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Mike Pettine Press Conference -- August 23rd

On the jersey competition at the end of practice:

"It was an end of game – we have walked through the end of game stuff a lot, but that was the first time we wanted to go in pads with it. It was a good lesson on both sides. Not giving up on offense and executing. The spike at the end to get the extra play. Defensively, that is the NFL. You could play well for the vast majority of the game, but you have to finish. That will swing the season one way or another – how we perform in those crunch time situations. We will over-practice them and simulate as many as we can out here."

On QB Johnny Manziel feeling something in his throwing arm:

"Yeah, he started to get a little sore. We will make the decision. (We) might rest him and then he has an off day coming up. I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow if we shut him down. Just depends on how it feels."

On if it the same soreness from a couple weeks ago:


On if there is any concern in regards to Manziel's arm:

"Am I concerned? If the trainer tells me I need to be concerned and it is a long-term thing and not just a usage thing, then I will be concerned."

On if the trainers are saying he should be concerned about Manziel's arm:


On if something injury related happened to OL Alex Mack during practice:

"No, not that I am aware of, and I just got the report from (head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan). There was nothing with Alex on it."

On why LB Nate Orchard didn't practice:

"Personal. He was excused today for personal reasons."

On the formation with DL Danny Shelton and DL Phil Taylor lined up next to one another:

"I am not sure. It might have been the short-yardage period. Usually we will try to – every nose tackle we have up in some of our short yardage stuff we will get them out to make it difficult to run inside and force the ball to the edges. That is pretty standard in short yardage situations. We will get our bigger bodies out there."

On RBs Duke Johnson Jr. and Isaiah Crowell being on the field together at the same time:

"It's tough on a defense when you have both tailbacks out there. You can use Duke as a wide out. It just gives you a little more flexibility from a formation standpoint, which then lends itself to a possible mismatch when you use Duke as a wide out. You can react to what a defense puts out there and call your play accordingly. That is something I am sure we will use."

On what he has seen from DB Ibraheim Campbell and has he taken advantage of his opportunities:

"He has. He has done a real nice job. He was one player I would put into that category where when you see him in shorts he maybe is not that impressive, but when the pads are on and it is live action that he really shows up. He has made some big hits in games and done a real nice job with his physicality overall. He is doing a good job mastering the book. Northwestern guy, so we tell him not to overthink it too many times. He has been very much a professional so far as a rookie."

On if RB Duke Johnson had a 'pitch count' today:

"He was on a count. The last stretch of practice, we didn't use him. On the last play, Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) wanted to use him and I used executive veto power and pulled Duke out of the huddle because he had sat for a little too long. He was right at his number."

On Johnson getting involved in all phases of the offense:

"His legs looked fresh. I am not sure who he beat on the inside post – he looks explosive."

On if it will be an issue in regards to needing another arm to throw at camp, if Manziel cannot throw tomorrow:

"We will tailor the practice around it. If Kevin (quarterbacks coach Kevin O'Connell) has to throw some individual drills then we will do it. We are not anticipating it being a long-term thing because it will be two days' rest, having Tuesday off. I will know a little bit more when I get some feedback from (Head Athletic Trainer) Joe Sheehan."

On if the offensive line has solidified the five starters:

"No, I wouldn't say that that is for sure going to be our – it is looking that way, but I wouldn't say that for sure. We still have a decent amount of football to play with the third preseason game. We will see what happens and how we are going to approach the fourth. I wouldn't say that yet."

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