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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Broncos

Opening statement:
"On the injury front, (TE Rob) Housler has a hamstring. We will get that evaluated tomorrow. (LB) Tank (Carder) and (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) both have shoulders. We will know more tomorrow, as well.

"Extremely disappointed. To be on the brink of a heck of win and to not be able to finish it, it is a tough deal. Looking at players' faces, you just see the disappointment. We said all week that playing a team like that, they minimalize your margin for error. We just made too many mistakes to come away with a win.

"Defensively, I thought we played better, and it was one of our better efforts. Offensively, we did some good things against a pretty good defense, but we just weren't consistent enough. Getting ourselves behind the sticks allowed them to tee off. We saw the result. It is frustrating, being at home and being that close and to come up short."

On if QB Josh McCown should have taken a sack or thrown the ball away in OT:
"We weren't in field goal range. We had to get to probably close to the 30(-yard line) to attempt it heading in that direction. I think the play that hurt us there was first down. Got behind the sticks, second-and-12 and had to throw it. That is what I was just talking about. We got ourselves behind the sticks, a predictable passing situation and they were able to capitalize."

On attempting a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter:
"You are up four. You are looking at how many possessions are left in the game. They had not scored a touchdown to that point. It was essentially a field goal game. If you only go up five, two field goals beats you. Also if you go up six and then you kick a field goal, you are now up nine, which makes it a two-score game on their part. We discussed it. It was at that fringe time on our notes, whether to do it. Obviously, knowing the end of the movie, now you would have liked to kick it. We felt good about the decision to go for two, but unfortunately, we didn't convert."

On if Broncos QB Peyton Manning got too many opportunities:
"I think it does come down to opportunities. We would have liked to have won that game and found a way to win it in regulation. I think the tough play was the long one [to Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders]. We kept the ball underneath us, and we tackled and we got him to third down. I thought we were doing some decent things on third down. When they hit the long one and put seven up, that was tough."

On McCown's performance:
"Just along with the other guys offensively, inconsistent. It's a pretty good defense, and you can't make mistakes against that D. They're too good. It's one where I know there are some plays that I know he obviously wants back. Can't turn the ball over against a team like that and put Peyton Manning back on the field."

On if the Broncos' pass rush contributed to McCown's interception at the end of regulation:
"I just think that was his competitive side wanting to make a play. Just an error in judgement."

On Friday's reports regarding QB Johnny Manziel:
"I don't want to say anything today. I mean, we're just coming off the heels of a – I've got guys in that locker room that just played their tails off and came up short. We'll have plenty of time during the week to talk about it."

On if the Browns were going for a TD with the last few plays of regulation:
"Absolutely. The throw to (FB) Malcolm (Johnson) was one we thought they did a good job rallying to it. They defended that well. He was open early, and they defended well. We thought we would get them thinking pass and could hit a run on the next down, and then the third down play, they covered it and he scrambled out and ended up having to throw it away."

On going for it on fourth down in the first quarter:
"We were not at the line where Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) felt comfortable just heading that direction, based on warmups. It was one where I didn't want to put him in at that point. We were just in that in between. We thought we had a good fourth-down play, but we didn't convert it."

On the field goal range the Browns would have felt comfortable with in that situation:
"If we had gotten the ball to the 30, we'd have felt comfortable." ​

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