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Mike Pettine press conference - 11/13

On the Browns QBs:

"(QB) Josh (McCown) was limited today. (QB) Johnny (Manziel) was taking the majority of the reps. That's how I'll leave it."

On not knowing who will play on Sunday:

"I won't say I don't know, but it's just from an information standpoint, we have our plan built to be either way."

On improving the running game on Sunday:

"To run the ball effectively, you can't just say it's the line or the backs. It has to be all coordinated and coordinated well. It starts with the scheme part of it, but then, there's the technical aspects of it. Then there is the want-to. The backs got to be hitting it, have good vision, breaking tackles. We want to always get more than what it's blocked for. It's going to be important for us as it always is. There are times from a gameplan standpoint if they're taking runs away that we're going to have to go elsewhere. We feel we have a good plan, and hopefully, we can execute it."

On noticing RB Glenn Winston's tough guy persona:

"He does. I know he's going to have a big role for Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) in his first game. From a running back standpoint, we'll likely handle the reps between the first two, and I could see Glenn getting some spot duty if necessary."

On not sharing the staring QB for strategic reasons or if it is a game time decision:

"Yes, the first part."

On if McCown will start if he is active:

"If he's good to go, then he would start. I wouldn't have him inactive. (QB) Austin Davis will be up; it'll just be a question of whether he's the two or the three."

On if Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin is also withholding QB information for the strategic reasons:

"Did you have a conference call with him earlier in the week (laughter). Did you ask him?'

On if the Browns have to 'waste time' preparing for all three Steelers QBs, given their QB situation:

"I don't know if 'waste' is necessarily the right word. You just have to be aware and have your call sheet highlighted. 'Hey, this is what we'll highlight if it's one the other or the third.' The good thing about this time of year is that you have enough reps built up in a lot of different defenses that you can change gears and game adjust if you have to based on who is in there."

On if it matters if a defensive coordinator knows who the opposing starting QB will be:

"Yeah, it does.

"If you're game planning as to whether or not you need to – let's just say you're going against a guy that could potentially scramble and you're going to have calls up that are or as far as setting your plan and having you're a plan and knowing who it's going to be and being able to review that on a Saturday night. Now, you can force a defense, the mindset to dovetail a little bit – 'Here's Plan A. Here's Plan B' – without saying it's definitely going to be this."

On how long it takes to prepare for the opposing QB on gameday:

"I just think it all depends on how you have it structured. I think every coordinator is different. but you'd like to have that information as soon as possible."

On if he has ever faced QB duo as diverse as McCown and Manziel:

"Nothing just immediately pops into my head. I'm sure I could look it up but nothing immediate."

On being patient with and evaluating young QBs:

"Big part of it, too, is it's tricky with the evaluation process you have to make sure that – and I always say this – what's being done around him? If pockets are breaking down early or you have guys that are making mistakes around him, it's hard to necessarily judge that player, especially harshly against the sins of others. You have to make sure that you have a clear understanding. In a vacuum, did they execute their job? Plus or minus on the grade sheet. I know there are going to be other circumstances that come up. You want to make sure that the guys are and the emphasis is guys playing well around and inexperienced quarterback so you're not putting the entire game on their shoulders."

On if Manziel playing differently than Eagles QB Mark Sanchez as a rookie with the Jets:

"That's too long ago for me to think about that comparison."

On how much McCown's health and functionality has improved since Wednesday:

"He's improved. I can't put an amount on it, but he's steadily improved through the weak."

On how much a strong division record would serve as a building block for the Browns:

"It's important. We talk about from where we're starting from and moving forward that the most direct path is through the division. That's why we focused a lot of our offseason prep on the division and that's why it's such a big emphasis during the week. I had no issues wondering whether our guys were going to be up for this week or not – it's Pittsburgh week – just the same as it was for Baltimore and obviously on the Thursday night game."

On DB Tashaun Gipson missing practice due to illness:

"We're hopeful that it's minor enough. I didn't get a lot of details on it I just know he came in this morning under the weather."

On if he is confident McCown can still execute the gameplan since Manziel took most of the reps this week:

"I would be, and if I wasn't, then he wouldn't be out there."

On if he told the QB's who is starting:


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