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Josh McCown Press Conference: Browns vs. Rams

(On his health)
"I'll be alright."

(On if he'll be able to play next week)
"I'm not going to comment anymore on that. I'll let Coach (Pettine) comment on that."

(On when he hurt his arm)
"I thought it was a pass, but the guy hit my elbow. I just felt something in the back of my shoulder."

(On if he hurt his head after getting hit earlier in the game)
"No, obviously you don't feel great after something like that happens, but I was alright."

(On if he hurt his elbow after slipping and falling out of bounds)
"It didn't feel good."

(On the offensive line's penalties)
"I'll have to look at the tape and see. I just try to focus on things that I can do better, so I'm not sure what the issue was. Obviously, they (the Rams) have a really good front, like we talked about. They can create problems and they were able to do that today. As far as the penalties, we just need to get that cleaned up."

(On the long pass play that was negated due to a holding call on LT Joe Thomas)
"Yeah, that was a bummer. The defense there made a stop and we were needing to rally back and get going and we were able to do that. It was just unfortunate. We knew it would be hard to get behind these guys all day because of the depth of that safety. We finally got him in a situation where we were able to move him and get a one-on-one ball to 'Trav' (WR Travis Benjamin). We were able to do that and get a completion, so it was just a bummer that it didn't work out. Joe is over there going against one of the best pass rushers in the league. For the most part, it seemed like he did a good job all day. I kind of saw it on the replay and I couldn't tell where it (the hold) happened, but obviously, the refs have their job to do, so it just hurt on that play that it happened."

(On that he was surprised that he wasn't taken out after holding his head after getting hit on one play)
"I don't know. I try to think about what is going on in the game, so I didn't really process that."

(On the frustration of the loss)
"They're never easy to take. As competitors, obviously, you don't want to lose. The defense, I thought they played well, and for the most part, gave us opportunities. It just seemed like we were just shooting ourselves in the foot. The way we started the game, we were just fighting out of holes all day. It's hard to be a good offensive football team when we're doing those things. Whatever we have to do throughout the week in our preparation, we have to do that and find a way to get it fixed. I know that I'll do everything I can, looking at the tape and then in preparation to make sure that it doesn't happen, because we have to be better."

(On if he is able to use his right arm right now)
"I think we'll see how it goes. Obviously, it's sore right now and we'll just see how the week goes. I'll let Coach handle the rest of those questions from here on out."

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