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Josh McCown press conference: Browns vs. Cardinals

On how much his injury affected his performance:
"Didn't affect me – just discomfort. Obviously, you desire not to have that if you could choose, but I made the throws I wanted to make so I didn't feel like it affected me."

On if he felt he was playing less than 100 percent at any point:
"No, I wouldn't go out there if I couldn't do what I felt capable of doing."

On if he was close to taking himself out of the game:

On if he can explain what happened with the Browns' drop off in the second half:
"No, if I could, it probably wouldn't have happened. I have to look at the tape and check it out and see. We flip-flop ourselves sometimes. We get started slow, then come on late, then we start fast today and don't finish. Good football teams, they finish. In order for us to become what we want to become, we have to finish better."

On if he will start in Thursday night's game:
"We'll see as the week goes on. It's a short week so we'll talk to coach and see how it goes."

On if he expects to be healthy enough to play on Thursday:
"I would hope so, yeah."

On if he injured his ribs:

On if he thought he was being taken out of the game when he waved off QB Johnny Manziel:
"I don't know. You try to let him know as soon as you can, what's going on. Like I said, I just want to be out there fighting with my guys. I just want to play, I want to be out there with my guys. I didn't feel like I was hurting enough that it was going to keep me from doing my job so I'm going to stay out there."

On if he got a neurological exam on the sideline:

On what was happening when he was crouched over on the field:
"Obviously, just when you get hit and it doesn't feel good, you try to just find a comfortable spot and so I think more than anything, that's what I was trying to do. Trying to get myself – wind kind of got out of me a little bit so just trying to get my bearings and get better."

On if he was aware of the trade rumors surrounding the Browns and did that affect any of the guys on the team:
"No, not aware of it and didn't notice it."

On how devastating it can be to lose players like DB Donte Whitner and DB Joe Haden:
"Obviously, [the Cardinals] are good on both sides of the ball. They have done a good job of building that team so we knew it was going to be a dog fight. When you play a team like this – this is really any week in the NFL – you have to have all hands on deck so obviously those guys are who they are for a reason. They are playmakers and all those things. When those guys go out, it does hurt you. We have to have the 'next man up' mentality and keep rolling."

On if it is too early to speculate if he can play Thursday:
"We'll see. I can't predict the future, but unless anything changes, in my mind as long as I can wake up the next few days and do everything I feel like I need to do to feel effective, than I will be ready."

On if his shoulder is worse after playing in this game:
"No, it is what it is, as long as it is not keeping me from what I need to do. Our doctors have done a good job of letting me know everything is good structurally. Then, you just deal with pain and move on. Everything is good structurally so let's just keep it moving."

On if the shot he took to the ribs explains his second half performance and what changed from the first half to the second half:
"No, I don't think any of us executed the way we needed to. That is what it was. We didn't come out and execute the way we did in the first half."

On if he got an X-ray on his ribs and if any of his ribs are broken:
"Yes, [I got an X-ray] and then, I will leave the rest of that to (Head) Coach (Mike Pettine)."

On if he was able to get the ball downfield in the second half:
"Yeah, Did you guys not watch the end of the game? The throw to (TE) Gary (Barnidge) in the fourth quarter, threw one on the sideline to (WR) Travis (Benjamin), I felt like I could do everything I needed to do."

On how close the Browns are from turning the season around:
"I don't know. I don't know how to quantify that. All I know is that we have to get ready for Cincinnati and focus on the next play. I don't know how to measure that. We on both sides of the ball and even on (special) teams, we do things that good football teams do and then we do bad things. We have to clean that up and be more consistent. We are not right now. We have to focus on what we are doing offensively and what we can do to get better."​

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