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Mike Pettine press conference - 10/2

On if the Browns need to add a third RB, if RB Shaun Draughn isn't able to play:

"We have cross-trained (FB) Malcom (Johnson). Couple other things for a personnel standpoint that we can get by. The tight ends have been crossed trained in the protections. That was primarily one of Shaun's responsibilities. I think the biggest impact would be on special teams. Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) has been able to prepare all week. We are hopeful that he can go, but we will have to see how it plays out, especially after a long flight."

On who will return kickoffs if Draughn is inactive:

"Reasonable chance (DB Justin) Gilbert will do it. We have a couple other guys that have practiced it."

On if he expects WR Dwayne Bowe to be active:

"We do."

On missing two starting linebackers affects the defense:

"It will have some effect. Some of it is a trickle down to special teams. Tank Carder is a guy that if he gets out there we are confident he will be productive. He has shown no reason to think otherwise. He is one of the better – makes a lot of plays on scout team. I know he drives our offensive guys crazy because he makes a lot of plays then. He had a good spring for us, good training camp and Tank is a guy I feel like could play for a lot of teams and play a lot of quality reps at linebacker for a lot of teams in this league. We do feel good about our depth there."

On how big of a loss DL Desmond Bryant is:

"I wouldn't say it is significant, but it is a loss. It is a good opportunity for (DL) Xavier (Cooper), who did some good things in his first game. Anytime you lose a guy of Des' quality the rest of the room feels that responsibility and has to step up."

On if he saw a difference from Bowe this week:

"Yeah. We all saw it. He had a good day. I just think he is feeling more comfortable where he is physically and more comfortable in what we are doing offensively."

On if Gilbert may play on defense this week:

"We could. We could, sure."

On if the defensive front can take advantage of the Chargers' injury riddled offensive line:

"I'll give the same answer. I am not going to put too much into that. They will be NFL lineman out there. I know the quality of their coaching staff and the plan they will put together. Anytime you go through a situation like that, if indeed that is the case, you tweak what you are doing to protect what would be a perceived weakness. I am not going to put too much stock into it. Our guys have to go out there and we talk about winning our one-on-one matchups. We are not going to take anyone lightly."

On how the Browns responded after challenging them following the Oakland game:

"We have had a good week. It is hard to tell all the way across the board, but I think in key spots it has certainly shown up. You just kind hear how the guys talk and how the week goes. I would be surprised if we don't go out there and play well. I think we had a good week of practice. We are focused. We scaled some things back so we are fresh and we feel like we are prepared."

On comparing this week to the Titans week after he challenged the team after the season opener:

"To me, it also goes back to we don't want to be the team that doesn't play well and we bounce back and just kind of have that yo-yo type of week. We have to snap out of that and get to the point – we have set high standards and we have to play to that every week."

On two things that jump out to him about Chargers QB Phillip Rivers:

"Competitiveness, and I always talk about quarterbacks in terms of their brain as a microprocessor. How fast is he processing? He is one of the best as far as recognizing a subtle change in a defense, the leverage of a defensive back, a certain front that we are in and what coverage does that mean, his ability to change plays and then he is just very decisive. When he sees what he thinks he sees he will get the ball out quick."

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