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Mike Pettine press conference - 12/4

On QB Austin Davis' practice week as the No. 1 QB:

"It was a good week. Spun the ball well. I thought he made good decisions. It won't be for lack of preparation. I think he's excited – I'm not speaking for him but excited about the opportunity. His preparation hasn't changed because that's how he is anyway so we'll see."

On OL Joel Bitonio's practice week, given his ankle:

"Heavy tape job on it. I'd be surprised if you could say, 'Hey, he's 100 percent.' I don't know how many players if you asked them this time of year are 100 percent. He's a tough guy. He'll battle with it."

On how Bitonio has played when healthy, takin into account his comments that Bitonio could make significant progress in his second season:

"Missing time has set him backs one. There have been some plays where he has been dominant and as I always, say there are some ones that he would want to have back. I wouldn't say, 'Hey, listen, he's taken a huge jump,' but from a grading standpoint and consistency standpoint, he's right up there. He's been one of our most consistent guys."

On if the Browns have many adjustments to make for the second Bengals game:

"Some, sure. You always do when you look at it. It's that chess game, too, the second time. How did they play us the first game? What did they do different than what we expected? How did they attack us in all phases? Then, you look at your gameplan – what worked? What didn't work? What did we not call that we liked that the opportunity never came up? You script so many plays for the red zone and you might not be in the red zone that often to get them called or on the goal line. What do you carry over? What do you like on third down? Then you also have to tie that into what's happened in the meantime. It has been a short period of time so it hasn't been much tape to go over from Cincinnati, but all of that gets factored in."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor will be active on Sunday:

"We have always have the active/inactive meeting to circle back on the week and where we are with it. We haven't finalized it, but it's a possibility."

On if the Browns were able to bounce back this week after a tough loss Monday night:

"The one thing about this team is I think it's a resilient group. I think we all had a tough time getting out of bed the next day, but that's life in the NFL. You have to be able to – I use the word 'compartmentalize' in here all the time. This was as big of a test of our ability to do that than any but we always say it doesn't matter what happened the week before, good or bad, whether it was the Baltimore win the first game and the ability to come off of that high and move on to the next one or something as low as the feeling that we all had losing the game the way that we lost it. We rely heavily on our guys' competitiveness, resilience and professionalism. 'Listen, I'm getting paid to do a job and I have to be on to the next one.'"

On hopes for DB Pierre Desir in the next five games:

"Just all our guys, have a good week of preparation, go out and do their job, execute it to the best of their ability. We can't ask for somebody to give more than what we have, and Pierre is a guy, he gives that to us when he's out there. I know he has had some troubles this year, and as a corner, that's hard because when your confidence gets shook a little bit that's hard to come back from. That's something as a young corner that he has to use as a learning experience."

On considering playing QB Duke Johnson Jr. in another position or a special package:

"No. No, none of that. He'll go into this game as the No. 2."

On LB Karlos Dansby approaching 40 career sacks and 20 interceptions and evaluating Dansby's career:

"That's impressive. I don't need a statistic to validate the thoughts on him. That would be a special accomplishment if it's been that rare. It's a tribute to how long he's been able to stay in the league and be healthy and play at a high level. Sacks and interceptions aren't easy things to come by, especially the position that he's played. You're not in a scheme where you're blitzing the linebacker a lot to get a lot of those. He's got good ball skills, has a good feel for the pass game. I just think it's a tribute to a lot of those factors that make Karlos what he is."

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