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Mike Pettine press conference - 11/24

On an update on Browns players who are still in the concussion protocol:

"(DB Joe) Haden is and (WR Andrew) Hawkins, Gabe (WR Taylor Gabriel). I think (DB Donte) Whitner was already out [of the concussion protocol] last week so that's it."

On the Browns' thoughts on the video of QB Johnny Manziel that surfaced from the bye week:

"Seen it. Still in the process of gathering information. Think we'll try to get all parties involved together this afternoon, and we'll move forward from there."

On if Manziel will start against Baltimore:

"I'm not in a position yet to answer that."

On if he has spoken to Manziel about the video:

"Yeah, we talked about it last night."

On what he means when he says he plans to get all the parties involved together:

"The coaches and the player."

On if he is considering not starting Manziel against Baltimore:

"I'm not going to go into that. Like I said, we're still in the process of getting all of the information available before we would act on anything."

On how disappointing it was to see the video after his talk with Manziel before the bye:

"Disappointing, very."

On being surprised public incidents with Manziel still occur every once in a while:

"I can't stand here and say it's not whatever word we want to use – disappointing, frustrating."

On if he considers the Manziel video embarrassing to the organization, given conversations with Manziel prior to the bye:

"We'll have more information. Like I said, I want to sit down and discuss it before I knee-jerk and go off on a potential tangent with it. Probably be more prepared to speak fully on it tomorrow."

On if he knows whether or not the video is clearly from the bye week:

"I don't. Like I said, we're still trying to get all the information we can get together. Going to meet on it this afternoon."

On if Manziel studied his playbook during the bye week:

"I can't answer that at this time. I know that quarterbacks were in yesterday. Guys are on surface tablets so a lot of work you can do – you get stuff downloaded to it – you can work on a plane, you can work on a beach. A lot of guys took their work with them so at this point, I don't know how much was done."

On if QB Josh McCown is healthy enough to start against Baltimore, if needed:

"Yeah, Josh is cleared. Good to go."

On how much of a factor it is that it isn't desirable representation for the team:

"In general, that's the one thing that you do get frustrated about or the disappointment comes in is you have a vision of what you want the team to look like, how you want them to handle themselves when they're out of the building. We talk a lot about it and not just in team meetings but make sure that get carried over into the position rooms. That gets carried over into offense, defense. That it's not just pure football here, as well – it's truly player development on and off the field. When things like this happen – not just him but just in general when you're on any team and you have incidents like that a guy knows that he represents more than himself and has issues off the field – it is frustrating. We always say to whom much is given much is expected, and that's true for all of our players."

On if he has spoken to General Manager Ray Farmer or Owner Jimmy Haslam about the Manziel video:

"I have."

On if Farmer and Haslam are leaving any decisions fully in his hands:

"It was just more initial discussing. Moving forward, they'll certainly be looped in. That'll occur later today."

On if it is time to get Manziel professional help, even if the video is older than this past weekend:

"I'm not prepared to answer that at this time. I don't know enough details about the video and the timing. Like I said, I'll have a lot more on this more than likely tomorrow."

On Manziel seeming to be actively involved and aware of the video camera:

"That's all a part of the frustration, the disappointment. It's a little easier to handle when it's just a one-time occurrence, but then the behavior repeats, not just him but with anybody, it's certainly a cause for concern."

On if naming Manziel the starter right before the bye week adds to his frustration about the video:

"No, the conversations that we had and I'm not going to go into details of it, like I said, it just adds to it. Like I said, we're still gathering all of the information about it so I don't want to continue or keep going down this path. Like I said, I'll have a lot more on it tomorrow."

On if Manziel expressed remorse when talking about the video:

"I'm going to address it tomorrow. Enough."

On OL Joel Bitonio's status:

"The bye was good for Joel. He got a lot of good treatment in. I would think by the end of the week that there is a chance that he would at least get himself to the point where he'd be questionable for the game."

On DL Randy Starks' status:

"Still don't know yet. The bye was good for him, and just all of those guys that were injured, the time is helpful. He's certainly improved. Just whether there's a big enough window between now and Monday to get him back, that remains to be seen."

On if there's anything that makes him optimistic about the rest of the Browns' season:

"There's a lot. There's a lot. I know we don't have it in the win column. We're doing a lot of good things on and off the field. It's encouraging. Unfortunately, as I told the team today, we live in a bottom line, black and white, what have you done lately business, but there is a lot of build on. It's a matter of staying together, believing in our structure. Getting better at what we do. That was the cry to everybody is that as individuals, improve the team improves. That we don't feel that what we do structurally here from how we operate day-to-day to what we're doing schematically to how we… When you lose, you question everything. I think you have to have the mindset of making sure being confident, what are we doing well that we can continue to do and where do we need to get better. That was a big part of our bye week assessment."

On how different the Ravens are without QB Joe Flacco:

"That's a hard question to answer. When have they been without Flacco? I was there when he was a rookie, wasn't even supposed to start. Was the three coming into the season, got thrust into it and has been on quite a run ever since. Yeah, that'll be a strange deal. That's tough for the kid. I know what a competitor he is having been around him, how much he loves football, how important it is to him. That's crushing for him. Then just speaks to his toughness that he was able to finish the game with apparently a torn ACL and MCL."

On the impact that Ravens RB Justin Forsett is also out due to injury:

"Quietly one of the better backs in the league. Very underrated. Real good for what they do schematically. To lose both of those guys is a big blow, but this is the National Football League. They have a quarterback in (Ravens QB Matt) Schaub who's going to step up, a rookie back who's going to step up. I'm sure they're going to come in here Monday night hungry and prepared and ready to go."

On if the decision to play Manziel on Monday is a coaching decision or more:

"That's a game day roster, that's a coaching decision."

On why it is not an organization wide decision since Manziel also represents the organization:

"The decision is being made and it would be echoed to the organization. There would be certainly some feedback there, but as far as the final decision, that's a coaching decision."

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