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Kevin Mack spreads First and Ten message at Boys & Girls Clubs breakfast

Former Browns running back Kevin Mack held a Q&A at the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year Recognition Friday morning.

In a pinch, former Browns running back Kevin Mack helped spread the First and Ten message on a ceremonious day at the Boys and Girls Club's 10th annual Youth of the Year & Recognition Breakfast.

Filling in for an under-the-weather Hue Jackson, Mack fielded questions from Rikki Kyle, one of the Cleveland organization's standout teenagers, to open a ceremony that honored a number of the club's standout youths and benefactors.

Ranging from his favorite memories as a player to what he thinks the Browns will do with the No. 2 pick, Mack touched on a number of subjects, but made it clear in multiple answers just how much he values the volunteering spirit that guides the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland and the Browns' First and 10 movement.

Mack implored the youths to drop their X-Box controllers and get involved in their community any way they can. Thousands and thousands have pledged to volunteer 10 or more hours, and Mack may have inspired a few more by the end of his 20 minutes with Rikki.

"Hopefully you guys will sign up, too," said Mack, who now holds the role of Browns alumni relations manager.

Mack, who admitted he didn't have the kind of resources Boys and Girls Clubs programs provides as he grew up in the small town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, also touched on the importance of education and how he believes it will always take a youth farther than sports can. When the two come together, though, they can play off each other and become a dual, guiding force for children as they blossom into adults.

Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam have made education and youth football a priority as the team's reach within the Cleveland community continues to spread and strengthen.

"What they're trying to do is improve education and hope people get a better education in the long run," Mack said. "It's going to affect the whole community if kids grow up smarter and healthier and be exposed to a lot of things they normally wouldn't be."

The Browns are dedicated to #give10 through the team's First and Ten initiative. Launched in June 2014, the Cleveland Browns First and Ten campaign is the team's community program, established to inspire fans to volunteer in and help their communities throughout the world by volunteering for 10 hours each year. Through First and Ten, the Browns are the only NFL club to promote a long-term volunteering program that unifies the team and its entire fan base, with the goal of impacting every individual's city across the globe, as well as the franchise's local community. For more information, visit

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