Kirtland Wins in Final Second Interception

Both the Kirtland Hornets and Cuyahoga Heights Redskins entered the game undefeated. 

The game started off quick as Kirtland's #4 Joey Torok scored on a 4-yard rush. Cuyahoga heights quickly answered as #7 Lucas D'Orazio took it 40 yards to the house to tie the game at 7. Late in the first quarter Kirtland's #2 Jake Neibecker gave the Hornets the lead to end the first. 

In the second quarter, Cuyahoga Heights was able to answer back and take the lead thanks to a beautiful pass and catch from #13 Ryan Polk to #2 Dylan Drummond. Kirtland then answered with a late field goal to head into the half leading 16-14. 

At half time both bands put on a great show and were able to keep the crowd energized in the chilly weather.

To start the 3rd quarter the Hornets were able to take their opening drive to the house thanks to #4 Torok who rushed for 55 yards. The Redskins were quick to answer and were able to com close thanks to #13 Polk connecting with #5 Tyler Hughes on the wheel route. The Skins attempted to tie the game by going for 2 but failed at the attempt. 

For the remainder of the game Kirtland was able to have their high power offense keep the chains going and netted two touchdowns from both Tolok and Neibecker.

In the final two minutes of the game, both Kirtland and Cuyahoga Heights showed off their athleticism. The Redskins quickly came within a touchdown of the Hornets but unfortunately lost their chance at over time due to a final second interception.

Kirtland stormed off the field with the victory.

Of course no Friday night is complete with out some great volunteers. Alice and Brian both were spending their Friday nights giving back. Alice is in her 30th year volunteering at the snack stand. 

Brian is with the Cuyahoga Heights Fire Department and was selling pink fire department shirts where all proceeds go back to the Susan G Komen organization.

Congratulations to both Kirtland and Cuyahoga Heights for a tremendous game.

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