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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Ravens

(on the injury front) "Joe Haden suffered a concussion. He got flipped when he was up in the air. Scott Solomon suffered a knee injury. We aren't sure of the severity of it, but it could be some time. Also, Josh McCown was a little gimpy on the ankle at the end. I'm sure it's feeling good now, but once the adrenaline goes away, we'll evaluate it and see where we are with it."

(opening statement) "I talked to the guys, sometimes you get wins that define things for you, that become a turning point, and we're hoping that was this for us. We did a lot of bad things, but we found a way. That's what this league is all about. To me, the resolve of the men on the sideline, each side looking at each other. We know we didn't play well, but we made just enough plays. We had a great stop in overtime. And I can't speak enough about the guys on offense, how they just kept going out. They were down 14-3, and they were just unfazed by it. That was truly a team win, hopefully, a team-building win. That one was sorely needed and will be much enjoyed."

(on throwing the ball as much as they did) "The plan going in, and I made a comment during the week, is that we may have to throw 50 times in this game, because as stout as they are up front, we knew it would be tough sledding running the football. I knew it would be one of those games, so I thought we would put it in [Josh McCown's] hands and let him throw the ball. We were confident in our pass concepts and the match ups that we could go to. We were in position to make plays, but you have to execute. We protected Josh [McCown] fairly well. He made some huge throws, and we made plays on the receiving end."

(on the Gary Barnidge touchdown catch) "I told him on the sideline that 'if that's not the number one play of the week, then there's something wrong.' I thought he couldn't top the catch from last week. I guess it's just another day at the office for 'big play Barnidge' as we like to call him."

(on the mentality it takes to get a big road win) "We certainly hope it's a huge wave of momentum for us. To me, we talk about mental toughness and character, and those are great words, easy to say, but tough to do. Defensively, we were going up and down the field, and there was no grumbling on the sideline. Guys weren't turning on each other. For the offense, it was just 'hey, more tv time for us, more opportunities.' From the mental toughness standpoint, I always talk about what it takes to win an NFL game.

(on the penalty along the sideline) "It was tough for me to see from where I was. I thought he was just trying to jar the ball loose. Until I get a better chance to see it on the coach's copy, I know it was a bang-bang play. And any time there's a play on the sideline and it's a questionable call, they just have to make a call, and so be it."

(on coming back from that call) "I thought our guys did a great job with that. We were on the short end, or have been on the short end, of a lot of those. And today, we found a way to make more plays than they did at the end."

(on why he didn't call a time out when Baltimore had the ball late) "We talked about it, but the thing is there, if you get a defensive penalty, then you've done a favor for them by stopping the clock. We had conceded the field goal, I wanted to see where they were. And then, on third down, they ended up throwing incomplete, and we didn't have to call a time out. We could have called a time out and had a little more time on the last drive, but we decided to take our chances with the way it played out. We didn't want to do them a favor."

(on Travis Coons, the rookie kicker) "All he does is go out there and make kicks. I know you guys are out there in the pre-game practice and watching him kick. He's spraying the ball all over the place, but we like to say 'he saves his misses for practice.' His preparation, his mentality, he's a rookie, and he's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so this is just a day in the park for him. This is just what he likes to do. We wanted to get the ball over to that hash mark, and he put it right down the middle."

(on the enormity of this win) "I don't know if it's sunk in yet, but on the plane ride home, it may. This is a huge win for us. You put in so much time, and to play well in stretches and to come up short would be very frustrating. But to find a way to win a game like this, with everything on the line, I can't tell you how satisfying that is."

(on coming east from a west coast game last week) "We were a little worried that the San Diego game took a lot out of us. The travel, the tough loss, we scaled things back a little this week. But, on Wednesday, we talked about it being a division game, we talked about the history of this rivalry, and from then on, I thought our guys practiced with good energy. And that's one thing I think our guys are doing a good job of. We go out, we're productive, we practice with few mistakes. We're sharp, we finish under the allotted time for practice, and I'm just glad we got rewarded for that."

(on the Isaiah Crowell-Duke Johnson backfield duo) "I like having the diversity where the defense is constantly in flux. I know from the other side, we would have to put a tag on it. There's a lot of plays they overlap with, but also a lot of plays that are for each one of them. [Robert] Turbin is close to being ready. We're hopeful he'll be a go, and that will give us a little more juice in our backfield."

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