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Mike Pettine press conference: Browns vs. Seahawks

(Opening statement…) "We were not good enough. We say that the margin of error against a team like the Seahawks is slim and at the end of the day we weren't good enough. I thought defensively we did a good job of getting them into longer third downs than what their use to. Offensively they have been efficient with more of their third downs being of the medium variety. We got them in a bunch of third and long's and we couldn't get them off the field. That sums up the day. I think they ended up 9 of 11 or something like that. With that you're not going to be very successful. Offensively, we did some good things but were too inconsistent. Losing Grec (John Greco) hurt that early in the game, having to jumble the lineup. This late in the year, those backup guys aren't getting a lot of quality reps with the ones but that's part of it. They have to be able to step up and play. I thought that Johnny (Manziel) did some good things but we were just too inconsistent. I thought that we hurt ourselves with some drops. I do think that we ran the ball fairly effectively. We were ninety plus yards against a pretty good rush defense. But as I said, at the end of it, not good enough. It was good to see the returner (Raheem) Mosert that we picked up mid-week, give us a spark in the return game. He was a guy that when we played Baltimore, we were very aware of where he was and we tried to kick away from him. Obviously we were glad that we were able to pick him up midweek. Like I said, he gave us some spark in the return game. It's time to regroup and take this week and go on the road and play another good team who's hot. That's the way it unfolds and we will be ready and play hard. That's one thing, I'm proud of the effort from start to finish. Our guys played hard."

(Was that the key today, Russell Wilson making those third down conversions…) "Yeah, it starts with the quarterback. The ones he made with his feet, he was able to scramble. He is a hard guy to pressure because he has that ability to make the first guy miss and make you really pay.  It was the style of game we wanted from a possession standpoint. But we need more stops defensively. The play right before the half really hurt us from a momentum standpoint. Were in a call just to get the ball to come out early. We overloaded one side of the field. All we have to do is make a tackle and were off and it's a one score game. I think that was unfortunate. We got a hand high on the face mask and they got three points out of it to make it a two score game. That was a tough way to end the first half."

(What has to happen to change field goals into touchdowns and generate more points…) "Just efficiency, their one of the better red zone defenses in the league. But when you get down there, you gotta be able to score points. That was tough, they were converting early and scoring touchdowns and we were settling for field goals. The one late to get it to 27-13, we agreed that we needed to kick it there but that was one where we at least thought about, hey we don't know if we're going to get down there again. We should think about going for it but I think we got sacked on third down and ended up having to kick it. It's just about efficiency down there and that's the difference in games. Those third downs in the red zone are essentially four point plays."

(Did you see the shoving between your players…) "We saw it. Both those guys are very emotional and I know that it diffused quickly. I saw them bumping fists, ten seconds later. I don't see that as a big deal."

(What can you say about Wilson and the streak he is on right now…) "To me if Tramon (Williams) catches the ball because Wilson got knocked down on the play, that might change the game. We thought that they were going to run, run, run. That's why we were taking the timeouts because we knew they were kicking to go up three scores. So that's the difference in the game, some drops on offense, drops on defense. Overall you can see that the game is really slow for him. He sees it well. He does a good job of kind of smoking you down in the cadence. He has a quick count where you have to show your hand early. But he does a good job, there offense has some flexibility to it. You see them moving in the back and getting into and out of plays. I think that's where he has had so much success. I think he has such a good feel for what their doing. He prepares well. He knows what were in and where to go with the football."

(How do you think Manziel did against a number two defense on the first drive…) "It was good to see. I thought that we had a good plan. We went out an executed and made some plays. We had a good feel for that. There usually pretty consistent in their looks and it's a matter of executing and I thought we did a good job of it."

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