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Josh McCown press conference - 10/14

On how his ankle feels:

"Good. It is sore. (Head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan) and the guys in the training room have done a great job helping me get back ready to go. Feeling better for sure."

On Denver's defense:

"We are going to be here awhile. They are really good. It starts with their front. Their pass rushers, those guys are really good players. I know there is a little question mark with (Broncos OLB) DeMarcus Ware's health, but that guy is playing at a high level and has been doing it for a long time. (Broncos OLB) Von Miller is an exceptional, exceptional player. All across the board, that is the thing with them. Sometimes, from week to week you look at a group on the field that you feel you can attack, whether it is the front, the linebackers the secondary. You don't have that. You go to the next group and golly, they are good, too. You move to the next group. I think what makes them unique is that they are good outside, too. Typically, you have great pass rushers and they make up for lack of stability outside or whatever. These guys are good outside, and they are good with pass rush. We will have our hands full. We understand that. We are putting together a good gameplan, but it will take a good week's worth to be prepared for these guys."

On Broncos QB Peyton Manning's career:

"He is pretty good. It has gone pretty well for him. That would be my first observation. The preparation, you see it on the field by how he handles things at the line of scrimmage, just how fast the ball gets out of his hands, where he is going with the ball. I feel like when you watch him, you don't have to know a lot about football to know that he is prepared. I think that is the highest compliment I can pay him. He is always on top of it. He always understands what everybody is doing, and I think it is what has given him an edge and what allows him to play for as long as he is at a high level because even if your skills change a little bit, you can still play at a high level because he is so high-functioning intellectually. I have a ton of respect for him."

On the importance of getting the RBs involved in the passing game:

"I just think it is different philosophies. I have a ton of respect for what (former Browns offensive coordinator and Falcons offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) does and what they do is a lot of play-action and a lot of things with the wide receivers getting involved. They still get to the backs. We are getting a little bit more of a drop-back approach that I think creates more opportunities for backs to be involved. I think that is the difference. It is just a philosophical difference more than anything. It is also the way we approached this offseason. Because of that, Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo), (running backs coach) Wilbert (Montgomery), we talked to these guys every day about being available. Protections are huge. They have to be on top of their protection game, but once you go through it and they see their guy is not coming, you have to get out and be available for us. I feel like our young backs, every week they get better at that. Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) was obviously huge Sunday in that regard."

On if Denver's defense is the best the Browns have faced this season:

"As we get ready for them, I think so. I think so because they are just all around, from top to bottom, in every position group they are just good players. It is hard to find a weakness. I think as it sits right now, absolutely, I would say that."

On if he felt any discomfort after knocking his head against the turf at Baltimore:

"No, in the moment it doesn't feel good, but it wasn't anything serious. Thankfully it (the interception) got nullified. When you have a play like that, you kind of deserved getting your head bounced off the turf like that. It was stupid. I am glad it was nullified and thankful that sometimes you get those subtle reminders of things you can do and can't do. Thankfully, I got to get one and have it taken back."

Re-live Josh McCown's performance against the Ravens.

On if he's reflected on Sunday's win, not only personally but the Browns as a whole:

"As a team. That is what has really been the coolest part for me. I guess I didn't fully understand the scope of the last time these guys beat the Ravens and all those things. I think more over the last few days, I have been able to talk with guys about that. Talk with (OL) Joe (Thomas) and guys that have been around here for a while and really internalize that. I appreciate it a little bit more. You do that to a point, and then, it is time to move on. That is where we are at now."

On how to keep the momentum on offense:

"It is just a process and preparation. It really is. It is no different from week to week. It has to be the same. We walked out after that Oakland game, and I was disappointed and disappointed in myself and how it ended. As soon as Tuesday evening hits, it is time to move on and continue to build. That is the same thing. We had a really good game the other day as far as the way it finished. We won the game as a team and all those things. That is great, but it is time to move on. I think the way we continue to play the way we were playing is by continuing to prepare the way we were preparing. If we get relaxed, if there is anybody with all of us that says, 'Hey, we have arrived or we got it now,' that is when we will start to fall. I think as a group, that is what we fight more than anything. It is great because everyone is holding each other accountable. We are still 2-3. We have goals of where we want to be. We are not there yet. We have to keep climbing. That starts with Wednesday preparation. Today was a good day of work and so we will come back and put in another one tomorrow."

On the key to keeping his positive momentum going:

"I think what Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) does a great job of every week is pulling those positives, regardless of what happens and helping us build on those. We will obviously take the negatives. I know I joked about the interception, but – take those things and I look at the throw to (WR) Travis (Benjamin) that I missed – I look at those things and say, 'OK, what if we had not won the game?' Those things would have been highlighted more. To me, it is not getting satisfied with any of it. Obviously, when you have good things happen, you definitely want to continue that energy and allow those things to become a part of you. There is momentum there. I do believe in that. At the same time, it is the balance. I think Pett is doing a good job with us as far the balance of allowing it to be momentum that pushes you and gives you energy at practice but doesn't allow you to relax. That is really what I want to focus on."

On how well he knows Broncos QB Peyton Manning:

"Just over the years – I guess it might have been 20 years ago – he and his dad came and spoke at an athletic forum when I was at SMU and that was my first time meeting him and obviously, was very impressed with him and his dad. Just have always had a ton of respect for his game. Then, I've talked to him as we've played each other over the years, shared experiences with obviously him having a brother in the NFL and me having a brother in the NFL, not a shared bank account, obviously. You just appreciate that part."

On facing a top defense in the Broncos:

"It's a delicate balance because we have a ton of respect for them, but again, we have to trust our ability to go out and execute as well. You just can go, 'Oh we have the No. 1 D this week. Who we got next after that?' We're going to go out and play them. Like I said, I feel like we had a good day so far as far as our preparation. Coaches have put a good plan for us and that's the part that I mean. When you grab the good out of these games that we've had, you build that momentum that you want to take that in to so that you don't buckle up and go, 'Oh well, we're playing the No. 1 D.' We are, and it's going to be a huge, huge hill to climb, but at the same time, we feel like we've done enough good things that we'll be in good shape to try to climb the hill"

On if he has ever met former NFL QB Jake Delhomme:

"I backed him up in 2008-2009 in Carolina."

On how Delhomme's QB situation relates to his:

"The thing with me and Jake is, what I respect most is Jake is he's a leader. When I watched him work in the locker room and amongst the guys, he just had a quality that he was able to rally guys and bring guys together. He had unbelievable poise in tight situations and two-minute drill and stuff like that. One of the better guys I've been around in those situations. Those are the things I tried to pull from him while I was with him in Carolina. I think the world of him and am thankful I got the time to be around him because I think it made me a better player."

On Broncos S T.J. Ward:

"He's an excellent player. He can do it all. You guys know him better than I do because he's been here, but you're exactly right. He's got all the skills that you want in a safety. We'll know where he's at all times because he can be disruptive. He's got the ability to cover, but he's also good in the run game and tackling so we'll have our hands full with him for sure."

On being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week:

"The last time I got it, I got benched so I've got my fingers crossed right now (laughter). It's just a reflection of the guys and what we're doing and I just happen to be in front of it, but that's everybody. That's really how I feel about that is that's the front five, that's the backs, that's the receivers, that's the tight ends, that's all of us together, and it's just a reflection of our effort and preparation. I just happen to be the guy whose name is on it, but that's all of us."

On the last time he won a player of the week award:

"Yeah, that was when we came here and (Bears QB) Jay (Cutler) was back in. I say that in jest. That was a totally different situation. Like I said, that's for later, too. That's more of a reflection of hopefully what we're capable of offensively. Like I said, I happen to be the guy that got it."

On what he expects from TE Gary Barnidge this week and if he can top his circus catch:

"I don't know. I just can't wait to see what happens. He's on a roll now and he tends to do something new every week so we'll see. I'm sure it'll be good, whatever he does. I don't know if he's going to catch it with his shoes or something, but he'll figure out something new. That's the good thing about Gary is he's been consistent and he's played at a high level and certainly been a big factor to why we've been able to do the things we do offensively."

On if his time in Carolina with Barnidge has contributed to their success:

"Yeah, when I said it the first two times, I was serious. When we worked together in Carolina, I thought he was really good and I've always followed him through his career. I like his skillset. I think sometimes people look at Gary and he may not be as sexy as a guy as (Chargers TE) Antonio Gates or somebody, but at the same time, he just gets open, he catches balls and does a good job when the ball is around him. He tracks it and he pulls it in. Can't say enough about him."

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