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Josh McCown press conference: Browns vs. Broncos

On if he was trying to get the Browns in FG range when he threw his second interception:
"Yeah, it was obviously just not good. You have to get something going there. The first one got stopped, and then I didn't have a whole lot on the next two passes. That hurt us because the defense played lights out today, first and foremost. We didn't hold up our end. It is a shame."

On his first interception of the game:
"They got me on a look. They played kind of differently than I had seen on tape. (Broncos CB Aqib) Talib got a great jump on the ball. It was just a bad break."

On if he is putting the loss on his own shoulders:
"Absolutely. Absolutely. That is how I am wired. I think I have said it before, all I was focusing on was my play and what I could have done better. There is a lot going through my mind right now about what I could have done to help us win the game. Like I said, defense played lights out. We weren't good enough offensively today. I had a couple good moments, but for the most part, not good. I had some opportunities. Just really disappointed."

On his second interception:
"Yeah, I was stepping up trying to throw the ball out of bounds and avoid a sack so we could keep moving up to get in field goal range and win this thing. I just didn't get enough on the ball when I threw it. It just makes me sick because there is an opportunity there in regulation to win."

On if he held onto the ball taking to take sacks in OT due to those previous interceptions:
"No, their coverage was great on those two. That was the main thing. The first, they had man coverage on that and I stepped up and they got me down pretty quick. The second one, same thing; they had coverage. I moved up to try to get a throw off, but it wasn't there."

On if he saw anyone open on his last pass in OT or if he only saw the pass rush:
"Like I said, I dropped back and stepped up and thought I might have had a shot at Gabe (WR Taylor Gabriel) on the left side, but as I stepped up, it collapsed. I didn't have a chance to move it up."

On how tough Denver's defense was, specifically its pass rush:
"Very. They are the No. 1 defense in the league for a reason. They showed it today. I thought for the most part, our guys did an excellent job blocking them and giving us some time. It is tough. We said it throughout the week that they are going to make some plays. We understood that. We were going to try to minimalize that. The margin for error was small. They capitalized and made those plays that we talked about not letting them make. To me, it was the difference in the ball game."

On how much of a missed opportunity it is to not win this game:
"I don't know how to quantify it. It's just a huge missed opportunity. We'll feel like that for the next 24 hours or so. Then, we have to bounce back and respond. We felt this same way walking into the locker room out in San Diego. We felt like we had missed opportunity and we responded, and we have to do the same thing."

On the QB Duke Johnson Jr. situation:
"I'm focused on the game and not going to comment on that."

On if he appreciated Broncos QB Peyton Manning ability to outlast the Browns:
"Yeah, not right now. Like I said, I'm just disappointed in myself and disappointed in the way we played offensively. Thought the defense played lights out. Again, they did awesome. Just proud of the guys and the way they play. Thought (LB) Karlos Dansby was awesome, I watch those guys gut it out, watch Karlos Dansby gut it out and get a pick-six and those things, and that's why, that's what makes it hurt so bad because you realize how hard your teammates are fighting."

On the sack-fumble:
"I just have to get the ball out quicker. I thought I was going to have (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) in the flat and a guy picked with him. Just have to get it out quicker."

On if he got off to a slow start:
"Yeah, I did. I felt like it's what we talked about. We said it's going to be hard early to get a handle on what they're doing. Never really picked up the speed that we wanted to. Like I said we got a couple of drives there going and finished, but it was not consistent enough."

On how much he credits the loss to the Broncos defense:
"I always give credit to the opponents. They have a good group. We said it all week: they have a really good group. I just think in order to improve and in order to get better as an offense you have to look at what you could have done better individually as a person. I walk out of these things putting it all on me and go, 'Man, if I would have been better, we would have won the game.' That's just how I'm wired. That'll be my focus moving into this week and what can I do better to help us win the next game."

On if his ankle factored into his performance:
"No, it was fine. Feel ok." ​

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