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Mike Pettine press conference - 10/30

On how QB Josh McCown looked in practice today:

"Took less than his full share. It's still truly day-to-day. We'll see where he is tomorrow. Quarterbacks typically do some light throwing on Saturdays. The passing time is helpful with him, but it'll still likely go right up to the game."

On if McCown threw with more velocity today:

"I don't know if it was noticeable, but he's on a tight protocol with the trainers as far as the number of throws he's getting. Like I said, we'll see in the next 48 hours."

On if it is difficult as a coach to have the starting QB questionable this late in the week:

"We're always dealing in circumstances like that, and that's just stuff that you have to learn to operate, deal with things like that. It was good that (QB) Johnny (Manziel) got the full rack on Wednesday and some plays yesterday and today so we'll see."

On how Manziel has kept his focus on possibly starting this Sunday:

"I have not seen any noticeable difference in this week than any other week."

On if McCown needs to show him anything to prove he is ready to play:

"No, I think there's enough of a trust there that if he says he can't, then he can't. If he says, 'Hey, I can go'. If the game starts out and it's just something that he feels he can't perform his job, then that's why we have Johnny's prepared, ready to go."

On if WR Andrew Hawkins being listed as out and WR Dwayne Bowe's status for Sunday:

"We have the meeting today so we'll go ahead and finalize the 46 (active players) today."

On if this is a week when the Browns could use or be prepared to use both McCown and Manziel:

"We're prepared to do so."

On TE E.J. Bibbs potentially being active and considering special teams:

"Like I said, we always start with what are the position minimums for us to be able to function from gameplan standpoint. Then, we build it backwards from teams. Sometimes, it's not a function of how a guy is playing or practicing, but it comes down to Player A is a better special teamer than Player B and will likely get quality special teams reps in the game and that's how we do it."

On an update on DB Charles Gaines:

"He's done a real nice job. It was tough for him. It's tough for those guys, whether it's (TE Randall) Telfer, whether it's (DB) Ifo (Ekpre-Olomu), whether its Gaines, to kind of be here but not be here. It's always hard to have conversations with those guys because they're not involved with it. Even though they're around, I'm sure it's a lonely feeling. He's done an outstanding job of getting with (head athletic trainer) Joe Sheehan and his crew, (strength and conditioning coach) Paul Ricci and his crew. He's dropped a significant amount of weight and has really changed his body in that period of time so we're very pleased with where he is coming into this time, and it's showing up on the practice field, as well."

On if Gaines will be able to play next week:

"I've not given much thought to next week just yet. We'll deal with those circumstances as they come."

On how the Browns have reacted to this week and if it's a critical point in the season:

"Had a good week. We'll see how it plays out on Sunday. We've battled in our games. You don't see our guys quitting, and that's a positive sign, but still we're looking for the result to win. That's what this business – as I've said all along – it's a bottom line business. You're either passing or you're failing. This is a big juncture for us. We're focused on Arizona but also know what immediately sits on the other side, essentially two games in five days."

On if you can see positives when the team isn't winning by facing adversity:

"Internally, I think you can see positives, but nobody on the outside wants to see 'Hey, we lost but these are the positives that we're taking from it.' We all know what we're getting paid for and that's to win football games."

On how Bowe has been in practice:

"The longer he's gotten away from the injury, the better he's gotten. That's why we're confident if his number's called that he'll be productive."

On if there is a connection between performance in practice and inactive status:

"I said this before and it references what I just mentioned a couple minutes ago is that the first four guys – the position minimum at wide receiver is four – those guys came out of training camp playing very well, playing at a high level. Had a lot of production coming from that room. Then, you start to talk about you have (WR) Marlon Moore as your fifth wide out, that's more similar to (DB Johnson) Bademosi that's more special teams first, wide receiver second. For Dwayne, the weeks he's been inactive, it's been because of the numbers games."

On if Manziel has his teammates' respect and trust:

"From what I've read of teammates that have commented on him, I think that answer is a yes. You'd have to ask the guys specifically, but from just observing how they are with him and how they interact, I could say yes, but again, I truly don't know that answer."

On if LB Armonty Bryant is getting better on the edge:

"He is. I think he's still doing a good job rushing the passer. He's been close and he caused some production. In some games, he's gotten some, but we're pleased with where he is from a pass rush standpoint. He's rushing a lot more outside this year than inside. The run game stuff, especially on early downs, is new for him. We didn't think the role would be that big, but it happened to be that way because of (LB Scott) Solomon's injury. He comes out here. He works hard. When he does have issues, he knows what they are and he works to improve it."

On if McCown fighting to get back to 100 percent is surprising, given how beat up he appeared Sunday postgame:

"No, it doesn't surprise because if you've been around him, I don't think you question his toughness. It's almost the other direction. We've talked about how do you scale back a guy's recklessness – how do you scale back his competitiveness? I think that just comes with the territory when you're dealing with somebody that's wired the way that he is."

On if the NFL has provided an update on the Manziel investigation:

"I have not. "

On if he has been given any notice on when to expect an update:

"I have not on that front either."

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