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Mike Pettine Press Conference, Orange & Brown Scrimmage -- August 7


On the atmosphere in Columbus:
"It was great. It is a football town. It was a real good trip for us. It was good to come down here. The turnout of our fans speaks for itself."

On who stood out in the scrimmage:
"It is hard because I think we had some guys do some really good things, and we made some mistakes. It was a typical first scrimmage-type atmosphere – a lot of self-inflicted wounds on offense, especially with some of the down the line groups. Overall, very pleased offensively. We scored some points. Defensively, we have some things to clean up, but we made some plays. It is great teaching tape. You can't replicate this in Berea. To come down here in this atmosphere to practice and knowing it is on TV and in front of a crowd, guys separate themselves. There is no substitute for getting this kind of work."

On why QB Johnny Manziel did not get any reps with the ones:
"When we went through the depth chart at the end with guys who were nicked up and not able to go, we just couldn't get them both enough reps. It'll happen in the preseason game, but the way we were depleted with injuries and being cautious with guys, there was just no way to do it without putting other guys at risk."

On why DB Joe Haden and OL Alex Mack did not participate in the scrimmage:
"It was more precautionary with Joe, and with Alex, he was good to go, but we just held him out of this. He will get plenty of work in the preseason games."

On the Browns being cautious with Haden:
"A little muscle tightness."

On Manziel's performance:
"The thing that jumps out, he is much less antsy in the pocket. He sets his feet, which you really didn't see much last year. He is trusting his reads. I thought he placed the ball – I thought his location accuracy was good tonight."

On DL Danny Shelton's play, hustling toward a receiver on the sideline:
"I know he is not the fastest guy, but when he gets there, he packs a punch. I was just happy to see (WR) Marlon (Moore) get up from that shot."

On Shelton being on the field for passing downs:
"I have no problems putting a big guy out there on third down. If teams do want to run it, he can disrupt it, and we can still be in light spacing from a team standpoint. He is a guy that can push the pocket. Sometimes, you get these lighter pass rushers that these offensive lineman can control, and if a guy struggles with a bull rush, you are going to put a guy like Danny out there."

On how encouraging it was to see the ones on offense be successful, especially McCown:
"That is what he has been doing in practice. I am glad he was able to carry it over into this type of environment. I think (TE) Gary Barnidge is very underrated. He just does his job and makes plays. I think Josh showed off his athleticism a little bit on the roll out. He outran (LB Paul) Kruger and then threw the strike."

On if the team's support is important to QB Josh McCown:
"I think that's any team. I think our guys just feel so positive about not just Josh but the quarterback room. To me, it's any team."

On if the kickers got off to a good start:
"I didn't see halftime, but I thought certainly (K Travis) Coons hit the big one in the body of the scrimmage. I think in this atmosphere, they kicked well."

On DB Justin Gilbert's injury:
"The Gilbert question, I know he hurt his wrist on the ball in the back of the end zone. I haven't heard from (Head Athletic Trainer) Joe Sheehan yet just how he finished up. I know he was a little banged up, but he pushed through it."

On the amount of fans at tonight's scrimmage:
"It speaks for itself. It's Cleveland Browns fans. It's loyal, passionate, whether they're here in Columbus, a lot of them made the trip down (I-)71 or came from all over the state. People love this team, and we feed off that. It's great for our guys to see that."

On WR Josh Lenz and WR Shane Wynn making a case for making the team:
"It's every year you get some off-the-radar guy that shows up. Those are some of the [guys] – (TE E.J. Bibbs) again, he made some plays, and the guys that you mentioned. We saw something in them to bring them here and a lot of that is credit to (General Manager) Ray's (Farmer) group that can find those guys, whether it's after the draft or wherever we acquire them from, and they can come here and be productive."

On Manziel not getting reps with the ones today:
"That was the first question. It just didn't work out with the injuries we had and holding guys. We would have had to put too many guys at risk to get them both a number of reps. Josh didn't get that many reps to begin with."

On if he sees things differently now, being more involved in the offense:
"They do. It's a matter of focus, listening to the call, hearing the line calls hearing the communication. I'm in those meetings and kind of know what it's supposed to look like and sound like. It's just natural that that's an area that I'm focused on."

On if nights like tonight will help Manziel's performance:
"Sure. Anytime you go out and play well, it's a boost of confidence, especially this is not your normal practice. To do it in front of a bunch of fans in a competitive environment like that, I think it's great for the kid."

On Coons' two field goals:
"I have to go back and see what Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) thinks about the operation time and how the kicking went at halftime. He didn't look out of place as a kicker. He had some big kicks."

On  K Carey Spear not having any field goal attempts:
"Yeah, but we still have four games to get it worked out. It was a good start. We got those guys a lot of reps."

On LB Nate Orchard's progress:
"Nate's quietly just getting better. Very heavy-handed guy. This is his type of environment. It was hard for him in shorts to really show up. We talked about that before. It's encouraging to see a guy, a rookie that kind of starts and he's a little bit lost and gradually starts to come on once he gets it."

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