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Mike Pettine press conference - 12/18

On if K Travis Coons was kicked today:

"No, we just rested him as a precaution. We think he is going to be OK but just wanted to make sure that we didn't put any undue stress today."

On having another kicker on standby, if Coons is unable to play:

"Yes, we have a backup plan."

On DB Justin Gilbert practicing today:

"He just got cleared by the independent (neurologist) this morning."

On if Gilbert will play Sunday:

"There is a chance, yeah."

On next steps after a player is cleared from the concussion protocol:

"Usually, what we do the first the guy is back – it is more for a conditioning standpoint – we will list him as limited, and then this late in the week, just the way the plan is built, he wasn't going to get a lot of reps anyway. It is good to get him back full now."

On if OL Joe Thomas' knee was OK following a full practice:


On if he has ever seen TE Gary Barnidge's during one of his charitable initiatives:

"No, we talk about movies a lot because every once and while he will wear obscure reference movie t-shirts. I have tried to figure out a few of them. He's is doing something with Star Wars, too. We have talked about that. The [American Football Without Barriers] camp stuff is intriguing. Just trying to figure out schedule wise and probably getting the right shots that you need to go to some of the places that he has been."

On Barnidge having a 'down to earth' type personality, given he said he didn't do anything to celebrate his contract extension:

"He is. There are a lot of guys like that on this roster that are down to earth, humble. Gary is a good example."

On if the Browns worked out kickers to determine a backup:

"Yeah, that is part of the plan. We also have (QB) Austin Davis who is an outstanding kicker. I am serious – outstanding."

On how the Browns discovered Davis could kick:

"He knocks through 45-yarders like they are nothing. He is an outstanding kicker. If something happened in game, Austin would likely kick."

On how long he has known Davis could kick:

"We do a guest kicker during practice. I pick random guys to do it. I made the mistake one day of picking Austin. He banged them through like it was nothing. He's done it before, not at this level, obviously, but he is very good."

On when the team worked out potential replacement kickers:


On if the emergency kicker would be brought on the plane to Seattle:

"Potentially. I have to go in and see (head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan) and see where he is with Travis and how Travis feels. If it is one where there is a definite chance he could wake up and not feel good, then we can go ahead and have that contingency in place. If it is a situation where, 'Hey, we feel good. He is going to try to go,' then likely we would have to have the replacement be on the roster."

On if Coons slipped in practice to cause the injury or if it occurred on a kick:

"I am not sure if there was one kick that aggravated it. Here is a rookie late in the year, he has had his same routine. I don't know if the volume caught up with him or if he did just have one where it affected him."

On if DB Charles Gaines will play at CB again this week:

"Yeah, Gaines will play. He has done some good things. He practices hard. He works at his craft, asks the right questions and he has that gunslinger's mentality. He is a confident guy, and if he gets beat, he comes right back and is not afraid to challenge you again."

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