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Josh McCown press conference - 10/26

On how he is feeling:

"Getting better, getting better. Sore but getting better, but I think disappointment probably outweighs all of that. Just disappointed in how we played."

On an update on his shoulder:

"I'm not going to get into discussing those things right now and let (Head) Coach (Mike Pettine) comment on the injury stuff. That's the last thing I'm going to do as far as my body and all that stuff."

On if he will be able to play on Sunday:

"Again, I'm not going to comment on whether I can play, my physical status, all that stuff. I'm just going to answer questions outside of that."

On if he will practice Wednesday:

"Again, we'll see how it goes Wednesday, but I'll let Coach handle all those things."

On if a helmet hit his chin on the Rams blitz late in the game:

"It looked like it on tape. It looked like it on tape. Got underneath me pretty good."

On if the Rams game was the hardest he's be hit in his career:

"They did a good job, but I've had some others, similar-type games like that. They are a physical defense, for sure. They played hard."

On the Browns' chances of bouncing back from recent losses:

"I feel great about our chances of bouncing back. There's no flinch in any of us. I think we understand things happened yesterday and the corrections that we need to make, and we'll bounce back and move forward. I think everybody has full confidence in one another and our abilities to do that."

On if the Browns took a step backward in the loss against the Rams:

"Took a step backwards as a team? No. I think anytime you lose a game, it's not a step in the right direction, that's for sure. I don't think we took a step backwards, though. I just think we lost that game. We didn't play well. We're capable of better so it'll be how we bounce back, that's what will matter the most."

On how to keep negative momentum from building:

"You just have to focus on your preparation and really bare down in that aspect throughout the work week. Then when we go into these games, have to take that preparation to the field and transfer it over. Take care of your job, do your job the best you can and stack up good plays. That's what we have to do and not have negative things that were happening the other day."

On how alarming the amount and type of penalties were against the Rams:

"You can't have them, obviously. We've all got to do a better job of looking inside of ourselves and figuring out, each guy to a man, what it is that we did to contribute to that and then do our part to fix it because it's hard to go on the road and to do those things and win a football game. We have to fix that stuff."

On how important it is to get back out on the field to help the Browns win:

"Absolutely, I want to get back out there and get going because of all those things you just said. We spend so much time, not just me but every guy in this locker room puts his time in, the coaches upstairs. You want to be rewarded for your work and your effort. In order to do that, you have to go out and make that happen on Sundays. You have to go out and make the plays necessary to win the football game and don't make the critical mistakes that hurt us. I would absolutely love to be back out there."

On if there will be a point in the season where the Browns may play QB Duke Johnson Jr. to evaluate his potential:

"I don't know. I'm only focused on this week right now, and that's all I can be conferenced with. My job is to do everything I can to get healthy and see where that takes me and be ready to go. That's my focus. I don't look to far down the line as far as that's concerned."

On if he hit his funny bone when he hit the wall:

"I just hit my elbow."

On ability to avoid future fumbles or if it was simply a traffic issue:

"The first one yesterday, it was just traffic and you just have to do the best job you can. Looked back at the tape, and even at the time, felt like I had two hands on the ball. That's the main thing is you don't want to have one hand on the ball so as best you can, have two hands on the ball. I couldn't really tell from the tape angle, but I felt like yesterday I did. Sometimes, those things happen. If you feel it kind of closing, you just go on down is maybe the best of a bad situation. The second one, when you're throwing the ball and you get hit, there's nothing you can do about it. Those things happen."

On if it was a late push by the Rams before hitting the wall:

"Everything happened so fast. I thought my feet were in the paint and it might have been a little late, but it's their judgement."

On if he is surprised he wasn't taken out to check for a concussion after watching the film of Rams S Mark Barron's hit in the fourth quarter:

"No. Again, I didn't think about it then. It was a good hard hit. He got underneath me, and I didn't feel like at the time it was something as far as my head or it was a hard helmet shot. It was more my body than anything."

On if it would be a surprise if the Browns started Manziel on Sunday, if McCown is healthy:

"For right now, I have to get healthy. I'm not going to deal in hypotheticals. I'm just going to worry about where I'm at right now and move forward from there."

On if false start penalties should have been avoided since the Browns practiced silent counts during the week, given the team's high number of overall penalties:

"Obviously, any of those types of penalties we don't want to be an issue. From my end, of it I just look at what I can do to clean that up and make that more clear, make sure everybody's on the same page with that stuff. I'll take as much ownership as I can of that and make it better for our guys. We do a good job of mixing up the cadence and doing the things that we need to do to help give us an edge, especially when you're playing pass rushers like that. It was unfortunate. Those penalties, when you keep backing up and backing up, they hurt you. It starts with me in the huddle and making sure those guys are all on the same page with that and move forward."

On frustrations with drives stalling due to penalties, specifically the long pass to WR Travis Benjamin:

"It's just frustrating. Not a whole lot else you can say. It just is what it is. It's very frustrating. We have to eliminate those things because it's the NFL – the margin for error is slim, especially when you're playing against a good defense at home. You can't have those kind of mistakes. Felt like we had some momentum going there and then get some of those things called back. We have to keep grinding, try to figure out a way to overcome those things and put ourselves in a better position."

On if there should have been a penalty against the Rams on the last sack fumble, specifically in reference to a face mask or leg pull:

"No, it's very rare – I wouldn't say very rare – there are times, but it's hard during the play to go, 'Oh, that should be a penalty.' When it gets blatantly grabbed – but I didn't feel it – I didn't feel like he pulled me down or anything like that. Just felt like it was a bang-bang, quick happening play. The only thing I thought of was I thought I threw the ball. I thought it came out forward. I was hoping it would be ruled an incomplete pass. It's just a bummer because (TE) Gary (Barnidge) did a good job winning on the route and feel like we would have had another completion to him. Anyway, it was unfortunate that it happened."

On if Manziel has stayed fully prepared to step in as a starter since Week 3:

"Yeah, absolutely. (Quarterbacks coach) Kevin (O'Connell) does a great job of doing the extra things behind the scenes and even at practice behind the play with both Johnny and (QB) Austin (Davis) of just getting those guys ready and not letting their minds drift. It's easy when you're not getting reps to just go out there and your mind drifts and you're in and out. Johnny is focused on every play. He's going through the reads mentally. Austin's doing the same thing. Just watching the tape, I was proud of the way he came in and played. He looked poised and he looked like a guy that was prepared and had a plan. I think that's obviously a sign of growth and it's a good thing. It's obviously what we want out of any young player is just to see those guys getting better. I think he does a great job with his preparation every week, and that's a credit to Kevin."

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