Kenny Britt, JC Tretter, Kevin Zeiter conference call - 3/10

WR Kenny Britt:**

On why he signed with the Browns:

"To tell you the truth, a lot of things weighed in all the way from what was the best for my family and to the coaching staff. I [really like] (Head Coach) Hue (Jackson) and the direction he has the program going. I wanted to be a part of this. I wanted to be a part of the rebuilding and what they have going on."

On if he will be a leader to a young Browns WR corps:

"I'm going to be whatever they need me to be to tell you the truth. I'm going to do whatever they need me to do. If it's a leader, if it's a follower, regardless of what position they put me in and what position or what role they ask me to play or come into is what I'm going to do."

On how much he knows about Head Coach Hue Jackson and the QB situation and how that factored into his decision to join Cleveland:

"They said they are going to get the problem fixed, and I believe that they will. Regardless of who is the quarterback or what is going to happen throughout the season and OTAs, my job is to make the quarterback look good. Regardless of who they have under center, it is my job to make him look good."

On how he has improved throughout his career and if the future is only brighter after his first 1,000-yard receiving season:

"I hope the future is brighter, and it's going to be here in Cleveland. I know that for a fact. I'm going to work 10 times harder than I ever have. Throughout my career, I have just been learning the bumps and the hills that you've got to get over, and I think I have passed through those throughout my career and my age right now. I had a great coach last year in (Eagles wide receiver coach) Mike Groh to help me grow and be a better receiver on the field on my route running."

On how familiar he is with senior offensive assistant Al Saunders:

"Not too familiar to tell you the truth. I have been doing my homework for the last couple of days. I like that he has been in the league for a while. He has a lot to teach, and I'm ready to learn."

On if he embraces the challenge of filling WR Terrelle Pryor's shoes with the Browns:

"I'm not filling in anybody's shoes. I have my own shoes to fill to tell you the truth and walk around in. Whatever he did here was on him, and good luck to his career and his success that he had here, but right now, it is moving forward. We have the players that we have here and who is going to be on the sideline that we are lining up with each other. That is our main focus is us and who is going to be here."

On how nice it would be to have a big-time and stable QB moving forward:

"We are going to work with the guys we have now. We can only hope or wish. That's not my decision of who they bring in or who they don't bring in. Whoever is here is going to be here. Whoever is going to be here is going to be here to help us win a championship."

On how much time he spent talking with the Browns about the QB when weighing his options:

"You know how free agency is. You never know what is going to happen at all. They said they have some things planned, and all I can do is sit back and believe and have faith."

On if defensive coordinator Gregg Williams helped recruited him:
"Not that I know of. I haven't seen Gregg or spoken to him since LA. This was the first day I have seen him since I got to Cleveland. I'm pretty sure he probably threw his two cents in about how I was killing his defense every day in practice (laughter)."

OL JC Tretter:**

On starting fresh in Cleveland and appearing to be in line to start at C:

"I am excited about the opportunity. You truly kind of reach your potential when you can play one position and kind of dial in every day at practice and work on your craft. Obviously, I bounced around a bit position to position in Green Bay during my four years, but I think center has always been my best position and the position that I had the most potential. I am excited to have that opportunity to every day at practice take the reps and dial in at the little fundamentals and technique that make a great center. I am looking forward to working at it."

On his past injuries:

"Obviously, I have had my fair share of bumps in the road. The first year, I broke my leg in a fluke fumble recovery drill on the first day of OTAs. The next two times, I was hurt where guys ran into the side of my knee. The way I look at it is both of those times it could have been a heck of a lot worse than it ended up being. I try to look on the bright side that I think if you just insert Player X into my position there, they could be a lot worse off after that. I think I have taken kind of some hard blows and been able to bounce back. I am 100 percent healthy now and feel really good. I am not too worried about kind of fluke things. It is the game of football. It is a physical game and sometimes guys fall into your knees. I am not too worried about that being a reoccurring issue."

On what drew him to Cleveland, given the Browns 1-15 record last season and uncertainty at QB:

"You start from my position, being on the offensive line, you look at the guys they have in that room already with (OL) Joe (Thomas) and (OL) Joel (Bitonio). When you can surround yourself with great players, you have to look at that opportunity. Obviously, you add (OL) Kevin (Zeitler) into that and you have the potential to be a truly great line and really mesh together and build something special. That opportunity to come in and play center and play with the guys that I'll be around and in that room is an opportunity that you can't really pass up."

On playing between Bitonio and Zeitler:

"It will be great. Obviously, when I was in Green Bay, we had (former Packers and Bears G) Josh Sitton and (Packers G) T.J. Lang so it is great surrounding yourself with players at the top of their position. That is what you have here now. Whenever you have guys who are as good as it gets in the league right now, you have the opportunity to really go out there and succeed, and I think everybody really raises their level of play as you increase the talent in the room. I think people will also begin to play better around because they will be playing up to the expectation of other players."

On Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and what the public may not know about him:

"He is a great guy, but I think everybody knows that. I think what people don't understand about him is how smart he is football-wise. The arm talent and the football ability is all there, but how he can dissect a team with his mind, thinking through things and being able to pull scenarios out of his head that he has seen once on film and get everyone on the same page in the huddle and go out and execute is impressive."

On why C is the best position for him and why he enjoys C:

"I enjoy having the responsibility of making all of the calls and getting everybody on the same page. The center's job has to be synced up with the quarterback and making sure that you have the same thought process and can dissect the defense the same way he can and in that way kind of take something off the quarterback's plate where he can know that the protection unit is taken care of and he can focus on the routes and the coverages. I enjoy having that responsibility on my shoulders. As for why I enjoy playing center, it is that and I think it fits my skills. I like getting out and moving. I think at the center position, having an athletic center who can get out in open space and get to the second level truly helps a team succeed."

On if he ever became frustrated with injuries, particularly after a strong start last season:

"Obviously, I have always said that everybody when they get to this level that they want to play. They want to be out there and they want to be playing on Sundays. Obviously, it is tough when you are not able to play and when injuries take you out of it. A lot of that is just kind of staying in the moment and focusing on your rehab and just focusing on getting back. I think you can't look too far into the future when things go poorly. I think that will drive you crazy. When you can just dial into the things that you can control – that is your rehab and your recovery and then when you come back and just focusing on getting back on the field – that is the only thing you can control, and when you try to control things that are out of it, you are just wasting energy."

On if he knows offensive line coach Bob Wylie well and the style of play expected:

"I do not yet. I have spoken with him briefly today. We have kind of been shuttled to a bunch of different meetings, physicals and doctors appointments so I haven't been able to sit down with him for an extended period of time, but I am looking forward to working with him."

On his injuries and being able to appreciate OL Joe Thomas' durability:

"Absolutely. Especially at this position playing offensive line, it is a violent sport and this is probably the most violent area to play: in the offensive line in the trenches. For someone to play that long, that consistently well and stay healthy – by stay healthy, no one is healthy; everyone is dinged up by the end of the season – but to play at that level with whatever is bothering you at that time is truly impressive."

OL Kevin Zeitler:**

On signing with the Browns:

"I am really excited. (Head Coach) Hue (Jackson) is a great coach. I really enjoyed playing for him in Cincinnati. His passion is addicting. I can't wait to see what we can all do here."

On what he knows about the Browns offense:

"The only thing I know is I watched them a couple times on film this past season, and I know they like to run the ball, and they did it pretty well. I am excited to be a part of that."

On the Browns dedicating significant resources to improving the offensive line:

"That actually got me really exciting, seeing all of those building blocks and putting and O line together that will hopefully be together for quite a few years. It is very exciting. Like I said, Hue loves to run the ball. I will be excited to see what we can all do together."

On if he spoke with OL Joe Thomas prior to signing with the Browns:

"Yes. When I found out the Browns were definitely a contender, I reached out to Joe. I asked him about living facilities, coaches and all sorts of things. He got me really, really excited about being a part of Cleveland. He was vouching for me to move to the Westlake neighborhood because he is apparently the unofficial mayor there (laughter). He got excited. I am definitely excited to play with him."

On his style of play:

"I like to think of it like this – I am going to do whatever it is that I have to do to make sure that my job gets done. Pretty much, I am going to get my job done no matter what it takes, and I am not going to waste any of my energy on any extra nonsense."

On moving to a team within the AFC North and if it is difficult joining a team that has not had success recently:

"I don't think the move was that hard. Hue Jackson being here was a great thing. It was a great draw for me since I worked with him before. Also, I love the AFC North. It is a great historically tough division, and it is definitely my type of football. As far as the last thing, like I said, Hue definitely makes me believe, as well as (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown) and the other people I have talked to, that this organization is moving in the right direction. I am very excited to be a part of it."

On his decision process and the ultimate factor that led to joining the Browns:

"My agent kept pretty quiet about this whole process. He was like, 'Hey, let me do my work. This is why I am here.' He kept me updated, and it sounded like a bunch of teams jumped in early. It sounded like the Browns and Saints separated themselves late into the process. When it came down to signing, the Browns definitely wanted me the most. Hue definitely wanted me. They made the best deal, too, which obviously was a factor, but the fact that Hue is here and everything, it just made sense. I know the offense partially already. It was the best fit. It really was. I am excited to get to work."

On if it took convincing to join the Browns, given the team's record:

"No convincing was needed. Sorry [to not beat] around the bush, but Hue is here. It might sound ridiculous, but because Hue is here, I believe."

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