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Mike Pettine press conference - 11/27

On why QB Johnny Manziel was not released, given reports that he lied to coaches about the video that surfaced from the bye week:

"I addressed the situation in detail on Wednesday. When I say I'm sorry to disappoint (you), I'm not really, but I'm just not going there today. We have a game to get ready for Monday night. Like I said, I dealt with it Wednesday. Moving forward."

On reports that Manziel was not honest about his bye week activities:

"I already addressed it [Wednesday]. I said trust and accountability was where we had a short fall. Like I said, I have nothing more to add."

On if Manziel will be inactive on Monday:

"Haven't done the worksheet yet, but that always comes down to projected health, where we are at other positions. Haven't made that decision yet."

On an update on injured players:

"On the good news front, (OL) Joel Bitonio will work some today in practice. He'll be limited. I don't know if he'll do much beyond individual work, but he's been out of the boot and we'll get a chance to see where he is and hopefully have a pretty good feel at the end of today, maybe a chance to do some team work tomorrow, and we'll see if he can go. The other guys just to expand, no real updates on the other guys, especially the ones that are in the concussion protocol."

On if Bitonio will replace OL Cameron Erving at LG on Monday, if healthy:

"If he's cleared 100 percent, ready to go. Now, if it's a situation where he's functional but maybe not 100 percent, you would maybe consider having him up and available in case you needed him. Those are all decisions we'll just wait and see where he is with it, but that's something that's a decision we'll have to make between now and game time."

On explaining the high number of concussions Browns players have sustained this season:

"Somebody brought that to my attention, I guess going back to – I don't know I'd have to go back and maybe task (head athletic trainer) Joe Sheehan to look at it, each individual case. I don't know if that's individual players or whether that's starts missed. There would have to be some thought, some analysis to that, and I don't know if I'd have a knee-jerk reaction that would provide an answer as to why we would be ranked where we are."

On DB Joe Haden in the concussion protocol:

"I think it's you get to the testing part of it where there's a written test and a computer test. That's right now is the obstacle."

On his confidence in Erving playing Monday, based on his first start as a rookie:

"We all saw there were a handful of glaring mistakes. The encouraging thing is it wasn't for the lack of desire, of want-to. It was a rookie essentially playing in his first game outside of a handful of reps at extra tight end. He's only going to get better the more he plays. If he has to start, we're confident that's why we're in no rush to push Joel back out there. Cam needs to play and this will be a great – this is a good front seven – this will be a good opportunity for him. As I've said 100 times, there's no substitute for actually playing. He was very hard on himself after this game knowing some of the mistakes he made, and hopefully, he falls in that category of 'Hey, I made a mistake. I'm not going to make it again.' What we're most pleased about is he played with an edge, he wanted to finish blocks and I thought his energy and his focus, he was in to it."

On what the Browns did during the bye week to address issues with the run defense:

"Went back looked at – we always go back, it's a weekly thing of building the cutup of the negative runs, why did they happen. You get a chance at the bye to look at it more big picture. There were some small things. There wasn't any one glaring thing. It's a combination of a lot of little things. Sometimes its 10 players getting a plus and one getting a minus and the ball finding that area of the field. There are some things that the staff is moving forward with knowing that these are some technique issues that have repeated that we need to get cleaned up, a couple things schematically that we can do. Definitely some thought was put into it. Can't say there was anything glaring that come out of it but a lot of little details."

On DB Tashaun Gipson's performance this season, given injuries:

"The tough part is kind of the stop-start is getting into the flow. When he's played, he's been solid. I know he hasn't had the big – everybody wants to say 'How's your safety playing? How many interceptions does he have?' When he's been in there, he's been consistent. Couple times, he wants to be a play maker and has been guilty of having bad eyes as all DBs do from time to time that are competitive and want to make plays. No complaints here. He's a good football player."

On QB Josh McCown is excited to return to the starting lineup against Baltimore after injuries and finish the season as the starting QB, as well as his comment that anyone hates to see a player lose their starting position in the manner Manziel did:

"Josh has demonstrated it throughout that he's a competitor. He wants to do anything it takes to help this team win. He's preparing to go out there. He knows it's not going to be similar to the first game that it's not just they're going to sit and give us the exact same coverages and the same opportunities, that we're going to have to work for everything we do. I think that that's where his preparation will come in, and we're confident he'll do a good job for us."

On Haden's testing in the concussion protocol as it relates to his baseline:

"There's a sequence of testing and it's compared to your baseline. I know there's a written part of it. There's a computer part of it that goes back and compares. I know there's different – I'm not exactly sure of the exact protocol. It's a memory test. It's all different pieces of it that once you clear all those, then you simulate contact and then you get cleared by the independent [neurologist]."

On where Haden has stalled in the concussion protocol and if it's occurred multiple times:

"I'm not sure the exact sequence and what's happened but I know that that's where we are with it."

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