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Juan Thornhill excited to face his old team, even if it's just preseason

Thornhill played four seasons with the Chiefs and won two Super Bowls


S Juan Thornhill is excited to play his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs, Saturday at Arrowhead in the Browns' final preseason game. Thornhill played for the Chiefs for his first four seasons, where he frequently faced off against Patrick Mahomes in practices.

The Browns had two joint practices with the NFC champion Eagles last week and now get a chance to play their starters against the Super Bowl champions this week. 

 Thornhill appreciates the chance to have faced two of the best NFL teams in the previous season. He believes that this experience has helped improve the Browns' performance.

 "You're playing against the best two teams technically in the NFL from last season," Thornhill said. "It's a great view of how we can work and better ourselves as a team by seeing top competition two weeks in a row."

 After watching the practice tape against the Eagles, Thornhill says the Browns held their own. He believes the two joint practices gave the Browns more confidence that they could compete against any team in the league.

 Thornhill credited the defensive line for making the job of the defensive backs easier.

 "You guys do not understand how fast that D-line is getting in the backfield," Thornhill said. " I feel like I am taking two peddle steps, and the ball is already coming out. It's an amazing feeling to see guys making tons of plays. It just shows how good this team can really be."

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