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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Chargers

Opening statement:
"On the injury front, (Tashaun) Gipson got rolled up on his ankle; we'll have that imaged tomorrow and get a better idea of the severity. Shaun Draughn's back tightened up; it's an injury he had been dealing with through the week. (Brian) Hartline actually took a shot in the ribs. We x-rayed him and it came back negative. He also had a thigh contusion. That's probably two of the more severe injuries. We'll have more information as the week goes on.

"Just clearly a frustrating finish. The guys that were out there battling at the end and the guys that had to step up and play I'm proud of them. We just made too many mistakes. Penalties. Missed assignments here and there. Just some things that were self-inflicted. You can't do that against a team like this. You can't do that against a quality quarterback like that. Just giving him extra opportunities. It's a loss. We're one and three. We own that. We're going to do what we know best how to do. Bunker in and get ready for Baltimore."

On the Chargers offense:
"They hit us on some crossers. A couple were on us, a couple were good plays by them. They had the right play called against what we were in. We avoided the middle of the field with the pressure, they leaked (Danny) Woodhead out, which was tough because they would combine it with a crossover route, cleared out our one guy, so they got us on that one. They made some good plays and we had some issues with some of the crosser stuff. It's frustrating. The guys that were in there I thought did a good job of adjusting. That's not the easiest passing attack to go up against. Those guys battled until the end."

On cornerback Joe Haden:
"Joe had broken his finger last week and practiced with it during the week in some pain. I just don't think that it ever lessened to the point that he could go. He came out early and tested it and decided that he couldn't go. So we had to adjust."

On injuries:
"That's the NFL. We're in the no excuse business. Guys have to step up and play. It's the next man up mentality and everybody else in those situations has to elevate their play as well. You have depth on the roster and that's what they're there for. When guys are out you've got to step up."

On quarterback Josh McCown:
"I thought he hung in there. There were a couple times early where I thought he took some throws down the field that he didn't need to. He wanted to be aggressive. But I thought he saw the field well and moved in the pocket when he had to. He had a couple plays he made where he took some hits and still made some good throws. Overall I think it was a solid performance by him."

On what to say to cornerback Tramon Williams:
"What do I say to him? I don't say anything to him. He battled and played his tail off for 60 minutes and at the end he tried to make a play. It was just a shade early. I'm not going to say anything to him other than thanks for your effort."

On if he thought it would be easier to get to Rivers with offensive linemen out:
"I think they played to their circumstances. He got it out quick. He did a good job. They would free release the back a few times and a lot of the stuff was the shallow crossers and the stuff underneath. Anytime the quarterback is on that clock where he's going to deliberately get it out sooner and he knows on his own internal clock that he's not going to sit in the pocket, there's no 7 step drop, it's going to be difficult to get to him."

On defenses' performance:
"We need to assess all of those, especially those drives in crunch time, we've given up some two-minute drives, gave up one at the end of the half, and in previous games we've given them up. That's something that we certainly have to evaluate."

On running back Duke Johnson:
"Anytime you have a back that can be a first or second down back between the tackles, and a guy that you can also split out your number one wide out and hit him on a vertical route, that puts a lot of stress on a defense. He certainly will be a big part of our plans moving forward. That's a pretty good glimpse of how we'll be using him."

On challenge:
"From the view that I had, I was as far away from it as anybody. But the guys up top immediately said it looked like his elbow hit, which obviously elbow equals two feet. They were very adamant it was a catch so it was an easy challenge."

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