomas, who has been doing this year after year for years. Gary has been that safety blanket for us."

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