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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Cardinals

Opening statement:
"On the injury front, (DB Joe) Haden and (DB Donte) Whitner both were diagnosed with concussions. (QB) Josh McCown is a little sore, took a shot to the ribs. (LB) Nate Orchard banged his shoulder. We'll know a little bit more tomorrow.

"Frustrating day. I thought we did some good things in the first half, came away with the lead. Hard to explain all that went wrong in the second half. We did some good things defensively with taking the ball away, but they were just put out there too often offensively. Just really couldn't get things going. As I just talked to the guys afterward, we're not going to spend a lot of time feeling sorry for ourselves. We have a quick turnaround, go on the road to play an undefeated team in the division. We're focused on a quick turnaround, get in tomorrow, put this game behind us and then later in the day, come back and be full speed ahead on our Bengals prep."

On the decision to keep QB Josh McCown in the game after signs that McCown was in pain:
"We talked about it. We were going to take him out, and he [said he] could continue. We said if he couldn't go, to go ahead and go down, and he stayed in there."

On if it was McCown's call to stay in the game:
"To me, we put it on our players if they are injured and need to come out of the game that they are to go down on the field."

On believing that McCown was OK or bravely playing through his injury:
"He clearly wasn't 100 percent, but I think he bounced back and ended up throwing a completion or two. We ended up having to punt on that drive. I think we dropped a ball on third-and-long that would have kept the drive going."

On if McCown injured his ribs or shoulder:
"I believe it was the ribs."

On the Browns' status after this afternoon's loss:
"Where are we? We're at the halfway point. We're 2-6. That's what we are. We own that. You can look back and there's a lot of what-ifs, but when the smoke clears from the first half, that's what we are. We've done somethings to build on, but overall, it hasn't been good enough."

On if McCown was in such discomfort that he felt he should take him out:
"He was in discomfort, but I wouldn't say it was anything that looked like it was. You trust it. You trust a guy that's been in the league for a long time that knows his body. Like I said, he responded the next play, scrambled out to his left, threw a nice ball and should have ended up converting a first down."

On if the decision to keep McCown in the game had anything to do with a lack of trust in QB Johnny Manziel:
"No. None."

On what went wrong in the second half:
"I think our lack of ability to run the football caught up to us where we just got to the point where we were too predictable throwing it. I think they sensed we were in a throw-it-only mode. They were winning up front and could afford to commit more guys to coverage. I thought that got us behind the sticks early in the second half. Giving up the deep ball was difficult. Joe (Haden) was in position and it was a great throw and the guy made a play."

On if the Cardinals threw the deep ball more than expected:
"No, that is what they do. That is their offense, and we made some plays down the field, but they made more. That is the nature of their offense. They are going to keep launching it."

On if RB Duke Johnson Jr. was hurt in the second half:
"Not that I know of. He came out after a couple plays. The running backs rotate. If they need a break, they'll come out."

On McCown will be healthy enough to play Thursday:
"We will know more tomorrow when he comes in. We are hopeful that he will be able to play."

On trade rumors surrounding the team:
"This fictitious trading block, to me, you get near the trade deadline and reports start coming out. To me, I am not even going to go there. It seems to happen every year. We are focused 100 percent on this game this morning, and now, we are moving on. I am aware of what is out there, but I have no comment."

On if McCown will be the starting QB on Thursday if he is healthy:
"Yes, I said during the week: if our starter can go, he will be the starter."​

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