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Mike Pettine Press Conference - August 26

On QB Duke Johnson Jr.'s status:

"He is experiencing a little bit of soreness. It hasn't bounced all the way back. He didn't throw today. We are going to err on the side of caution. We will probably make a decision later today, meet with (head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan) and the (doctors) and get a feel for what is the next course of action at this point. Do we shut him down for the rest of the week? We will make that decision later today whether to add an extra arm. Those are all things after this I am going to head up and hash through that."

On if Manziel went for an MRI:

"He did. We didn't think there was anything structural. This is something he has been dealing with since high school. We just wanted to confirm that there was nothing structural, and that is the case. The MRI was a positive result."

On if this has been an issue for Manziel and if the soreness goes away with just rest:

"Yes, it does. It hasn't come back as quickly as we had hoped. Just to be cautious, we didn't want to rush him back for a preseason game and then have it be something that is chronic throughout the season. We just felt we should be cautious with it. We will go through all those options this afternoon."

On if Manziel is out for Saturday's game:

"It is looking that way."

On if the Browns have a list of potential QBs they could possibly bring in:

"I am sure we do upstairs. We will go through all those names this afternoon."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor practiced the entire practice session:

"He did. We had him on a count. He got to his number and we shut him down, but it was good to have him out there but along with (DB Pierre) Desir, (DB Joe) Haden, (DB Tashaun) Gipson; (FB) Malcom (Johnson) was out of the red jersey, and getting (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) back for another full workload. It was encouraging to see a lot of those guys, you know (WR) Dwayne Bowe, a lot of those guys back out there."

On if the Browns are hopeful Pryor can play Saturday:

"Hopeful is a good word. We will see how he responded to the work today coming off of the off day's workload today. Wasn't ideal to have guys back and have the field be slick, but there weren't any issues with it. Hopefully we can get him out there tomorrow and if he makes it through tomorrow he should be good to go for Saturday."

On if Manziel's sore elbow is frustrating because he had been progressing throughout camp:

"Yeah, that is a strong word. I just see it as a minor setback. If this was something he had never experienced before or the MRI showed some damage, I would be a lot more concerned. This being something he has dealt with before, and we are confident that shutting him down maybe a little bit longer that it will all come back. Very pleased with where he is. I just see it as a minor setback."

On what are some of the tougher nuances to learn when learning the WR position:

"I just think it is the details of each individual route. How to run them based on – it is one way how they are drawn. What is the leverage of the defender? Are you pressed? Is he off? Is he inside of you? Is he outside of you? What is the coverage behind it? A lot of our routes have variations based on – the route will change subtly based on what the coverage is, and I think it is just learning all those details. The good part about it is, having been a quarterback, he has had to know a lot of it, not physically perform it but at least be aware of it. I think he is at a bit of an advantage. It is not like a defensive back or a running back or other position that is trying to make that conversion."

On what he is looking to see from the defense:

"Just take a step forward. Clean up a lot of the detail stuff, but go out and be us. Passionate. Competitive. Tough. Make plays. Football is about being productive and making plays. We want to go down there and we have game planned some for this one. Typical for the third preseason one. Today was the first day going against scout team cards, which is always a little bit ragged doing it. I think we got some good work done against their basic plays. Hopefully we will see the results on Saturday."

On if the team were to sign a quarterback is there is any way he would be able to play in the game on Saturday:

"No, I doubt it. I would think we would just split the game between (QB) Josh (McCown) and Thad (QB Thaddeus Lewis).

On if the team were to sign a QB would it be more likely for him to see his first playing action against Chicago the following week:


On Lewis as backup QB:

"It's difficult for someone in that position to get the quality reps that you want to get so that is being in a tough spot but Thad's a professional. He's great in the meeting room. I was with him in Buffalo, won some games for us then. I know he's a competitor. He's tough. He'll thrive in pressure situations. We're comfortable with where Thad is and because of – it's an advantage to him – because of (QB) Connor (Shaw) first of all and now Johnny -- he's going to get the chance to get some quality reps. We'll have a good sense where Thad is coming out of these next two weeks, this next week, really."

On an update on Shaw:

"I do not have an update on that yet."

On WR Vince Mayle's performance:

"I think it's typical rookie camp. I think he's had some good days and he's had some days that he would want to trade in but he's getting better. He's conscientious, it's important to him. He spends a lot of time with Joker (wide receivers coach Joker Phillips) and Frank Edgerly, who is our assistant wide receivers coach, working on his craft. Going from his – we knew it was going to be a steep learning curve from him just coming from the system he played in at Washington State to come into a NFL system. West Coast, lot of heavy verbiage, more nuances to their routes. That's difficult for any wide receiver coming from that spread type background to step into immediately."

On if four preseason games are too many:

"It's tough, the ideal number might be three. Then you get into who only gets the single home game. Do you alternate years with it? I think we've made the system work. The injury part is unfortunate but some of those could happen in practice. I think you see the trend going to joint practices more. Some of the coaches made the comment of 'it's much more controlled environment, your quarterbacks not getting hit, you can have a quick whistle.' You can get the work done. If you're not getting enough third down in your preseason game or enough red zone that you can script the whole entire period of it. I see that trend continuing. For it being the first time for us to go through it and me personally first time ever going through it I thought it was a real positive experience. It's something I would want to do again. The preseason, you ask every single coach and they're being untruthful if they don't tell you the No. 1 priority of preseason is to come out of it healthy."

On adding another joint practice and only two preseason games:

"I think it's tough. If you're just talking about we're just going to get starters ready well that's one thing. With the NFL not having a developmental league, as much as people lament that the fourth preseason week, that's some great film for some guys that might not have a chance to make a certain team just because of numbers and all of a sudden they get it on tape. Look at Isaiah Crowell from a year ago, didn't play much during those early games and hampered a little bit by injury then all of a sudden put out a performance in week four that made it impossible for us to try to get him on the practice squad. I think there's a place for it but when you have the injuries that you have you're going to get that outcry."

On if he think Manziel's injury is chronic:

"I don't because he's managed it. I just think he went a little bit too far with it and we just want to- could he play if it he had to? More than likely but why do that in the preseason. If this was the regular season it might be a different story. We just want to be cautious and not have it develop into something that can continue to bother him throughout the year. His reps will go down depending on how we construct the roster. Just the volume of throws that he will get during the season will go down from training camp. It's something where if it's managed properly from a training room standpoint, a strength and conditioning standpoint and he's aware of it and the coaches are aware of it. As long as there's nothing structural we don't see it as anything that is a long-term."

On what he means when he says Manziel went too far:

"I'm not sure whether there was one throw that did it, I doubt it. As Flip (Offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) talked about sometimes when a guy drops the elbow and has that three quarter release its going to put a little more presser on the elbow than it is on the shoulder. I asked him the other day whether he felt he threw more in this year's camp than he did a year ago and he didn't really seem to- he felt it was about the same. But it was something that flared up and we're dealing with it. Like I said, we're going to be cautious and not overly alarmed about it, we just want to handle it smartly."

On what he needs to see from Pryor:

"Go out and do his job. Go in the huddle, hear the play, know how to get lines up, execute it. If he gets the chance to be productive, make a play but we just want to see him function as a wide receiver."

On if there is any conversation about Pryor at QB:


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