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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Raiders


Opening statement:**
"Three injuries of note: (DB) Tashaun Gipson, groin, we will get that evaluated in the morning, as well as (DB) Joe's (Haden) ribs; [Haden's] initial X-rays were negative. Evaluate him, as well. (LB) Craig Robertson, ankle injury, we are not sure of the severity of that, as well. We will certainly have more information Wednesday on those.

"Just not good enough. Not good enough in all three phases. Made some unforced errors, especially early in the game. You can't fall behind in the NFL and expect to play well late and then win. You leave yourself zero margin for error, and that is what happened to us. We have to start much better. I told the guys afterward that was a wasted opportunity – great day at home, in front of our crowd begging for something to cheer about, and we had them sitting on their hands for a good part of the game. Unfortunate we prepare and put so much time and you get so few opportunities and we wasted one. The challenge to our guys is to come in tomorrow and make sure that we are learning from it and get dialed in, the same thing coming out of Week 1.

"We have to play better on all phases. That is clear. I told them – I am not saying anything different that I said to the team – our theme for the year is words into action. We need to play better before we talk about potentially how good we can be."

On if the Browns offensive line is as good as it was last year:
"Hard to say at this point. I want to watch the tape with going against some pretty good fronts. We will see. When you fall behind and you get yourself in predictable situations, you could play a lot better when they are 50-50 downs. We obviously evaluate all positions, and none more than the offensive line."

On if WR Travis Benjamin was open on the last offensive play for the Browns:
"He was open early. The play, based on the coverage, we thought we could get a chunk to (TE) Gary (Barnidge) over the ball. I think (QB) Josh (McCown) saw, he knew there would be a potential window in Cover 2. Credit (Raiders S Charles) Woodson, that was a heck of play, but you have to throw that ball a little bit earlier or get it in the middle of the field to Gary."

On if the Browns roughing the punter penalty was a turning point in the game:
"That is right up there. We had good momentum with a stop and then had to go right back out, and they drove the length of the field. The muffed punt was another one, as well. It took some momentum away."

On defensive issues early in the game:
"They (the Raiders) executed. We have our best corner on their best receiver, and they made plays. We had to do some juggling, and I will be curious to see on the tape how it played out. It was a big loss, losing (DB) K'Waun (Williams) late in the week, but still, there were times where they were going good against good and they were making plays, especially early."

On the initial decision to go for it on fourth-and-1 in the first half:
"To me, the closer you get, the more likely I will be to go for it on fourth down with just the understanding that now you have a team backed up if you don't get it. That was one where we felt we had a good play. Unfortunately, had the penalty and were forced to kick the field goal."

On if QB Josh McCown came out rusty:
"I don't know if I would say rusty. I thought he had a good week. He made some big throws in the game and missed some. I was proud of not just him but how we hung in there offensively and got us back to within a score and a chance to tie it at the end. Josh will be the first to tell you there are some throws he made and some he'll want to have back."

On being concerned with the yards allowed:
"Very, very. There were times out there – I didn't mince words with the staff – that we looked like a scout team. Then other drives, we were on point: guys doing their jobs, we made plays, we got off the field. In the NFL, you have to be consistent. You can't have the highs and the lows. You have to play well throughout a game."

On if today's performance was the opposite of 'words into action':
"Yeah, exactly."

On the challenged punt at the end of the fourth quarter:
"It was close. I think whatever had been called on the field would have been difficult to overturn just based on the angle with the guys up top. That was one where we had all three timeouts, plus the two-minute warning. It was worth the 20 yards there if they had overturned it. We felt it was worth the challenge."

On if the Browns have received the 'word into action' message:
"I think based on today, the answer would be no."

On ever thinking to put QB Johnny Manziel in the game during the first half:
"No, none. As I said during the week, you can't put a player in a situation where he feels like he's playing with a short leash; then, it just becomes self-fulfilling. We want our quarterback to play well, we have to play better around him."

On the roughing the kicker penalty:
"Yeah, we ran into the punter. I don't know what else there is- we tried to block it and ran into him."

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