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Josh McCown press conference: Browns vs. Chargers

On if whoever had the ball last would win:
"Absolutely. That's the best way to sum it up. Whoever gets it last is probably going to have the best chance to win the game. It kind of felt like we had it last at the half and we got points and tied it up. It did a little back and forth. You look back at these games and every drive is so critical in these games. A couple of them that we didn't get going on I think we're going to kick ourselves about. But it was just one of those games; whoever has the ball last has the best chance to win."

On disappointing loss:
"I'm just disappointed. Just heartbreaking for all of us. I feel like everybody battled and fought really hard. Like I said when you know it's a game like that where you're going back and forth and if you could just get it last, it hurts when you don't have the chance to have it last. You feel like everybody is fighting, and you come home with a loss and it doesn't reflect the effort that was put into that game. I'm just really, really proud and honored to be a part of this team today, the way we fought. I'm proud to say I'm on the Browns because we fought hard and that's all you can ask for."

On if tight end Gary Barnidge caught the ball:
"I didn't see it. I kind of threw it and it was spinning as I threw it, and so if what I've learned with Gary, and I saw this early in his career at Carolina, if he gets his hands on it it's probably a catch. You just learn not to bet against him. I don't know if we've seen him drop many ball yet. Maybe once since I've been here in practice. We understand that about Gary and the type of player he is and it was a huge play in the game."

On the value of running back Isaiah Crowell and fullback Duke Johnson Jr.:
"They were awesome. Our young backs are coming along, and that's something to be excited about. I'm just very proud of those guys. Coach Montgomery has put in a lot of time developing those guys and I said this earlier in the week, we keep seeing a little bit from them, and growth, and growth and growth. Big picture wise, it's very encouraging with what they were able to do today. The catch Duke made on the first touchdown was one of the best catches I've seen by a running back. To track a deep ball like that and to catch it over his shoulder, that's not something that they get a ton of time catching. For him to do that it was just very, very impressive and really encouraging."

On touchdown and two-point conversion:
"It was just a good play design. The guys that construct all of our goal line passes, they do a good job of putting things together that are going to pop. It was a quick sprint out and especially when you are inside the one it's just about completing the ball. If we can gain a step with the motion like Gary did, it's just about completing the ball. I was able to fire one in there and you have to throw it really hard and trust the guy is going to catch it. Obviously, like I said with Gary, you know that is going to be a catch. The same thing with Gabe on the two-point conversion. I feel like we're doing a good job of constructing things in the red zone that are giving us chances to make plays. We've got to take it even further. Obviously it game back to bite us, some of the trips down there, not getting seven really hurt us."

On if continually passing the ball was the game plan:
"Not necessarily. You get into a game and you feel like you can take advantage of some things. We said earlier in the week there were some things we saw outside that we felt like we could do. I felt like we ran the ball well. I felt like we had some good runs. It's hard, in this day and age, because nobody is patient. In the big picture, this is John DeFilippo's first year as a coordinator. Every game he's getting better, just like all of us. I felt like he called a good one today and he's continuing to get better and better. The way that we were able to find things in the passing game and create big gains but also stay with the run, that last drive to come back to the run and really hammer that thing down there was huge. I'm excited about where we're headed, because Flip's growth and how far he's come as a play caller and he just keeps getting better each week."

On cornerback Tramon Williams:
"It's just hard. I was on the end of it last week where you see something and you go in to make a play and it doesn't turn out the way you want to. It's heartbreaking. It's easy for everybody to point to that play, but individually as competitors we all walk out of that room, no different with Tramon and Karlos Dansby, true pros in that room walk out of there and it's hard. All you think about are the plays you could have done better. I won't think about Tramon doing that, I'll think about what are the things I could have done to get some drives going. I think that's the idea with the whole group. We get 53 guys thinking that way, we'll start making strides and some of these games will start going our way."

On tough ending to a game:
"Last week was a long week, just with the way that one ended. We fought hard to block out all of the noise and move into this week. To have this one go this way, we talked about it, it's not where you want to be. 1-3. None of set out and said, 'Hey, let's shoot for 1-3.' We're all disappointed. At the same time, as men, we have to respond. We have to come back. That's the measure of who we are. Individually as men, and outside of football, I think it's just a great tool for your life. And when we do that it will shape us as a team. We'll start to grow our character as a team. We'll find the positives and we'll find things to gain out of this. We'll learn from the mistakes and the main thing is we'll respond."

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