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Johnny Manziel press conference: Browns vs. Steelers


Re: On if there were adjustments made at half time to allow Andrew Hawkins to be more open:**
No, I think we just came out, we were dialed in with the way that they were [playing]. Last week, they made us try to put the ball in play and make us throw it around, with a pick here and there, and we felt like we had them dialed in, just like this game. Guys were getting open and I think they did a great job of finding the holes in the zone that we had throughout the day. We didn't see a lot of man coverage. In the zone we did have, we exploited it for the most part.

Re: On how does he feel after getting hit by Arthur Moats or any other hit during the game:
I don't remember any in particular. I felt that I kind of got rolled up on one a little late. But, for the most part, I'm healthy; I'm good. I didn't get banged around too much and I think that's thanks to all the guys up front. We were hot a couple of times, we got the ball out of our hands. So a lot of credit to those guys up front, keeping them off of me for the most part.

Re: On why he had to run off to the sideline prior to a snap:
I got that facemask and my chinstrap came up, and kind of knocked my contact up into the back of my eye. So, I thought it was good for a minute then I went to close my one eye and blink, everything was pretty blurry. I needed to try to get that one out and get another one in.

Re: On if he's thankful to come out of that facemask penalty okay:
It's part of the game. Those guys are big, physical. It's hard to find another bunch of edge rushers, pass rushers, like they have and they were even missing one today. I'm always thankful to come out of a game healthy but for the most part, you just take some of those shots. It's part of the game.

Re: On if he made more of a concerted effort to stay more in the pocket this week:
I was seeing things a lot better than I did last week. I don't know if it was a concerted effort. Like I said, I'm going to come out and play my game. My game is to come out and try to win the game and go through my progressions just like any other quarterback. When things break down I think I had a chance to make some plays here and there. On the first drive, obviously it didn't go the way we wanted to but we came back in the second to move a little bit to get Travis [Benjamin] the ball and it was a big play. It's a process to try and learn when to stay in the pocket and when to make throws and when to get out and run a little bit. I think for the majority of the day I had a good balance of that.

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