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Mike Pettine conference call - 12/1

Opening statement:

"The feeling of frustration and disappointment is still very much with us today. You try to look at the positives – how hard our guys played, the fight that we showed and that we fell down and were able to fight all the way back and had a chance to win the game at the end. We hadn't been able to do that in the last couple weeks. Nothing is going to make you feel good about it until to you come out with more points than your opponent, and we haven't been able to do that for a while. We have put a lot of work in and haven't had a chance to enjoy a pay day and that is an obvious source of frustration.

"A quick week coming off of Monday night. We have to turn the page quick. Players are back in tomorrow for a normal prep sequence for Cincinnati. The only positive there is that it is our second time playing them – you already have a good sense of who they are and what they are about.

"On the injury front, worst possible scenario for (QB) Josh (McCown). He will miss the remainder of the season with a fracture to his collar bone. It was not displaced so he does not need to have surgery, but it will take more than the rest of the season to get it healed up. That is very unfortunate. Josh means a lot to this team, whether it was in the locker room, practice field or gameday. Just the positive energy that he exuded, the leadership, I just cannot say enough positive things about Josh McCown and what he has done for this football team and what he means to this football team.

"Another injury note, (DB) Justin Gilbert is in the concussion protocol. That is really all that we had coming out of last night of any consequence.

"As far as the quarterback situation is concerned, I am not ready to announce that. I have a series of meetings scheduled. We are going to discuss it more and determine our best course of action moving forward. We are going to take everything into consideration and then make a decision for this week that is best for the team."

On if last night was 'punishment enough' for QB Johnny Manziel:

"Like I said, the quarterback situation, I gather the opinions of others. I certainly have my own that I will keep private at this point, but that all is going to be part of the discussion we are going to have later today."

On how often the Browns practice for a blocked field goal and the biggest breakdown on that play:

"Looking at the replay, they got some good push on our left side and were able to get some penetration there and got a hand up. The kick was a little bit low. They were able to get a hand on it. That is the hard thing about field goal, talking about the block part of it, is you want to have big guys out there to protect, but then the downside of it is in the rare occurrence where you get one blocked, you don't have small guys that can run to go make the play. You are always thinking protection first. That was a frustrating part that we weren't firm enough on the left side and they made a play."

On the Browns potentially signing another QB:

"That is on the table for discussion."

On reports that the Browns will sign WR Terrelle Pryor:

"Nothing is official. Nothing is official so I don't want to speak on that yet, but I am obviously aware that that report is out there."

On why the Browns didn't call a timeout earlier in the series prior to the final FG attempt:

"(QB) Austin (Davis) on the scramble, I thought, did a nice job, but he didn't finish it the way that he wanted to and the way that he should have. I thought he could have gotten a couple more yards and gotten out of bounds. We had some issues with the communication part of it where I was tempted to call it, but some time had already run off and we were getting ready to run a play and then we didn't get it off, didn't get it off. We needed to be much more efficient there. That is obviously the domino effect from that. We could have gotten another play or two and advanced the ball closer and the kick wouldn't have been as low. It was a series that just led to the consequence of the field goal being blocked."

On it appearing like QB Austin Davis signaled for a two-point conversion following the final TD:

"We had discussed potentially going for two at the end of that drive. If we had scored and it was under 30 seconds left and not a chance to get another possession, then our mindset there was we felt we had two two-point plays that we had worked all week that we felt really good about based on the projected look we thought we might get. That was the mindset but because we scored and had our timeouts and had a chance to get the ball back again, then we obviously went with the decision to kick it."

On if having a potential game-winning FG blocked and returned for a TD is one of the toughest losses he has experienced:

"Yeah, that's safe to say. You're poised for thrill of victory and then you're tasting agony and defeat, all within a span of 10-15 seconds. I can't imagine too many game-ending scenarios that would make you feel worse at the end than that."

On if little details during the last stretch could have made the difference in the outcome:

"Absolutely would have made the difference. That's why these types of games stick with you for a long time, a lot of 'what if's.'"

On clarifying his comments yesterday about needing to watch the film before considering returning Manziel to No. 2 QB as it relates to his previous answer on if yesterday's game was 'punishment enough' for Manziel:

"I'll clarify that: a decision on discipline would have nothing to do with anything that occurred on a game field."

On if Manziel 'gained any drops of trust' last week:

"Again, I don't want to head down this slope so I'm going to reserve the talk for the quarterback stuff until tomorrow."

On if the Ravens were offside on the blocked FG:

"From the coaches' copy, there's no indication of that."

On calling a running play before the blocked FG:

"We're fringe field goal right there. The risk of throwing the ball there is if you get sacked, then essentially you're out of it. You're at the far end of the range so we wanted to make sure that the play ended up a positive one. Unfortunately, we didn't execute it well enough to gain anything substantial."

On if DB Pierre Desir was a healthy scratch yesterday:

"He was a healthy scratch. We felt OK given where (DB Charles) Gaines and (DB Justin) Gilbert were. Then we also, as we played in the game, we had trained (DB) K'Waun (Williams) to play some outside. We felt good about our corner depth and kind of running through it with special teams where we were. It was a situation where that was the decision we made."

On if the starting QB decision is his to make:


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