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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Ravens

Opening statement:
"Injury wise, (DB) Justin Gilbert was diagnosed with a concussion. (QB) Josh McCown has – we'll know more tomorrow – an issue with his collar bone.

"Tough one to wrap your brain around. Frustrating. Our guys battled back, came back from some deficits but didn't finish it. That's the frustrating thing. A lot of little things, but anytime you give up 14 points when your defense isn't on the field, you're not going to win a lot of football games. Like I said, frustrating, hard to look at the men in the room to see just the look on their faces of being that close and coming up short, the competitiveness, the pride, that's a tough one to deal with. As I told them, we're on a short week. We're going to have to figure out a way to put this one behind us and put it behind us quick."

On the gameplan with QB Austin Davis' scramble late in the fourth quarter:
"Scramble – wish he had got out (of bounds), but he slid so we have to take the timeout there. I'm just trying to piece it back together. The one, I know we had communication issues with the headset on the one. I heard somebody saying up top that he (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) was cutting out. Austin wasn't hearing him, trying to get our guys lined up. Ideally, we wanted to get it closer and save the timeout for the field goal. That's on us. We needed to handle that better. I credit Austin for coming in. He did a heck of a job on the touchdown drive. I think he was six for [six]. He made plays. I think that's a credit to the quarterback room, (quarterbacks coach) Kevin O'Connell, Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) that those guys are prepared. I know he was a little shaky. It's tough for anybody coming in and your first plays third-and-10. I thought once he got out there next time, settled in, he was solid."

On why the Browns didn't call a pass play before the final field goal attempt:
"One, we didn't want to risk the turnover. We felt that we could have a chance to, if we blocked the run right, that we could crease it. If they were thinking pass and we didn't block it well, they made a play. We certainly didn't want to have negative yardage or lose a yard or not gain anything on the run. We wanted to get a handful of yards, keep it on that hash mark and kick it."

On if he saw how K Travis Coons' final field goal attempt was blocked:
"I couldn't. I don't think the block came from the edge. I'll have to see the replay of where there's potentially leakage."

On QB Johnny Manziel being active:
"When we get opportunities to have three quarterbacks up, given where Josh was coming into the game from a physical standpoint, It was nothing other than that. There is nothing to read into there. We had the opportunity from a numbers standpoint, given our depth at other positions. This isn't the first time this year we have had three up. That was the thinking, just given where Josh was and where we were at other positions. We always backfill the roster based on (special) teams, and Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) felt he was good to go with his group so we had three up."

On if Manziel will return to No. 2 QB on the depth chart after this week:
"We will watch the tape and discuss that tomorrow. I am not prepared to answer that just yet."

On concern playing McCown in the future, given his numerous injuries this year:
"We will see. We will rely on what the trainers say. If he is cleared to play, then he'll play. If he is not, then he won't."

On if he knows if McCown's collar bone is broken:
"I do not."

On when McCown's injury occurred:
"I am not sure the exact play. I know they said that he was sore and he was going to try to push through it. I don't think it happened on the drive that he came out."

On if his comments about McCown playing if he is cleared reflect the way McCown looks:
"If he is healthy, then he will play, just like any other player. If they are cleared, they are cleared. If the guy has had a history of some injuries, we are not going to make decisions based on that."

On if McCown was rusty after missing the past two games:
"Overall, we started slow as a group, but I think once he got in a pretty good groove and I know at one point his numbers were up there. They made some plays, but I thought overall, he did some good things, especially with us being a little bit shorthanded at wide out. I thought he did a good job, good chemistry again with (TE) Gary (Barnidge)."

On the Browns defense's performance, including the Ravens; 82-yard drive in the second half:
"Inconsistent. I thought we did a good job on that backed up, got them to third-and-10. We have to make a play on third down. We were in quarters coverage over top the tight end and just let them catch a ball in front of us. We have to be a little more aggressive in that situation. Overall, we were inconsistent. I thought we had some good racks of plays, but then other times, we were scrambling. Up front, we were getting cut and guys were out of their lanes and we missed some tackles. I just think it was inconsistent."​

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