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Mike Pettine press conference - 11/10

On an update on QB Josh McCown's status:

"Improving. I think this period of time helped but I would still consider him day-to-day. He's going to work out a little bit this afternoon with (head athletic trainer) Joe Sheehan. We'll see how he responds to that. I think day to day is the safest way, most accurate way to list it."

On knowing if McCown will play this Sunday:

"We're planning otherwise. Hopefully, we'll know soon. That's not a decision, especially with the quarterback, that you want to wait until the end of the week so we'll see."

On if McCown will be the starter, if healthy:

"I want to wait to hear that he's healthy in order to make it, but if he's ready to go and able to execute the gameplan and not have to change the way you call a game to protect a guy, then yeah, he will be."

On waiving RB Robert Turbin:

"That was a tough call because I think Robert has proven he's a NFL-caliber back, did some good things for us. I think it essentially came to the numbers. It's hard to justify carrying four backs. (RB) Glenn Winston is a player that we've had around here for a while. Unfortunately, had the injury, but we're very anxious to see where he is. He's done a good job when he's been out there. That was the move we had to make in order to get him up. With Glenn elevated to the 53 in that role of the third back, I think it's time to get a peek and see what's there. He's shown a lot on the practice field, a lot, but we have to see if he can carry over to the game."

On if the Browns' two open roster spots are to activate DB Charles Gaines and RB Glenn Winston:

"I'm not sure if we've put all the moves through. I know there was a series of them, but yeah, Gaines will be up; Winston will be up."

On the decision to stay with McCown over QB Johnny Manziel and long-term effects:

"That decision has not been made. I'd rather answer that question when that happens. We've said all along that Josh McCown started the season as our No. 1 quarterback, and he's been out due to injury and potentially coming back. I get the call for 'Hey, why not?' but we're tasked as coaches to put the roster out there that's going to give us the best opportunity to win. I understand that as the year goes on those circumstances can change, but we'll see. We'll get the information as it comes out with Josh and react to it accordingly."

On if there are organizational discussions about the decision, given Manziel was a first-round QB and the need to evaluate his ability:

"I don't think it's just with the quarterback. You talk about that with a lot of your young players. The way this season has gone – you just look at the circumstances that we've gone through, primarily with injuries – the vast majority of our young players have gotten an opportunity to play. Whether it's guys that are playing anyway, you don't have to worry about seeing (LB) Nate Orchard or (DL) Danny Shelton, (DL) Xavier Cooper. They're part of the regular rotation. With (OL) Joel Bitonio potentially being down for a while, (OL) Cam Erving will step in at a left guard spot. We'll get a good look at Cam. That's a positive. Been wanting to get him out there. He's performed well in practice. He's been into it. Getting Gaines out there will give us an opportunity. Winston is another guy I already talked about. (DB Ibraheim) Campbell got a chance to play because of our injuries on the backend. It's something that you have to walk that fine line between forcing it – 'Hey, listen, we're just going to wholesale play these players.' It's a disservice to the other guys in the room. We're tasked with winning football games. At the point, essentially just past the midway point, I understand that talk is there, especially at the quarterback position, but from a coaching standpoint, the thinking is a little different.

On if Manziel has a future as an efficient QB in the pocket:

"He's gotten better at that. He has. He's improved. I think there were some instances the other night that that didn't happen. There were some examples, not just in the Cincinnati game but going back to Tennessee and in practice and the Jets game where he's proven that he can. We knew it would take some time for him to be able to adapt. He's getting better. To me, he's headed in the right direction. As I've said before that NFL quarterbacks, you have to – throws that are there early in the pocket on the first read you have to take, and then if the play breaks down after that guys, that can create and get out, that's when that skill kicks in, but it can't be the opposite where I'm looking to get out no matter what."

On the biggest takeaway from the Browns time to decompress:

"It is about how we are handling adversity. I think when you look back – I don't like to get into the blame game of why we are where we are – you look at the expectations from some of our position groups from the beginning of the year, some guys are playing well, and in other areas, we are not playing good enough and we are not coaching good enough. It was good to be able to sit with the coordinators and get their assessment of where as a staff, where we are from a unit standpoint, where we are from an individual player standpoint and to get with each of those guys and hash through what improvements need to be made. Where can we steer things a little bit different? What we are not going to do is wholesale changes and hit the panic button. We believe in what we are doing. We believe in the system that we run. Some things certainly have to be done better, but at the same time, we are not panicking in that we need to make radical changes. I know some things didn't go our way, but there are a bunch of games you could point to how close we were. That is the NFL. It is a bottom-line league as I have said all along. We are still confident in what we do. We just have to get the results on the field. That is the tough part of it. When things aren't going well, I told the team today, there are three potential things: you can let it define you, you can let it tear you apart or you can use it to get stronger, and that is the route we are going to choose. At times like this, that is when you find out who we are. I have talked about adversity before. You find out who we are and who is mentally tough, who is physically tough, who can push through and those are the guys you want with you moving forward."

On if the Browns made attempts to improve at WR, given recent roster moves:

"From a roster standpoint? No, we need to get healthy. We showed early in the year when that group is all out there together that we can be productive, that three-game stretch the that culminated in the production we had against Baltimore. Not having (WR Brian) Hartline, not having (WR Andrew) Hawkins, that hurt. As I have said before, I am not going to get into second guessing our personnel. As coaches, we are tasked with putting the best guys out there who maximize our chance to win and we roll."

On if Hartline and Hawkins have cleared the NFL concussion protocol:

"They practiced today. Yes, they are. Just a note: (DB) Joe Haden and (DB Donte) Whitner are still in the protocol. Hawkins and Hartline have both been cleared."

On if LB Armonty Bryant has an injury:

"No, he was excused today for personal reasons, as was (DB Charles) Gaines."

On OL Joel Bitonio's status:

"Bitonio is out this week. Just a quick note, too: (TE) Randall Telfer, today was his first day of practice back. That starts the three-week window for him. He is essentially the 54th on our roster."

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