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Josh McCown press conference - 10/19

On how teams get over the hump after losing close games:

"You just have to stay the course and trust your process. I think it'll turn. In Baltimore, we took a step in that direction, and then, we didn't get it done yesterday. As Coach Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) says, every play matters. That's what we all have to do a great job of realizing is that you don't know if this might be that play. We look at the tape and you look at it today and go, 'Man, there's some really good things on there that we did,' but there's also some things that obviously we didn't do very well. Why did that happen? It's one guy here, one guy there. We have to continue to do that as a group, everybody tightening that up and hopefully, that's the thing that gets you over the hump."

On one or two plays that stick out on the film from yesterday's game:

"Obviously, for me, the sack-fumble. The pick-six I'm disappointed in, but it was a different look than we had seen. It was just one of those things that happens. The sack-fumble was more frustrating than anything because we had an opportunity there to move the ball in a tight game giving up – I think that turned into three. That was probably to me the one I wish I had back the most."

On if he should have recognized the free rusher on the sack-fumble:

"Again, they did a good job of mixing their looks up. I just wish I would have got the ball out quicker in that situation."

On the Browns drive in overtime:

"We called a run play that we felt good about the whole game, and they packed the box in and stopped us on that one so we were a little behind it. Second one, they did a great job of covering. Really, both of them, second and third, there just wasn't a whole lot there. There's not a whole lot to break down other than just we just got bogged down and it was obviously regrettable because we had a great opportunity to go win that game."

On if the original plan was to throw to the end zone on the first-and-10 pass to FB Malcolm Johnson at the 11 yard line:

"No, that play went the way it was supposed to go so I'll leave it at that."

On throwing to Johnson, who hasn't been involved in that aspect of the offense:

"The thinking is just that, that he's a guy that we don't throw too very much. We caught him in a look that we liked. We felt like we could kick it out to Malcolm and let him out-flank the defense. Just didn't go our way on that play."

On the third down pass to WR Brian Hartline on that drive:

"It was the same thing – we had a play – I think the play was to go to maybe Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins), if I'm thinking about the same play. Just the window closed up so I scrambled around and I threw it away."

On if he feels the need to talk to QB Johnny Manziel after the most recent incident, given he is a mentor to Manziel:

"Whatever Johnny and I talk about and do will stay between us so I'm not going to comment on that. As far as I'm concerned, that's his business and they'll handle that accordingly. Johnny and I's relationship will stay behind closed doors as far as that stuff is concerned."

On if the incident involving Manziel is concerning to him:

"I am not going to get into it. Again, the concerns that I have, all of that stuff will be between Johnny and I. What I think as far as publicly, if the idea is, as you said, to mentor Johnny and do all those things, then that is between Johnny and I."

On positives from the Broncos game:

"I feel like if that is the No. 1 defense, then we can certainly build on some of those positive things, for sure. Just eliminating the turnovers. Some of those things, as good as they were, some of the mistakes were a product of our execution. I still have a ton of respect for that defense, easily the best defense we have faced this year, I think. It's a tough group. We'll take what we can from that game and move forward."

On if the sack-fumble is more troubling to him than the interception near the end of regulation because he got hit as he was trying to throw the ball away:

"Yeah, absolutely. At the end of regulation, I am bummed because that was a chance, really. That was a time we started the drive and hit Travis there on the skinny post and kind of got slowed down there. Stepped up in the pocket, and the nature of that route concept, everything had gone to the left to that sideline so there was nothing to my right to where I could throw the ball away without grounding it. I was just trying to step up and throw the ball out of bounds over everyone's head over there. I got hit while I was doing it and the ball didn't get out of bounds. I would have love to have gotten it out of bounds and had another third-and-long try at it to keep it going. It was unfortunate."

On still being hard on himself after watching yesterday's film:

"I am working on it. I am working on it. Those opportunities, you only get 16 of them. At this position, you want to feel like you go out and do everything you can to help your team win the ballgame. When you feel as though you've not, even against the number one defense, when you feel you have not executed at the level you know you can execute, it is hard to shake. We finished that film, and we will put that one to bed. We have 10 more games. The other part about playing this position and life in general is being able to move past mistakes and have the wherewithal and the mental toughness to do that. That will be our focus moving forward and we will move on."

On if there was confusion on the two-point attempt after LB Karlos Dansby's interception-return TD, specifically with personnel:

"There was with the group we had on, but we got it straightened out. When we executed the play, we had the right people on the field."

On if the Browns had enough time or if the team was flustered after the brief personnel confusion:

"Yeah, [there was enough time]. They brought all out pressure on both of them. The first one, they were offside, but our answer to that is the quick pass to Travis, which was broken up, but we had an offside. The next, they just had everyone covered."

On if the play calls on their two two-point conversion tries were different plays:

"I am not going to get into that."

On if Broncos CB Aqib Talib interception got in his head:

"Obviously, when a guy breaks on a ball like that, it changes how you are going to approach throwing to his side. At the same time, you have to move past it and continue to play the game. I feel like we did. We were able to still go get two touchdowns. It was obviously frustrating that that happened, but I understood the nature of the play and the look and how that happened. I didn't let it scare me off."

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