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Johnny Manziel press conference: Browns vs. Titans


On his second touchdown throw:**
"Yeah, it was a third-and-[6] situation so we figured they would bring some pressure. It ended up being the case, one short there. When it just comes down to it, we just had to make a play. I think it was a great job by (WR) Travis (Benjamin). Not only that play but all day staying alive and making plays. He took the middle of the field, and the safety kind of bit down to stop the run and I threw it over the top. I threw it high enough so Travis could run under it. To seal the game, like that was awesome."

On if his second touchdown throw felt like vintage Manziel to him as Coach Mike Pettine said:
"Yeah, it felt awesome. I knew when (Titans LB Brian) Orakpo said, 'Oh [shoot],' we were going to have a good play."

On his emotions after his first win as a starter:
"Yeah, to get to 1-1 is awesome for us. I, personally, first win at home, season opener, it was a pretty awesome script for me. As far as a team, offensively I think we got started early, then got into a little bit of a lull, but we continued to fight and continue to stay on this block. At the end, to be able to run a couple minutes off before we even get into that third situation was huge."

On how the chemistry between him and Benjamin has manifested:
"Travis is a, guy even going into last year, coming in not really knowing much about him and I get on the field with him last year and you can't throw it far enough. Getting a year and a half with him, you can throw it as a far as you want and you are never really going to out throw him. That is what I have learned from Trav. What an incredible day for him. Offense and special teams, that was a heck of performance."

On if he heard Orakpo say, 'Oh [shoot]':

On if his second touchdown throw to Benjamin was a little bit sweeter because Orakpo was one of the guys who got on his case in Washington last season:
"No, I wouldn't say it is anything – me against Orakpo. I just knew whenever he went inside a little bit too much I was able to spin out of it. He knew he was probably supposed to contain a little bit there. That whole play in general was a little bit vintage. It worked out."

On Benjamin's route on his second touchdown catch:
"Yeah, Trav was running a go on the far side and saw me break contain and just put his hand and screamed across the field. That is one of those balls where you just throw it high enough and far enough and Trav will run under it."

On his original reads on the second touchdown throw:
"It was third-and-5 so my first look was the run right there and try to get five yards and get down and keep the clock running and keep our four-minute offense right there. Saw the safety out in the middle of the field stop and run towards me to try cut me off. When I saw that sucked him, then Travis had a great angle on the corner."

On if his performance feels more like 'Johnny Football':
"This was a good win. This is a good day. We need to enjoy this for tonight, watch it and put it to bed tomorrow and move onto the next one. There are a lot of games in an NFL season. Before we know, we will be on to the next one trying to beat the Raiders."

On if it the win is satisfying because it could possibly quiet his critics, specifically ESPN analyst Meril Hoge:
"It is satisfaction seeing the rest of the guys in the locker room, being able to be in there, all those guys dancing, getting the first win of the season and getting a win that we really needed. Merril Hoge will always be Merril Hoge. For me, it is sweet get the first win, sweet to see how the locker room was after the game."

On how the win is for him personally:
"It's sweet. I've come a long way from that point on January 17. To be sitting here today and just having the ultimate turnaround from what it was the first two starts I had last year, personally, it feels awesome. I think I'm getting better. Still missed some things that I'm going to be hard on myself about tomorrow on film, but all around, I'm proud of the guys, proud of the effort that we had today. The defense, can't speak enough about them and what they do."

On if he is worried about the amount of fumbles:
"I had two hands on the ball I felt like – I don't know what's going on but it can't happen. Luckily able to get both of those back, but that could have been a huge turning point. That's one of the things that I'm still really hard on myself. I think I did a better job of last week, having two hands on it, but still not the result we want."

On how important it is to keep the momentum going:
"Anytime we can get this together, even going back to last year when we were winning some games, what a feeling that is here in the city Cleveland. Especially going into a home game next week coming off a win, this place will be electric. To keep that momentum going, keep trying to string these wins together, that's what we're going to keep trying to do."

On if he wants to start next week:
"I want to do whatever I'm supposed to do for this team. Whether (QB) Josh (McCown) comes back and we make a move or whatever the case, is I'm going to do whatever – whatever I'm told to do whatever I'm asked to do. I think that's my job here. Obviously, want to be out there playing, but if that's not the case I'll take it in stride and prepare like I'd be the guy."

On how the coaching staff plays to his strengths:
"Yeah, I think Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) did a great job today, getting in communication with personnel, switching up the personnel, getting it exactly detailed the way we want and calling some good plays. I think we got into a little bit of a lull there running the ball first and second down and putting our self in some third and long. Those are just tough situations to try and make plays when they drop a little bit and bum rush. For the most part, I think the way our offensive system is, the way our scheme is, I think it fits well.

On if he will take a look at Merril Hoge's orange and brown tie:
"Of course."

On if only personally rushing for 2 yards can be seen as a positive:
"Yeah, it's awesome. Crowell went for 75 so anytime we can get that close to if not over 100 yards. I think (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) did a great job when his number was called today. The way our offensive line worked today, really pushing them around, was awesome to see. When it's not on the quarterback having to run the ball, only having to run when it's a third down or trying to make something happen, we can have the running backs take most of those blows and really push the ball down the field. That's all you can ask for."

On if he lost some of his confidence last year and if it is back now:
"I think it's, I don't want to – I just want to say it's one game. There's no reason to be too high about it or too low about it. I think there were somethings I could have done better. You have to come into this game at this position and be confident in your scheme, be confident in your preparation for the week and be confident in your ability. There was a lot of work to try and get here, a lot of hard work. Just continuing and trying to stay positive and not really trying to lose any of that swagger you had coming in. I think that's the thing. Don't get too down, but at the same time, it's awesome to get out of this game with a win, boost your confidence a little bit."

On WR Travis Benjamin:
"He's shifty. Right off the line, you'd better be ready for him. I think sometimes throughout this game, they even shifted a safety toward him a little bit so teams are going into the weeks definitely preparing for Trav now. Just know on every ball snap you better get off the line quick or he's going to run right by you. It's been awesome to see him come out and have a day like it was today. Come out, first second play of the game, have that kind of bond, just throw it as far as you want and have him run under it. Come back at the end of the game do the same thing, it's special, and he's obviously a special player so I'm very happy he's on our side."

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