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Mike Pettine press conference - 10/9

On how comfortable the Browns are with DB Jordan Poyer at safety:

"He's gotten a lot of reps with Gip (DB Tashaun Gipson) not being here in the offseason. I thought that was helpful and times when we rest Whit (DB Donte Whitner) so he's gotten a lot of work with the ones. He prides himself on his preparation. When he's focused, dialed in, he does a good job for us. I'm expecting him in the role that we have for him to play well."

On DB Joe Haden's status:

"I'm going to talk to Joe tomorrow and just see how he wants to handle it. He's a week away from it so I don't know if we'll need to go all the way to Sunday. We might have a better idea tomorrow based on how he handled it today. I know a couple balls came his way today, and he handled them so we'll see what the result, how he feels."

On if pain may have decreased with Haden's injury over the week, which could change his status:

"Yeah, I would say that's accurate – the healing process, getting maybe more comfortable with what he's wearing on it."

On if there are enough carries to split between RBs Isaiah Crowell, Duke Johnson Jr. and Robert Turbin:

"Robert, I don't think he would walk in the first week that he's up and we would give him a full workload. That was a significant ankle injury that he had. That could be a potential question down the road when we feel he's 100 percent and he's immersed in the offense and he knows it. I've always seen that as a good problem to have. The way backs are in this league and how hard they run and how hard they get hit, you have to be able to roll guys in and out. I just like it, moving forward, to have a thicker guy in Robert that can maybe be more of a goal line, short-yardage back along with Crow. Not to say that Duke doesn't do a good job but just from a physics standpoint. We're looking forward to getting Robert out there."

On how Turbin looked this week:

"He's looked good. Most of his reps were on the scout team. Did take some reps with the offense but most of his reps were on the scout team. You could see there was some rust there, self-admitted. He said he was a little surprised how sore he was – I guess it would have been Thursday morning – but it was natural. What we saw from him on tape in Seattle and why we wanted to bring him here is very evident on the field."

On if DB Tramon Williams is living up to expectations in terms of his versatility:

"Yeah, absolutely, a guy that can kick inside and play nickel, it's very difficult for somebody that has lived that outside corner world for a long time. It's very different. It's like going from playing tackle to guard or tackle to center. He's handled it well. Just what he brings with his – I've said this before – his professionalism, his mentorship for some of the younger guys that he's been tremendous for us."

On if DB Justin Gilbert's success as a kick returner could energize him:

"We hope so. It looks to. He's had a good week of practice, got a good look about him. I think he might end up being a little frustrated on Sunday. I think 20 out of 22 [Baltimore] kickoffs have been touchbacks. We're also hoping that there aren't that many kickoffs to hope that they are return balls. We're happy for him that he's put the work in and he's practiced well. He did get results on the field, and we're hoping that'll energize him when the time comes for him to play corner for us that he'll be just as effective."

On DL Danny Shelton's limited snaps last week and his comments about wanting to be a different player on tape:

"For what he is for us, he is more of a base defense defender. The way that game was and with the up-tempo, could he have been out there more? Yeah, but that's a tough game for that type of player. We've gone through that in Baltimore way back when we had (Lions DL) Haloti (Ngata) and (former DL) Kelly Gregg in New York with (Chiefs DL) Mike DeVito and (FA DL) Sione Po'uha, there's bigger guys being out there in those nickel groupings. We don't get caught up in the 'Yeah, he was our 12th pick' but we're not going to overplay him just because of that. We want him to just keep getting better. He's doing a nice job for us, especially when he's single blocked. When he gets doubled, he has a tendency sometimes to get his pads up. He knows that he needs to anchor in a little bit better. He's shown improvement there, and I think he's quickly becoming just the anchor in the middle. That's why we brought him here."

On what LB Scott Solomon brings to the defense, if he's able to play:

"What he brings, I think, is something that's been missing. We were looking forward to, all offseason, having him as one of our edges, especially on early downs. We'll see how much he can go. We'll have a better sense after today. He got a decent workload today and see how he feels in the morning. That's something that we had been missing – his energy, his intensity. We talk about a guy playing like his hair is on fire, that's Scott. He's always brought a spark when he's been out there, and that's why we're looking forward to getting him back."

On what kind of boost DL Desmond Bryant can bring to the front seven:

"Just to have that guy that's been a quality starter for us back out there would be a tremendous thing in a week that we need it. I've stressed it from the beginning that this is as big of a challenge our front seven will all year. I think we know the gameplan that they're going to come out and run the football. Just that atmosphere, that mentality, I've been there I've been a part of it. They're going to be in all black and the crowds going to be rolling and they're going to want to pound the football, and that's their mentality. To have Des out there I think will be an important part of us trying to defend them."

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