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Josh Gordon 1-on-1 conversation


Kevin Jones: After sitting out for 10 games not being able to play the sport you love, what was running through your mind moments before kickoff in Atlanta?

Josh Gordon: Definitely excitement, that's for sure. I was just ready to go out and compete and be a part of the team. And I helped contribute to a win

KJ: How were you able to so effortlessly get 120 yards last week, while still knocking off rust?

Josh Gordon: Opportunities presented themselves at the right moments and we capitalized on them. We worked on plays all week – not specifically on getting me the ball –that's just how it worked out. And we won.

KJ: The Browns sit at 7-4: did you expect to be in the midst of a playoff race when you returned to the field?

Josh Gordon: I couldn't say I expected this. But in the NFL, from training camp going in, you never really know. That's what makes the game so great. Anything can happen. Seasons can be turned around real quick. That's what happened for us.

KJ: But seriously, how exciting is this? This is the best Cleveland has been since 2007, we were both in high school.

Josh Gordon: Man, it's much needed for the city, the front office, the coaches. This is great to be a part of when you haven't been a part of it. I think guys right now are just more hungry not knowing what it's like having that feeling of being a winner. Guys are not ready to lose that feeling yet. We are going to do what we can to keep that going.

KJ: What's your relationship like with Browns GM Ray Farmer. Coach Mike Pettine has often said you guys communicate all the time.

Josh Gordon: Ray Farmer has been like a friend to me throughout everything. He's been instrumental with me getting back into the swing of things. He's a great GM. He's doing a great job in his first year in. He's been dealing with a lot.

KJ: Have to ask you about Brian Hoyer: a lot of people think he's the real deal. What do you think?

Josh Gordon: Man, B Hoyer is just a competitor. He's ruthless. He won't lay down for anybody. That's what I like about him. He's just real competitive. Guys can get behind that and support that. He's willing to do anything to win.

KJ: With an extra week of practice with Hoyer, do you think your timing and rhythm will be smoother this week? A couple throws were off target last week against the Falcons.

Josh Gordon: Brian has been on point. That was my first game back. So maybe some of the gage between his passes and my routes were a little rusty. So in practice we've been knocking off the rust last week. We are a little further ahead than where we were. I expect us to be on point this game.

KJ: Buffalo's defense arguably is the stingiest in the NFL. How are you personally preparing for them?

Josh Gordon: We are preparing for that defensive line. They've had a couple shakeups in the secondary. We played basically the same team last year in a big Thursday Night win. We are pretty familiar with the Bills. We've drawn several different looks to throw at them.

KJ: How much have the Cleveland fans who have stuck by you meant?

Josh Gordon: Oh, man. The fans. Wow. It's much appreciated. It's great to have them in a time like this. The city has come a long way from a football stand point. Hopefully we can have a positive effect on the fans so they keep on supporting us. It's definitely one of the best fan bases in the league. I'm happy to be a part of it.

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