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Mike Pettine press conference - 9/25

On DB K'Waun Williams concussion:

"We're not sure. He complained of headaches yesterday and we had him evaluated and they went ahead and chose to be cautious and put him in the protocol."

On when the concussion happened:

"Not sure."

On who will be the third corner back for this week's game:

"(DB Pierre) Desir for sure then (DB Johnson) Bademosi has played at corner the lion's share of this week. Trained him last year as a safety so we know he can always bump back there and take reps but we wanted to have him be that half defender where he could give us half a safety, half a corner if need be."

On DB Justin Gilbert:

"Practiced today. Pushed through it so we'll get another evaluation tomorrow and see where we are."

On if this injury is related to his hip injury:

"No, unrelated."

On if DB Jordan Poyer has been used in the corner slot:

"We have, he's trained there as well. We could package some things up if need be."

On if he is concerned about K'Waun Williams injuries:

"It's difficult when you have guys that miss time. I'm not ready to isolate K'Waun and put that label on him but I just think in general terms if guys are missing time. A big part of this league is availability."

On if DL Xavier Cooper will step in if DL Desmond Bryant isn't available:

"Yeah, Coop would be up if Des can't go."

On Cooper's progress:

"Had a good preseason. Has gotten the bulk of the work these past two weeks with Des not practicing. Either limited or out. He's gotten both work against the scout team with the D and then he's also taken some scout team work against the O. If he has to go he'll be ready."

On if he still believes Cooper can have a big impact:

"We do and if he has to go we're looking forward to seeing him. Similar to (LB) Nate (Orchard), sometimes when people see guys inactive they think it's a negative thing and the only negative is depth at position where you have to have seven guys inactive and he's been a victim of the number these first two weeks. We're very pleased with where Coop is and if he does have to go we're looking forward to seeing him play."

On if Gilbert has gotten work at nickel back:

"In certain defenses, he slid inside. He's primarily an outside corner but he has worked inside."

On if the Browns would put Gilbert on the outside:

"We could (laughter). Want me to draw it? (laughter)"

On QB Josh McCown:

"I thought he had a solid week. Didn't notice much of a difference. Had a good day today, a lot of red zone work so there were a lot of tight windows and he was very accurate."

On if teams will be more aggressive about two point conversions:

"Yeah I could see it. It's still- it just comes into what you believe and that's something they've committed themselves to. I know they over practice it. We do a decent amount with it but still feel that the conversion rate is high enough that I think we'll be a situational go for two team. If it ever presents itself during the game where it's either a penalty where it puts it inside the two or the situation calls for it we'll be there as well."

On if the rule change has changed his perspective:

"A little bit. I think when we get into some less than ideal weather games, when that extra point won't be as you're not thinking that it's 90 something percent that potentially could change our thinking."

On DB Tramon Williams:

"Pretty good. He hasn't been talked about much which is usually good news for a corner. There hasn't been any drop off in his play from when he set foot on campus here in the spring. He's steady, you don't see the real high highs or the low lows. He just goes out and does his job and he's very quiet about it."

On DL John Hughes:

"A guy who has all the attributes that we're looking for. He's productive, he's shown that in the first two weeks. John's kind of a no-name guy. John Hughes it's pretty close to John Smith (laughter). Just not a flashy guy at all even from a personality standpoint but he loves to play football and it shows up on Sundays."

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