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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Rams


(On Injuries)**
"On the injury front (WR) Andrew Hawkins was evaluated for a concussion.  (TE) Gary Barnidge had to get stitches in his lip at halftime.  He had a tooth knocked out, he should be fine.  (DB) Jordan Poyer has a shoulder, (QB) Josh McCown has a shoulder.  We will know more tomorrow when we get those looked at."

(On the game)
"It is a pretty simple formula to lose a football game.  Turn the ball over three times, it results directly in 17 points.  Commit ten penalties, and a lot of them were self-inflicted.  Not much to say. I know we did some good things defensively for a while but again, you can't give up big plays.  It is the level of consistency, we have to play at a higher level.  Offensively, it never felt like we got into a rhythm.  They did a good job.  They are built to thrive in this atmosphere, the noise gets to you.  It was hard for our guys to hear.  It was an advantage for them for us to have to go on silent count, but those are the circumstances that we have to deal with and we did not do a good enough job with it."

(On the McCown head injury)
"I am not sure, the league has a protocol.  If the officials' on the field feel the need to stop the game and I know they have the ATC spotter up top as the added fail safe this year.  I am not sure what transpired there."

(On being upset about the holding calls)
"I am not going to get into questioning the officials calls.  That is part of the game and you deal with it."

(On what the biggest issue was regarding protection)
"They have a good front, they have depth, and they roll guys through.  They did some good things schematically and this environment makes it difficult.  With that being said, we have to find a way to function in it and we weren't good enough."

(On being concerned if he has lost his starting quarterback)
"Anytime your quarterback is being evaluated for an injury you are always concerned.  Whatever the circumstances are we will deal with them appropriately."

(On the momentum swing after the WR Travis Benjamin catch was wiped out by a penalty)
"It is frustrating anytime you hit big plays and you look back and you've got a flag on the turf.  That is frustrating.  It was the one drive,  I felt like we were in first-and-20, second-and-20, we had a third-and20, we ended up at least flipping the field and getting most of it back, but we need to do a better job.  Some of it was the way they rushed the passer. They drew some holds, they did a good job but some of the stuff we did was self-inflicted."

(On if McCown is out and QB Johnny Manziel has to start)
"If those are the circumstances, we have been through this before.  If those are the circumstances we will deal with them."

(On if Manziel would be the starting QB)
"Yes it would be Johnny, he is our number two."

(On how the team played against Rams RB Todd Gurley)
"Hot and Cold.  That is easy to say except for the 40-yarder, but that is what he does.  The two big games that he has had, he had four or five chunk runs that accumulated for about half of the yards he had.  I felt at times we did a good job and other times we didn't.  You can tell he is a back and he can make you miss, jump over you.  He is patient and he knows when to slow down and he is good with his change of pace.  We battled for a while, but unfortunately we weren't good enough."

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